If you are interested in developing management applications that take advantage of Intel AMT then we have all the development tools & kits for you at the manageability developer community .


These are some tools that can be used when experimenting with or writing applications for Intel AMT. Here are some brief descriptions and when to use them:



Intel AMT SDK: Software Development Kit  - Contains all the APIs needed for implementing Intel AMT  along with documentation and sample codes. Interfaces included in the SDK are WSDL files for most features, Libraries for Storage and Redirection, and MOF files for WS-Man. Both the DTK and the RDK use the APIs provided in the SDK. Use the most recent release of the SDK to integrate Intel  AMT into your application.



DTK: Developer's Tool Kit - This is also a "solution" written in C# on Windows. Since the Source Code is also available, it can also be used as "example code." This tool is also currently being updated and maintained. Use this to get a great idea of how Intel  AMT works and a lot of us also use it to verify if a certain feature is working.



RDK: Reference Design Kit - This is an AMT "solution" written in Java on Linux provided to help developers implement Intel AMT. It is very much like the DTK, only it is based on older versions of Intel AMT. This tool will be updated in the coming weeks to support SDK 3.0 features. Use it only as an example to get started in a Java environment.



Setup and Configuration Service (SCS)  -  Intel AMT Setup and Configuration Service (Intel SCS or SCS) provides developers with tools to set up and configure Intel AMT devices. SCS  allows for most aspects of setup and configuration to be completed through a remote management console.



Whether you are at the beginning of a development project or looking for technique to design and build a particular capability for your application, development tools, documentation and how-to support can help take your software to the next level. Need more help? Refer to the FAQs or get expert advice from the Developer Discussion Forum



Don't forget to give us your feedback on the Intel AMT development tools in the "[Voice of the Community|http://www.intel.com/software/voices] " contest and in the process you may also win some prizes . As always we love to hear from you.