This is the third and final part of this series (at least for now).  The previous two posts include



Common Intel SCS errors



At this point, you have ensured the infrastructure is setup correctly and have attempted to troubleshoot the common Intel SCS errors as listed in the SCSconsole log file.  Intel vPro systems are being recognized and listed in the SCSconsole.  However, strange or unexpected behavior continues to occur - whether during provisioning, maintenance, or other activities.  If Intel SCS has been included in a system management console or a provisioning script provider with whom you are working - AND - further debug analysis is needed, the following points may help.  The debug log output may be one of the datapoints requested to replicate and remediate issues.


Before we go on - please note that these steps require modifications to the Microsoft Windows Registry on the system labeled as "ProvisionServer".  That system will be running the AMTconfig service.  Enabling the debug logging features will require root drive access and space to capture and store the log outputs.  The logs will be stored at the root of C:


Ready to create an Intel SCS debug log?

SCS debug logging is off by default.  If enabling for troubleshooting purposes, be sure to disable when done troubleshooting.  The following steps will require a new registry key and string value to be added.  Once these changes have been made - restart the AMTconfig service.  At most, two log files will appear on the root of c: drive.  The first is scs_win_server.log the second is scs_server.log.  The second commonly appears only after errors have occurred.


Create the following registry key on the service's machine:


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\INTEL\AMTConfServer\Log with string value "LogLevel"="V"


Click on the following image to view the entire image




Logging levels can be set to 'V' for verbose, 'W' for warnings and errors, 'E' for only errors.


Once the debug log capture is complete, remove the LogLevel entry from the registry and restart the AMTconfig service.


This concludes the three part Intel SCS troubleshooting.  If the community is experiencing additional events or has additional questions - please comment\reply.