For people wanting to learn more about Intel Technologies, the Intel Developer Forum (IDF)  is a great place to meet engineers and have an in-depth look at many of the cool new technologies Intel is working on. Intel AMT is one of these and I will be presenting two identical hands-on labs that are two hours long each at the upcoming San Francisco IDF .


Using Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) to its fullest -

Saving time, Money and Power

Session ID: BDOL001

Date: 9/18/07, Start Time: 10:00 AM

Date: 9/18/07, Start Time: 2:00 PM


In these labs, we will have a room full of computers and participants get to try Intel AMT on their own. The plan is to start by covering the Intel AMT hardware, Intel AMT firmware and how it works, then, launch into the Intel AMT DTK tools  (Intel AMT Commander, Outpost, Director, Monitor, Switchbox) and have a great time. I will answer all technical questions, and will also be available afterwards to help any developers with their own questions or projects.


I will start with slides that are much like the one are already public, but most of the lab will be hands on demonstrations and won't involve any slides at all. In the end, you may end up so jazzed about Intel AMT, you may end-up getting one as a home computer like I did. Since the lab is two hours long, we will have the time for more interaction and fun. I hope many of you will come and join in. Next month, I also plan on attending the Taiwan IDF  with the same hands-on lab.













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