IDF - PRO Classes



If your headed to IDF, here are the specific PRO classes & speakers






Session ID Title Speakers


  • SCIC001 Security Technologies - Chalk Talk Doughty/Smith/Grawrock

  • SCIS001 Security Kickoff: Providing World-Class Security 
         and Data Protection for the PC Platform Rob Crooke

  • SCIS002 The Intel Safer Computing Initiative and Trusted 
         Computing Grawrock/Brickell

  • SCIS003 Making Security Practical in the Enterprise with 
         Client Technologies Grobman/Smith

  • SCIS004 The Front Door of Trusted Computing: Controlling 
         the Software Stack with Intel® TXT Grawrock

  • SCIS005 Delivering Security Requires More Than Features David Doughty

  • SCIS006 Research on Platform Security Technologies David Durham


Session ID Title Speakers


  • BDOL001 Intel® Active Management Technology Lab Ylian Saint-Hilaire

  • BDOP001 Panel: "Software as a Service" (SaaS) Chuck Brown

  • BDOS001 Directions on the Business Desktop and Mobile PC Marek/Tucker

  • BDOS002 Intel® vProTM Processor Technology Value Proposition
         to Managed Service Providers Supporting SMBs Kevin Havre

  • BDOS003 "Software as a Service" (SaaS)/Streaming Compute 
         Initiative Technical Session Khosravi/Fraser

  • BDOS004 Intel® Active Management Technology Hedrick/Maresky

  • BDOS005 Intel® Virtualization Technology on Next-Generation 
         Client Platforms Klotz/Bailey

  • BDOS006 Pro Platform Interoperability and Integration - 
         Are You Pro Ready? Chan/Hilliker

  • BDOS008 Small Business: Jump-start your eCommerce 
         Development with Overviews from eBay, PayPal 
         and Skype* Kumar Kandaswamy


If your headed to IDF let me know.. if you can't make it, we're going to get whatever we can on PRO material & post here.