Watch this video series where a admired IT administrator teams up with a brilliant developer for a remote management solution. Where IT and Dev team up to battle the EVIL in order to deploy the right solution. There is action, drama, suspense .. and lots of fun. What else were you expecting "Romance"? Give it a peek and pass it along. Also, stop by the

Super Secret Organization





The super secret organization (SSO) is a elite covert services company where IT services and security issues are a matter of life and death. So begins the saga of a  Whiz Dev, a brilliant developer, and IT smith, a genius IT administrator. Whiz Dev and IT smith must depend on each other to defend their honor, their company and the best kept secrets. And, we have the bumbling interno who is constantly looking to enter this secret world.


Episode 1 "IT smith meets the bumbling interno"


Episode 2 "Whiz dev and IT smith"


Stay tuned for the episode 3 --- "The fate of SSO"


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