Jerome Esteban  (Senior Application Engineer) and Ylian Saint-Hilaire  (Senior Architect) are going to be talking about how to take advantage of Intel AMT to build manageability applications with built-in manageability and security. Intel AMT is a component of Intel vPro Processor Technology and Intel Centrino Processor Technology.



The goal of the NetSeminar is to discuss the Intel AMT use cases and what is new with Intel AMT 3.0. Additionally, we will cover the different developer resources such as the Intel AMT Software Developer Kit (SDK), and Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit (DTK), Set up and Configuration Service (SCS) that enables developers to easily take advantage of Intel AMT. This public event is open to anyone, sign up here



Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time: 9 am PT /12noon ET

Duration: 60 Minutes



I would love to know if you have any specific questions/topics you would like us to cover in this or future NetSeminars.



And, leave a comment if you plan to attend this event. thanks.