• Xeon D-1500, register addresses for GPIO

    I have an Intel Xeon D-1500 family processor. I need to know the addresses of the following registers GPIO_USE_SEL, GP_IO_SEL, GPI_ROUT etc. Is there a document that shows these addresses?
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  • Intel XHCI controller with SR-IOV support (XHCI-IOV)

    Hello,   I'd like to use SR-IOV for the virtualization of an XHCI host controller to passthrough to multiple VMs. Software USB passthrough is not an option in this setup, which is why I'm looking into SR-IOV. A...
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  • "The capsule file failed in the security compliance check" error while updating BIOS on Intel S2600cp Server Board

    While attempting to update the BIOS on an Intel S2600cp server system board I receive an error that says "The capsule file failed in the security compliance check. Please refer to BIOS release notes for details." The ...
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  • S2600CP Windows 10 watchdog driver

    Good Day. I am tried enable "OS boot watchdog timer" at BIOS, but my OS (Window 10 - 1709) always rebooted. I didnt find Intel Watchdog driver and i dont understand how i should install it. I am really need your he...
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  • Is this a hardware problem: Machine Check Exception: 4 Bank 8: ba000000008000b0 L5638 CPU

    1528639113  [Hardware Error]: CPU 0: Machine Check Exception: 4 Bank 8: ba000000008000b0 1528639113 [Hardware Error]: TSC 3ebd3306cc3d8 1528639113 [Hardware Error]: PROCESSOR 0:206c2 TIME 1528639113 SOCKET 0 A...
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  • KVM  RMM AXXRMM4LITE2 Crashing After Java Update. Is there any solution.

    We are using these units in our lab with Intel Sawtooth Pass chassis and it worked well, until lately when Java JRE update was pushed. Now when we do a  the KVM redirection that launches the Java app and we try a...
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  • Intel S1200SPLR board video output issues (Black Screen)

    I am yet another person having issues with the very vague video options for this mainboard.   I cannot get the Processor Graphics to work. Once windows gets to the login screen it goes black. It does not matter ...
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  • Update S5520SC to R0069

    (Re-post from desktop mobo  - sorry for the double)   Hello,   I am trying to update my S5520SC to R0069.   Currently my system is S5520SC.86B.01.00.0057. The readme for R0069 suggests to update to...
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  • s2600cp Minimum BIOS to get v2 and DirectX12

    Hello   first of all thanks for reading this question  , I'd like to say I have little experience with server boards . But could successfully ensemble my first server , pretty cool . I've been running my ...
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  • Intel Modular Server - Is there any way to control the fan speed?

    Hi, I have recently had a problem regarding the Intel Modular Server - MFSYS25 where the Fans constantly run on 100% even when Idle... Is there any way to control the Fans?
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  • How to populate certain SMBIOS fields

    Hi All,   I have a need to populate 3 fields in the SMBIOS table for an S2600STB server board:  family, sku number and uuid.  Several of the SMBIOS fields are presently being populated from the BMC...
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  • What is the BIOS last for my motherboard? S1200BTL

    Hello. What is the BIOS last for my motherboard?   Manufacturer Intel Corporation Model S1200BTL (CPU 1) Version E98681-352 Chipset Vendor Intel Chipset Model Ivy Bridge Chipset Revision 09 Southbridge Vendor In...
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  • Bios S5000PALR.

    Gdzie i jak mogę pobrać bios płyty serwerowej S5000PALR w wersji 84 lub wyższej?  Nie wiem gdzie go pobrac a potrzebuję go aby płyta obsłużyła procesory z serii 5400.
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  • Intel RAID Web Console 3 - is there lightweight alternative?

    Hi! I have one RS3DC080 controller on win2016 srv with 8core 1.7GHz CPU. I have installed Intel RAID Web Console 3 on it and i don't satisfied by that functionality. Is it possible to automate sending log messages ...
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  • How to update main board BIOS S5000PSLSATAR

    I would like to update the BIOS on my S5000PSLSATAR in hopes to fix my fan speed problem. My current AMI bios is Aptio version 1.20.1093 and the bios listed in setup is S5000.86B.10.60.0091   I have download the...
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  • Quanta DA0F03MBCE0 X79 C602 Dual E5 2680 v2 needs Intel drivers

    Hello! Recently bought Quanta DA0F03MBCE0 X79 C602 with Dual E5 2680 v2. unfortunately seller did not provide any software / drivers... allready installed drivers for C602 chipset https://downloadcenter.intel.com/pro...
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  • Readme and Update Instructions - S2600ST_EFI_BIOSR0009_ME04.

    Hello,   I'm looking at the Readme and Update Instructions that come with S2600ST_EFI_BIOSR0009_ME04.  There is a statement that says:   ######################...
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  • S1200SPOR External (PCI-e) display adapter not working

    Hi   We have connected a PCI-e display adapter (nVidia) inside this server, Windows 10 does not see any new hardware, we do not get any video from this adapter (on boot or Windows), we have the BIOS drivers load...
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  • Atualização S2600cp

    bom dia, apos atualizacao da bios, o led ambar fica piscando, diz que e as memorias incorretas mas no IASC todas estao OK.
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  • Can IPMI check the option item in BIOS?

    I want to check whether the Boot option in the BIOS is UEFI or Legacy BIOS. Can it be done through IPMI? What is the command?
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