• Problem access to w7 equipment with mesh commander

    Good again, once again I request your help, I have two nucs with w7 that I can not access with mesh commander ... In one of them when clicking with the mouse, the intelamt line does not appear(in mesh commander) as it...
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  • Why does BIOS 14 on a S2600WFT cause NVMe PCIe drives on CPU0 to not show up?

    Issue: Starting from production BIOS SE5C620.86B.00.01.0014.070920180847, when VROC Wolfpass x16 4-port retimer is connected to Riser 1, PCIe slot 1 (CPU0), the NVMe drives don’t show up in BIOS (UEFI Option ROM...
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  • Intel 1200 BTL beep tones

    I have an Intel 1200BTL motherboard with Xeon E3-1200v2 processor which sadly started beeping a few hours ago during boot. It beeps shortly six times and then remains silent. I'm not sure though if the beeps come from...
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  • How can I boot by usb disk using S1200SPS board

    I want my motherboard SP1200SP boot from usb disk. So I had change the BIOS- -> advanced --> USB configuration --> Mass storage device   6000 : from auto to "Harddisk"   Then I can see my USB...
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  • R2208WFTZS loud after upgrade to BIOS: 00.01.0014

    Hello! On new R2208WFTZS server upgraded firmware package from stock 00.01.0009 to 00.01.0014 and now fans are on 7000RPM all the time. All fan are working and I do not see any errors. See attached Sysinfo logs. Do...
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  • Motherboard S1200SP and SNMP

    Tell me where the motherboard S1200SP set SNMP version and community? How to configure its monitoring on prtg?
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  • Xeon D-1500, register addresses for GPIO

    I have an Intel Xeon D-1500 family processor. I need to know the addresses of the following registers GPIO_USE_SEL, GP_IO_SEL, GPI_ROUT etc. Is there a document that shows these addresses?
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  • Intel RAID Web Console 3 - how do we add servers to the GATEWAY server

    Hi, downloaded RAID Web Console 3 from here Download Intel® RAID Web Console 3 for Windows*   - Install the GATEWAY server on a remote machine, can log in ok. - Installed the RAID driver version (SAS v6.7...
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  • Can I use the riser slot 2 in a S2600TP board for any PCIe card?

    I have a server with an S2600TP board and I have been testing trying to use the riser 2 slot for an additional PCIe card. I have tried using the riser from the AXXKPTPMIOM PCI Express rIOM kit, but if I connect any ca...
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  • Intel XHCI controller with SR-IOV support (XHCI-IOV)

    Hello,   I'd like to use SR-IOV for the virtualization of an XHCI host controller to passthrough to multiple VMs. Software USB passthrough is not an option in this setup, which is why I'm looking into SR-IOV. A...
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  • sub-NUMA activation in R1208WFTYS is buggy

    I have a 2-socket R1208WFTYS system with the latest BIOS (00.01.0014) and it seems that there is a bug/inconsistency in regards to sub-NUMA activation in BIOS.   If I set "sub_NUMA Cluster" to "Enabled" and leav...
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  • Сервер в сборе

    В конфигураторе собрал сервер для АТС Asterisk.   Достаточно ли данной конфигурации для сборки и монтажа в стойку 19'?   Или что-то нужно ещё добавить/убрать?
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  • Virtualization Intel Xeon E5310

    I cannot get Hyper V to work with this processor. The machine is DELL PowerEdge 1900   BIOS Version 2.7.0 Operating System: Windows Server Standard 64-bit       Please refer to the picture for ...
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  • Intel Processor L1TF vulnerabilities: CVE-2018-3615, CVE-2018-3620, CVE-2018-3646

    Hi, How do we go about this fix for the servers. We are using Win2003 standard, Win2003 R2 and Win2008 standard 64 bit. Is there a utility tools to run and check that are in the vulnerability ? Patching the wrong fi...
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  • Intel S1200SPO - PSU fans are always working

    Hi all. Week ago our company bought a new server with Intel S1200SPO motherboard and 2 hot-swap PSU.   I noticed, that PSU fans are always working if our server connected to power line, even if it was manually ...
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  • R2308WFTZ and fan issues

    Hi experts,   we are having an issue with unusual high noise level of the fans of one R2308WFTZ Server System. For whatever reason the system fans seem to have a high rpm even if the system is not under load. Th...
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  • Random fan spin-up on R1304SPOSHBNR, take 2

    Continuing from my earlier post at Random fan spin-up on R1304SPOSHBNR   It has been a while, but I now have an additional unit, this time with Intel certified memory, that is experiencing the same symptoms. Na...
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  • RS3DC040 RAID controller started to beep with battery module

    Dear support,   We have one server S2600WT and this RS3DC040 RAID controller with battery. All worked fine over a year, but at some day it started to give an overheating error. But temperatures are Ok and it i...
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  • How I can manage Intel 'software' RAID (Intel C602, Intel 3420, Intel C232) in Microsoft Hyper-V Server?

    Good day.   I have three servers with 'software' Intel ICH/Matrix Storage RAID1 and RAID10 under the MS Hyper-V Server 2012. These servers have old Intel C602, Intel 3420 and Intel C232 chipsets on Supermicro a...
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  • Device Passthrough across Sockets in a Multi-Socket Setting

    Greetings,   In a Dual Socket Server is it possible to passthrough a "PCIe device A" which is hanging from Root Complex of CPU 1 to a VM that is pinned on CPU 2. If so is there some PCIe/QPI(or UPI) Packet encap...
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