With release v0.39 of the Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit (DTK), I started work on adding WS-MAN to Intel AMT Commander. My plan is to have the IAmtRemoteStack.dll be dual mode and support both the older and newer interface at the same time. Ideally, if Intel AMT Commander can use WS-MAN to communicate with Intel AMT, it would not have to use SOAP call at all in the future. Right now, I use only the older interface, or a combination of both. Currently, only the inventory asset and event log are read using WS-MAN.



Probably the most important feature I needed to get started with WS-MAN was a standard WS-MAN browser to help me understand how everything works. I built one into Intel AMT Commander by including all the WSMAN generated classes from the Intel AMT SDK and performing .NET reflection to display all the data on the UI. I must report that so far, WSMAN is slower than SOAP and I have seen some issued with the interface. I am especially annoyed when SOAP and WSMAN report different data.



If you plan on downloading the Intel AMT DTK source code and compiling it on Windows XP, or simply using Intel AMT Commander with WSMAN on Windows XP, you will notice that you are missing a COM object for WinRM. You need to download it here from Microsoft. If WinRM is not present on your system, Commander will detect that and simply not use WSMAN.



On Microsoft Vista or with Microsoft Windows XP with WinRM installed, you still need to setup WinRM correctly to get things to work. I put some instructions in the DTK's readme.txt file. It's the same instructions that are provided with the Intel AMT SDK.



I have to say that dual porting the stack to use both SOAP and WSMAN is going to be a lot of work. I may do some of it and wait for demand to increase before I complete the work. I have many more features on my plate.



Speaking of new features, there is a contest going on to collect feedback on the Intel AMT SDK and Intel AMT DTK, nice prices to be had!



Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)