The time has come to release a new version of the Intel AMT DTK v0.44. It was released publicly yesterday along with full source code. In this new version we again added many more improvements and bug fixes, but these are a few of the major highlights:


  • Korean Translation. One more complete surprise from a fellow employee from Intel China who translated most of the DTK to Korean. As a result, the DTK installer keeps getting larger, but there is something really cool about Commander showing up on Korean. I also translated more of the DTK into French, especially Intel AMT Defender.

  • Intel AMT Switchbox Controller. Added a new tools, it's not finished and so, it's only a preview, but it's basically a new interface for Intel AMT Switchbox. We have not updated the web UI for a while and so, we will do that too. This new controller tool subscribed to events, makes use of IAmtTerm, etc. to make it really easy to use Switchbox features.

  • New WMI management infrastructure. This new version of the DTK improves the WMI query system. Intel AMT Outpost serial agent can receive WMI queries and answer them with a compressed response. Intel AMT Outpost can also make a set of queries and store the results into 3PDS. Intel AMT Commander can than use the same WMI  management UI to make both interactive queries using SOL or view stored queries using 3PDS.

  • Improved 3PDS support. Intel AMT Commander and Intel AMT Outpost have improved 3PDS support. The data viewer can now display HEX, UTF-8 or Images (JPEG, GIF, PNG...). You can also drop & drop a file right into a 3PDS data block and Commander or Outpost will save that file to the block. This is great for demonstrating 3PDS since you can drop and drop a picture in Outpost and view it in Commander.

  • Intel AMT Outpost Kerberos support. Added Kerberos support to Intel AMT Outpost. That feature was already present in Intel AMT Commander for a while now. Also, Intel AMT Outpost will show connection warnings if connecting in TLS mode and the Intel AMT certificate is not correct.


Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)