Just released version v0.40 of the Intel AMT DTK, with the addition of 802.1x and Endpoint Access Control (EAC) as I wrote about in my previous blog. This is probably not going to be a big impact on many people since this feature is exclusive to large enterprises, but it's very useful for testing Intel AMT in environments where the network has access control. As I noted previously, I don't have equipment to test 802.1x and EAC, so, I will rely on the community to give me feedback.


Another interesting feature in v0.40 is the additon of Intel AMT Guardport as a Microsoft Windows tray icon application and Windows Service. Guardpost is of course the C/C++ version of Intel AMT Outpost, perfect to deployments with smaller system footprint but also for adding to a WinPE based recovery OS.



Intel AMT DTK v0.40 Audio Blog (.mp3)





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