Ok, this question has been out there for   sometime now. Can playing video games at work be good for you? Could having your   brain always on the "go" position be bad for productivity.

I think many social psychologists (full   disclosure, none were interviewed for this blog) would agree that taking short   breaks to recharge your brain is much better then charging full steam through   the day. But can we even take that idea a step further and say that not only   could it be good for your mental health but possibly good for the company as   well? More then what a typical break to the soda machine can offer, playing   games may also encourage certain activities (such as teamwork, if you can   convince your company to let you play a team-based game like Halo 3 for   instance...).

Well as is always the case, someone did a study on this -


It's   amusing to note that the researchers had a lot of trouble finding companies   willing to let their employees play games. However, the results show that   workers who got to play up to an hour of games a day were more productive and   more satisfied in their jobs. Of course, someone will come along and point out   (like your boss) that if people are just playing games, no work will get done -   agreed. But I'm not saying that people should play games all day long, just as a   break here and there. Hey, they did a study right and the data doesn't lie.   Anyway, with that said, I'm off to go spend the rest of my day conquering   virtual worlds and dominating invading aliens...

Note this blog was written with the help of Mike Masnick as I   wanted to write more but i'm on level 6 of


and couldn't pull myself   away...