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Intel® vPro™ Platform

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Implementing Intel vPro in a production environment is "easy" in comparison to a major project such as domain migration, email setup\migration, ERP setup\update, or changes due to business acquisition or divestiture.  A successful project requires disciplines across IT operations, business processes and governance, project management, client systems management, and understanding of the vPro\AMT technology.


That said - there are a few roles\responsibilities that might help.


Project Sponsor or Champion

The executive or project sponsor with the vision of success, ability to get "buy-in" from others, and has the foresight to navigate internal non-technical challenges.


Project Management

Coordination of resources, schedules, expectations, and so forth. A key role for any successful project, which often has representation both inside and outside a production environment.


Business Process Change Management

Intel vPro extends the reach of client system management with out-of-band capabilities. Understanding the current and future business processes and IT governance is key. Understanding the capabilities of Intel vPro and how it will augment and extend the environment is key. Understanding the desired future state of the environment and associated metrics is paramount.


IT Infrastructure

Intel vPro is focused on the security and manageability of the client systems. It leverages many of the infrastructural capabilities which exist as a foundation to build upon. Understanding the impacts, interactions, troubleshooting, and so forth is important technologically.


Client Systems Management

Understanding the usage models requires some technical experience with the platform. Combined with the roles above, along with the functionality of client system management and Intel vPro technology - this project team role\responsibility is critical.


Principal and Strategic Architects

Individual or team with a holistic understanding of the current and future state of the environment, upcoming technological advances, and so forth. Perhaps a superset of previously stated roles. This role\team assists in making visions become reality.


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