Hi everyone. I just released the Intel AMT DTK v0.41  with a few new things ahead of my departure to Taiwan for the Intel Developer Forum . In this new version, I have 3 major new things to report:


  • Intel AMT Defender. I added a new tool called Intel AMT Defender. It's like a community supported version of the Intel System Defense Utility (ISDU) but does it's all new source code. It's a nice new UI, the most impressive thing about it is the new System Defense user interface that is live and very cool.

  • Added Endpoint Access Control (EAC) support. I don't know much about this feature and certainly did not test it, but looking at the Intel AMT API, I added support for it in Commander. If you make it work, let me know.

  • Added WSMAN browser in Intel AMT Outpost. This is very useful to see that WSMAN objects are available on the local Intel AMT interface. As a reminder, what is available locally and remotely is very different.


Intel AMT DTK v0.41 Audio Blog (.mp3)








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