It's time for one more release of the Intel AMT DTK v0.43. Here are the major changes in this release:


  • New Installer. Probably the most visible change is the new installer. The Intel AMT DTK is no longer a self-extract and I am looking for feedback on the installer and it's ease of use. I think users will appreciate that you can selectively install only portions on the DTK that make sense on a given computer (Console, Agent, Switchbox, Utilities).

  • New Japanese translation. All of the DTK tools got a new Japanese translation this week thanks for employees from Intel Japan. Intel AMT Defender got it's first translation into a new language, and many of the new features in Intel AMT Commander and Intel AMT Director are now translated to Japanese.

  • New Resource Translation Tool. I added the Intel Resource Translation tool in the DTK package. I am looking for people to translate portions of the DTK into other languages and this tool makes it very easy. Just run, load the dictionary, select a language and start translating. You can also select what tool or form you want to translate. When done, send me the dictionary file, my e-mail address is in the readme.txt file or about box and I will make it part of the next release. I also will be giving out prises, I will be figuring something out.

  • Console & mouse support. Intel AMT Guardport has a new "CMD" command allowing the administrator to shell to the command prompt and access all of the power of a text mode command prompt. As a bonus, I also added mouse support in the terminal, so you can enter EDIT and move the mouse and click to get into text mode menus.

  • New WMI-over-SOL. I started work on performing Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) queries over Serial-over-LAN. It is early work, but it's looks like a powerful new way of managing and fixing computers remotly.


Download: Intel AMT DTK v0.43 Audio Blog (.mp3)


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