• Skylake Power Consumption

    As Noted for a skylake of TDP 160W. What will be max power Consumption? In the purley PDG # 546835 (table 230 : ) it states that the Pmax is 363W .  
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  • R1304SPOSHBNR Random Fan Spin-up Issues

    Greetings,   First off. I know this is identical to another question posted here: Random fan spin-up on R1304SPOSHBNR   However, that did not get a solid resolution and we are having identical problems so...
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  • Dual Processor based system output

    Hi, Is dual CPU base system configuration is a better solution? up to what percentage output can expect of (200% Ideal?).Any affected factors to reach ideal maximum output?   Thanks.   Regards, Pragnesh
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  • Intel S2600CPJ2 Sensor Reading

    Hi All - I have moved the Intel S2600CPJ2 motherboard from Chenbro 1u Server Rack to Phenteck Enthoo Pro case.   When i login to the Integrated BMC Web console - i see the following information in the sensor re...
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  • S5000 board - CPU fan at full speed

    Hi.   I have a S5000VSA board where the CPU fan goes at full speed 24/7. The board is in a non-intel chassis   I have tried to update the bios and reset it to defaults. (via jumper on the board and in the...
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  • S1400FP4 How update bios support  E5-2400 V2 CPU

    S1400FP4 How update bios support  E5-2400 V2 CPU@       System     windows 10 or windows server 2012
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  • Intel SRT SSD Cacheing on C621 Raid 10 @Supermicro X11SPL-F

    Hello, i have a question... Is it possible to enable SSD Cache Intel SRT on an Onboard Raid 10 (4x3TB WD Purple) on Supermicro X11SPL-F?   My Onboard Raid 10 is soo poor... ~40MBs r/w on an Server 2016 / Excha...
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  • S2600CP4 board w/E5-26XX v2 Processors and PCIe Bus configuration.

    Good evening, Just wanted to verify before I purchase, that if I use E5-26xx v2 processors in a S2600CP4 that I can "adjust" a PCIe bus speed. I have a card that has a PCIe 3 bus, however the board has "throttled" th...
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  • Intel RMS3CC080 RAID module options (CacheCade)

    Hi   Does RMS3CC080 support CacheCade from LSI / Avago / Broadcom (what ever there calling themselves now).?   CacheCade into is here : MegaRAID CacheCade Pro 2.0 Software   Normally its a software ...
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  • XeonD1541 is losing PCIe packets

    OS: Linux CentOS 7.3 (Kernel 3.10). Test Motherboards: Motherboard A: ASUS P9X79 WS, ASUS X270 WS. MotherBoard B: ASRock Xeon D1541 CPU(8-core, 12MB cache).   FPGA PCIe card 1, Virtex-7 FPGA board. Gen 3 PC...
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  • Сервер в сборе

    В конфигураторе собрал сервер для АТС Asterisk.   Достаточно ли данной конфигурации для сборки и монтажа в стойку 19'?   Или что-то нужно ещё добавить/убрать?
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  • Intel Optane only as SSD instead of Memory running on ASUS B250H motherboard

    Hello out there, I am trying to setup my new brand 32 GB intel Optane on my ASUS B250H Gaming motherboard running windows 10 pro. I already check the intel recommendations. Reads all the manuals. Update my board BIOS ...
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  • I/OAT on Windows Server 2016 and SR-IOV Linux guest

    If I understand correctly I/OAT technology is not supported on Windows Server 2012 and newer. However I/OAT it's still supported by Linux. If I use Windows Server 2016 as a Hyper-V host and have SR-IOV and I/OAT enab...
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  • drastic reduction in performance when compute node running at half load

    We have compute nodes with 24 cores( 48 threads) and 64 GB RAM (2x32GB). When I run a sample code (matrix multiplication)in one of the compute node in one thread, it takes only 4 seconds. But when I starting more runs...
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  • Intel Server S5500BC + hard disk

    Ciao a tutti, possiedo un server intel S5500BC ed ho montato 4 hard disk da 6 tera ( che allego in foto). Ora, mi hanno detto che questi non sono compatibili e che ci vorrebbe il rack nuovo.   Qualcuno ne sa qu...
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  • Intel s5500wb integrated raid firmware update

    Hello. Im trying intel s5500wb integrated raid firmware update, server platform part number sr1690wbr serial azgd2230281. On MB number is: azwk21900203 pba e48472-31. Im download Downloads for Intel® Integrate...
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  • Bom dia, em um sistema de  servidor Dell R640 com processador Intel Xeon 5118 que tem barramento de memoria de 2400hmz, alguem sabe me dizer qual seria o meu ganho em desempenho se esse mesmo processador fosse com barramento de 2666mhz.

    Em um sistema de  servidor Dell R640 com processador Intel Xeon Gold 5118 Skylake que tem barramento de 2400mhz, se esse mesmo CPU tivesse um barramento de 2666mhz, qual seria meu ganho real em desempenho.? Algu&...
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  • RS2SG244 RAID 6 with 12 Terabyte Helioseal WD Drives

    My server has 2 RAID 6 arrays, both RAID 6, 7 x 6tb Western Digital 6tb WD60EFRX Red SAN drives array & 16 4tb Western Digital WD4001FAEX Black Caviar Enterprise array.   I use an@ Intel S2600CP Motherboard ...
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  • On a Dell R640 server system with Intel Xeon Gold 5118 Skylake processor that has a 2400mhz bus, if that same CPU had a bus of 2666mhz, what would be my real gain in performance? Could anyone calculate this?

    Em um sistema de  servidor Dell R640 com processador Intel Xeon Gold 5118 Skylake que tem barramento de 2400mhz, se esse mesmo CPU tivesse um barramento de 2666mhz, qual seria meu ganho real em desempenho.? Algu&...
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  • SR2600URBRPR - RAM update

    Hi All,   I have the below server and currently looking at upgrading RAM to max capacity according to https://ark.intel.com/products/48665/Intel-Server-System-SR2600URBRPR    Prod.code SR2600URBRP...
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