We just released the Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit (DTK) v0.39 on the public web site with source code a few minutes ago. In this release we have many more bug fixes but also, initial work on WS-MAN support in Intel AMT Commander. In relation for WS-MAN, the most interesting new feature is a WS-MAN browser that takes all of the WSMAN objects in the Intel AMT SDK and turns them into objects that can be enumerated and viewed from any Intel AMT 3.0 computer.


Intel AMT Switchbox and Intel AMT interceptor where both improved in this release, we also updated the full source code. Two new features features are partially implemented in v0.39: Certificate Store support and 802.1x (both are AMT 2.5 and AMT 3.0 features). Still much work to be done in these areas, but its a good start.


For people trying to perform IDE-R and SOL over the Internet, I added a new "Advanced Properties" form that allows a user to change the timeouts of the redirection library. I don't know what the correct values are, hopefully someone can help me figure them out. Right now, they are all set in the UI to 10000, but most people will continue to use the default settings which are built into the redirection library.



Intel AMT DTK v0.39 Audio Blog (.mp3)




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