• Intel® 82801IR I/O Controller Supported RST Version with Windows Server 2016

    Hi,   I made the mistake in installing most recent RST on an older Intel S3200SHV Server board with Intel® 82801IR I/O Controller, evidently all hell broke loose as i got spinning dots at reboot. In order t...
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  • Intel SRT SSD Cacheing on C621 Raid 10 @Supermicro X11SPL-F

    Hello, i have a question... Is it possible to enable SSD Cache Intel SRT on an Onboard Raid 10 (4x3TB WD Purple) on Supermicro X11SPL-F?   My Onboard Raid 10 is soo poor... ~40MBs r/w on an Server 2016 / Excha...
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  • RWC3 doesn't accept notification email addresses which contains "-"

    Hello,   I want to setup email notification in RWC3 and I'm not able to configure email addresses which contains "-" . I receive an error "Please enter a valid email id". Is there a fix for this?   Thank ...
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  • C620 USB 3.0 2008R2 driver

    I'm looking for a W2K8R2 USB 3.0 driver for an intel C620 server board.     Is there any driver available yet?
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  • Intel Optane only as SSD instead of Memory running on ASUS B250H motherboard

    Hello out there, I am trying to setup my new brand 32 GB intel Optane on my ASUS B250H Gaming motherboard running windows 10 pro. I already check the intel recommendations. Reads all the manuals. Update my board BIOS ...
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  • I/OAT on Windows Server 2016 and SR-IOV Linux guest

    If I understand correctly I/OAT technology is not supported on Windows Server 2012 and newer. However I/OAT it's still supported by Linux. If I use Windows Server 2016 as a Hyper-V host and have SR-IOV and I/OAT enab...
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  • Hot swapping (hot plug/unplug) on Intel Raid-Controller RSP3TD160F

    Hi,   My company has bought a Intel Raid Controller RSP3TD160F.   I'm looking for some information ine order to do hot swapping (hot plug and unplug) with some disk arrays. I have created a RAID 0 logical...
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  • How to clear a TPM2 so I can provision it again?

    Hello everyone, first time posting here.   I am using the TPM 2.0 module AOM-TPM-9665 on a Supermicro X10SDV-TLN4F and I used the example AuthPolicy to provision it, through the uefi shell, and enabled TXT. I fo...
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  • RS2SG244 RAID 6 with 12 Terabyte Helioseal WD Drives

    My server has 2 RAID 6 arrays, both RAID 6, 7 x 6tb Western Digital 6tb WD60EFRX Red SAN drives array & 16 4tb Western Digital WD4001FAEX Black Caviar Enterprise array.   I use an@ Intel S2600CP Motherboard ...
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  • About Intel Black Box for common redundant power supply format question.

    Hello ,     I reading the CRPS design guide about PMBus Black box Command The meaning as below:           Name: MFR_BLACKBOX      ...
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  • Had a melt down on a Win 2008 r2 with IRST.

    Hi. I have a server that uses 3-3 Terabyte drives to create a RAID 5 system for data. Had a crash and the Intel manager software said it fixed the problem but Windows Server 2008 R2 does not see it as a drive anymore....
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  • Wolf Pass Server 2600WFT Enumerates X710 PCI domain 10000 - DPDK will not load

    I have a Wolf Pass 2600WFT Server where I am trying to load a DPDK-assisted vSwitch as I do on the Wild Cat Pass. But DPDK fails to load because the Ethernet port is on PCIe domain 10000, instead of the normal 0000. ...
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  • Problem with RAID controller

    Hello !   Acquired RAID controller MegaRaid SAS 9240-8i When connecting to the Intel C2600CW2R motherboard and running the Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 (tried different versions), a problem arose: The cont...
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  • Can I perform PCI-e NVMe RAID boot on C622 chipset or RSP3WD080E raid adaptor?

    Recently I need to set up a nvme raid system which I can boot OS from. I have 2 options:   1. upgrade to C622 platform 2. get an intel RSP3WD080E adaptor   I only need to perform raid 0 or 5, but the big ...
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  • RMSP3AD160F configuration mixte NVMe / SAS

    Bonjour,   Je souhaite connecter 2 SSD NVMe (SSDPE2KE016T701) sur les 2 premiers ports du RMSP3AD160F, et 2 disques SAS (Toshiba AL14SEB18EQ) sur les autres ports. Dans la version actuelle de fimware v50.2.1-05...
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  • Не стартуют операционные системы при установке PCI-E видеокарты

    Здравствуйте. Имеется материнская плата S1200splr (проц xeon 1245v5, 2x16Gb RAM). Wndows 10 устанавливается только на встроенной видеокарте. Т.е. устанавливаю PCI-E карту и при загрузке вылазит whea uncorrectable erro...
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  • Can Intel® Server Chipset Driver date be fixed?

    Download Intel® Server Chipset Driver for Windows* Version: (Latest) Date: 6/12/2017   After installation I got this date:
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  • Romley CRB harbor city BMC code

    We designed a board almost same as CRB harbor city(E5-2640 V2), now we need BMC code for board bring up, but can't find it.
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  • R2208GZ4GC - Motherboard supports either Xeon Phi 31S1P or Raid Controller, not both at the same time

    Hi,   I have a R2208GZ4GC server, and running vmware on it. I need to activate Direct I/O on the bios to be able to have a vm access my xeon phi, but when I do that, then my Raid Controller goes unrecognized....
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  • Can not install Esxi6.5 U1 in S1200SPLR board

    Hi All, I checked the compatibility of this board and it shows that it supports Esxi6.5U1, but when I was installing, Esxi6.5 U1 can only find those individual hard disks, not the RAID volumes I created via RSTe. r...
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