I thought I'd provide a short introduction to the vPro Expert Training Program. I'll have more details to share as we get into the 4th Quarter of this year. As this program is still in development, some of the information below is subject to change, fair warning :D.


What is the vPro Expert Training Program?

The vPro Expert Training Program is a series of public, technical training courses currently in development. These courses will be offered to the general public starting in the 4th quarter of 2007. Specific dates/times/logistics are not available at present.


What material will be covered?

Various courses are being developed, with different target audiences.


Course Title


Target Audience

Duration (est.)

Expected Delivery

vPro Operations

Technical overview of features and functionality with hands-on lab exercises

Operations, Support personnel

6-8 Hours


vPro Activation - Level 1

Activating/Deploying vPro in SMB mode

Small businesses, Managed Service Providers (MSP), System Integrators (SI)

~1 day


vPro Activation - Level II

Activating/Deploying vPro in Enterprise mode without encryption (TLS)

IT Outsourcers (ITO), MSP, SI, Enterprise Customers

~1-2 days


vPro Activation - Level III

Activating/Deploying vPro in Enterprise mode with encryption (TLS) (Builds on Level II information)

ITO, MSP, SI, Enterprise Customers

~1 day



A pilot of the vPro Operations class is scheduled to take place before the end of this month. Assuming everything goes according to plan we'll be able to start offering that class sometime after October. I'll continue to provide updates as information becomes available. Stay tuned.