• [®NBA/NoW!]All STAR (TEAM Lebron vs Team Stephen Curry) 2018 Live Stream

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  • ICQ,727836256) buy credit card details,fullz, dumps pin, cvv2, data linked swipe machine .

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  • RWC3 doesn't accept notification email addresses which contains "-"

    Hello,   I want to setup email notification in RWC3 and I'm not able to configure email addresses which contains "-" . I receive an error "Please enter a valid email id". Is there a fix for this?   Thank ...
    created by istvank
  • RAID1 on a Intel S3420GPC motherboard

    Hello, I have a Intel S3420GPC motherboard with a RAID1 configuration with 2 hdd. I few days ago we had an issue with one of the hdd and the RAID1 was forced to go with status offline . Operating system (centos 5.9...
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  • S1200SPSR Diagnostic LED POST Progress Codes 0A ?

    Hello,   I have a problem, the new Serverboard S1200SPSR does not startet.   After Power on, Fans startet silent, the LED POST Code have:   green: 0=off 1=off 2=off 3=off orange 4=off 5=on 6=...
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  • BBS2600KPR

    Hi, I'm trying to find out what the tested/approved memory is for the above board.   The links to the approved Memory is no longer on the web page?   Any help appreciated.   Thanks in advance.  ...
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  • S2400SC memtest86 UEFI bit fade errors

    I have a S2400SC motherboard. Testing approved RAM, Samsung M393B2G70BH0-YH9 16GB ECC Registered Memory, using the Memtest86 v7.4 UEFI, I get a flood of bit fade errors (Test 10). The Memtest86 forum suggested that it...
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  • C620 USB 3.0 2008R2 driver

    I'm looking for a W2K8R2 USB 3.0 driver for an intel C620 server board.     Is there any driver available yet?
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  • Recovery bios s1200v3rps

    After updating the BIOS from 02.01.0002 to 03.04.0003 the BIOS is not loaded. In recovery mode, the BIOS starts. Backup BIOS also version 03.04.0003. How to restore the work of the BIOS? I tried to install the R03.02...
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  • Cant disable on board NICs on server motherboard S2600WF

    I've got a bunch of S2600WFs and I'd like/need to be able to disable the onboard NICs. There is an option grayed out in the BIOS under Advanced -> PCI Configuration -> NIC Configuration   I was wondering i...
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  • Сборка сервера

    Добрый день!   Прошу помочь в сборке сервера. Хочу приобрести платформу R1304SPOSHBN и процессор Intel Xeon E3-1275v6 SR32A 3.80 GHz. Совместимы ли они? Также уже имеется оперативная память Kingston KVR21E15D8...
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  • Unexpected Shutdown

    Hi, Since 4 months we have a Windows 2016 Server with S1200SP Systemboard running smooth without any problems: System Information Remote Management Module key : Installed Device (BMC) Available :   ...
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  • Integrated RAID Module RMS3CC040 - PD is not enterprise class

    We have a Server with Integrated RAID Module RMS3CC040 (Firmware Package V: 24.21.0-0012, Firmware Version: 4.680.00-8249) with 3 Samsung 850 Pro Drives RAID 0 (HS) Every Reboot the Controller shows 3 Warnings: Contr...
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  • Where can I get SEL VIEWER for DOS (version 1.54)?

    Hello. I need a Sel Viewer utility for motherboard Intel Sapello S5000VSA. As written here https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000007037/server-products.html?_ga=2.7349810.1028754077.1518784&hel...
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  • Server Board 2600CP

    I have server board 2600CP4 with chassis P4000CP. Fans working too loud, and I tried update BIOS, BMC, ME, FRU, and SDR. After correct update, nothing changed. In the BMC I see multiple errors with Intel ME, like:...
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  • S3420gp and RAM

    Hi everyone, i've searched for previous discussion, but every was locked. So i opened a new one for this question. I have the over-mentioned board, s3420GP and some rams: -4 sticks of KVR1066D3D4R7S/4G (mentioned on...
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  • Omni-Path Fabric Design Related

    Referring the Intel® Server Board S2600BP and Intel® Compute Module HNS2600BP Product Family Integration and Service Guide .   1. #558210 - Intel Omni-Path Fabric Carrier Card Fab3 - Design Kit - Revis...
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  • IBIS Models For Simulation

    We Need IBIS models for the List below for Running Our Signal Integrity Analysis using Hyperlynx. 1. Skylake Processor 2. Lewisberg (C620 Series ) Chipset 3. X550-AT2 [ PHY]   In addition , is There any Docu...
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  • Cable for RSP3WD080E and RSP3TD160F?

    I heard that LSI 9460-16i, which has the same controller, can't use the SFF-8639 to SFF-8643 cable included in intel SSDs to connect to NVMe drives directly. Does intel tri-mode HBA\RAID cards have the same issue? If ...
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  • Intel RAID cable part number (SFF8643[host] to 4 x SATA[drives])

    Hi   Ive been looking for part numbers for a RAID cable that will come from the host (SFF8643) to standard straight SATA connectors (the drives).   Any ideas?   Many Thanks
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