Hello All!


We are excited to launch the new 730 Series and look forward to your feedback! Its been a long time since Intel has released an SSD with its own controller (the 320 Series was the last drive with an Intel controller in the consumer market). Since then a lot has changed. As SATA based SSD's slowly approach the theoretical maximum of the SATA III (6 Gbps) interface at 600 MB/s, performance is now becoming a commodity. Users are less able to detect/perceive a 30 MB/s, 40 MB/s, or even a 50 MB/s difference in performance between SSDs when sequential speeds are maxing out at 500 MB/s - 550 MB/s. So what's next for flash based storage? Is there anyway to break the SATA III ceiling?


Although many of your may respond with PCIe based SSDs as the answer, the 730 Series development team believes that RAID is an under utilized, under appreciated technology that provides competitive performance against today's PCIe SSDs. That being said, the SSD group at Intel is now pushing to educate users about RAID (particularly RAID 0) and how simple it is to setup your rig to do RAID. The best part is, your motherboard today is likely to be RAID capable! (You've already bought the feature, why not use it?)


The 730 Series is a spin off from the Intel SSD DC S3500 Series, a data center product. The 730 series has design roots from the data center, meaning the 730 Series was designed for the RAID environment. Our performance consistency features from the data center SSDs propagates to the consumer market! I'm excited to see how people will implement the new 730 Series into their rig. Will you do a RAID 0 to double your capacity and performance? Or will you RAID 1 or RAID 5 for data protection? What would you do? Let us know!