We just released the Intel AMT Developer Tool Kit (DTK) v0.37 . Here are the highlights of the changes in v0.37:

  • Intel AMT Monitor in Japanese. Improved Japanese internalization and now, Intel AMT Monitor is also in Japanese. Thanks to 3 Intel employees Intel Japan, the Intel AMT DTK and Intel vPro products are much more successful in Japan. For people who did not know, English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese are all included in the standard Intel AMT DTK package.

  • Improved Commander support for Switchbox. Intel AMT Commander can be used to connect to Intel AMT Switchbox in TLS mode, and now, Commander will show connection warnings if the certificate is invalid and can also be used to issue a new certificate to Intel AMT Switchbox. This makes using Intel AMT Switchbox with full TLS security easier than ever.

  • Intel AMT Commander Network Feature. Now includes NIC info, environment discovery & VPN routing. Intel AMT Commander can how display all of the network configuration settings of the ME, set ME's Sx state ping response, set the VPN routing flag (AMT 2.5 only) and now fully supports setting the environment detection parameters (AMT 2.5 and 3.0 only). Now Intel AMT Commander can be used to fully experiment with these new platform features.

  • First attempt at running Commander on Linux and MacOS. This new version for DTK includes a new folder called "MonoEdition" and source code includes a new "Debug-Mono" compiler target in an attempt to run Intel AMT Commander on the MONO framework. MONO is an open source project  attempting to build a compatible Microsoft .NET framework on Linux. So far, only a very limited version of Commander can run on MONO 1.2.4 within Microsoft Windows, and no luck running on Linux yet.  It's likely that with the release for MONO 2.0 later this year, Commander will run pretty well.


In addition to these, we made many more changes and bug fixes. For example: The terminal will now show if a laptop is connected on AC or is using battery. As usual, we encourage people to test and submit bugs & feedback on Intel AMT Commander, Director, Outpost, Monitor & Switchbox.




Audio blog: Ylian's audio blog on the Intel AMT DTK v0.37 (.mp3)



Updated screens:





Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)