The conference goes through end of the week - yet the excitement around Intel vPro will continue for days\months to come. Below is a quick summary of items shown. Have questions or want more information? Add a comment or post a question.


  • Keynote demonstration

    - showing how the Intel vPro client can be remediated (or isolated) to only the management console on specific ports. Using the Altiris TaskServer - a 1:many job was defined to place a system in remediation, restart a process on the client, and remove the system from remediation. This did require a customization to the network filter settings (e.g. System Defense). The value of isolating a system on the computers NIC was very compelling and led to many conversations.


  • At the demo booth

    - some of the most frequent questions (and associated answers) include:

    1. When will Intel vPro and Centrino Pro be available? (Product available today from all major OEMs - including Dell's recent product announcement for Latitude 630c)

    2. How long has Intel vPro been available? (Product has been available for a year now)

    3. Are customers adopting Intel vPro? (Yes)

    4. How do channel partners and service providers get training or more information to assist their customers? (Utilize sites such Intel vPro Expert, Altiris Juice, and so forth today. Formalized training material and events are being created. Stay tuned)

    5. Does Intel vPro utilize Wake-on-LAN? (The remote power features are communicated via TCP\IP for reliability\consistency. WoL utilizes UDP and a "magic packet" to contact systems - yet may not act as reliably. In addition, Intel vPro remote power features allow for power off. With integration into Altiris - the ability to record present power state, perform list of defined tasks, and to return the system to the previously recorded power state.)

    6. Will Intel vPro appear in other platforms beyond PC-based laptops and desktops? (No publicly stated plans. Raise the question\interest with your preferred OEM)

    7. What break-out sessions and materials were available at the event? ("Realizing the value of Intel vPro" - focus on how to integrate Intel vPro into a production environment. A hands-on lab also occurred to step through common operational usage models.)


There were likely other questions - yet these questions occurred frequently.


With the event closing this Thursday - some early discussions already starting to build on the momentum.... "What should we show next time?". I'm thinking more real-world scenarios, enterprise reference architecture for implementation, and remote configuration - what do you think?