• S2600CP401does not recognize the HDD in the order boot section

    Hello, I have an old motherboard S2600CP401, OEM 10 Pack, P/N E99552-561 BIOS American Megatrends RMLSDP .86I .R2 .02 .D528 In the bios I can see the HDD, in the SATA configuration, in the HDD security conf...
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  • UEFI Intel RAID (RMS3CC080), stuck on "Driver Health" screen

    Hi, i have been playing with the RAID in the hardware (Server is in UEFI mode) (i have not lost data, only test systems).  We cant get in to the BIOS due to the below, so how do we get out of this loop (without r...
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  • Quanta DA0F03MBCE0 X79 C602 Dual E5 2680 v2 needs Intel drivers

    Hello! Recently bought Quanta DA0F03MBCE0 X79 C602 with Dual E5 2680 v2. unfortunately seller did not provide any software / drivers... allready installed drivers for C602 chipset https://downloadcenter.intel.com/pro...
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  • System Board  Voltage  Health Red

    Hello,  I have a problem with the S2600GZ motherboard, in the BMC in the logs shows the health voltage is red,   BMC sensor logs in esxi event logs   bios,bmc,fru-sdr updated! help me please, and...
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  • Intel RAID (RMS3CC080), how to "Online RAID Expansion", cant find it in BIOS or RWC3

    Hi   We have a S1200SPOR with RMS3CC080, the below document on page 6 (real PDF page 16) says this controller (and all others that are 12Gb) will:   "Online capacity expansion to add space to an existing d...
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  • S2600CW2 turns off LAN and reduce CPU performance when redundant PSU unplugged

    Hello, We have a problem with one server.   Issue: There are two absolutely identical servers in the same power network. There are redundant PSU in each server. There are 2 CPUs are installed in each server. T...
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  • s1200spl fan spin to slow

    Hello,   my Intel S1200SPL is in a third party case an I got problems with the fan speed. I have two PWM fans and one with 3 pin. The Fans with PWM spin to slow and the 3 pin fan spin withe 100%. How can I fix ...
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  • Intel RAID Web Console 3 - how do we add servers to the GATEWAY server

    Hi, downloaded RAID Web Console 3 from here Download Intel® RAID Web Console 3 for Windows*   - Install the GATEWAY server on a remote machine, can log in ok. - Installed the RAID driver version (SAS v6.7...
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  • Random fan spin-up on R1304SPOSHBNR

    I have recently purchased three S1200SPOR servers, and they all three are having the same issue: at random intervals, the fans will spin up to max for just a second or two before settling back down. These intervals ca...
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  • S5000PSL (S5000SL) / Fan´s running at 100% / Status LED Amber / Sys-Fan LED Amber

    Hello,   I have the current problem:   I have an INTEL S5000PSL installed with 16GB RAM (4x4) and two Xeon 51xx. The MoBo is installed in an Intel Chassis SC5400 (I don´t know the exactly model and d...
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  • Integrated RAID Module RMS3CC040 - PD is not enterprise class

    We have a Server with Integrated RAID Module RMS3CC040 (Firmware Package V: 24.21.0-0012, Firmware Version: 4.680.00-8249) with 3 Samsung 850 Pro Drives RAID 0 (HS) Every Reboot the Controller shows 3 Warnings: Contr...
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  • S2600CP Windows 10 watchdog driver

    Good Day. I am tried enable "OS boot watchdog timer" at BIOS, but my OS (Window 10 - 1709) always rebooted. I didnt find Intel Watchdog driver and i dont understand how i should install it. I am really need your he...
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  • R1304SPOSHBNR Random Fan Spin-up Issues

    Greetings,   First off. I know this is identical to another question posted here: Random fan spin-up on R1304SPOSHBNR   However, that did not get a solid resolution and we are having identical problems so...
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  • S1200SPS ESRT2 causes lots of Event ID 153 warnings

    Hello,   I met a strange issue with this board and ESRT2 driver.   For the beginning, I would like to say that, if I do a clean installation of Windows 10 and offer ESRT2 v17 driver and finish installation...
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  • R2312WTTYSR won't boot, no video, stopped at POST code "B7h" "Train DDR3 ranks"

    I have some R2312WTTYSR systems that, after some downtime prior to OS re-installation, won't come back up again (and so no OS re-installation)   Symptoms observed:   No VGA video output Rear System Status...
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  • R1208SPOSHOR won't boot, no video, stopped at POST code 78h "DXE ACPI Init"

    I have one R1208SPOSHOR system that, after a BIOS/FW/etc update to the latest version and a reset to defaults, won't come back up again.   Symptoms observed:   No VGA video output Rear System Status LED g...
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  • HFI1 opainfo state in INIT

    I try to install Intel Omni path in rhel 7.4 below, error i got   [root@skl18cn001 ~]# opainfo hfi1_0:1                  ...
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  • BMC LAN MAC Adress 00:00:00:00:00:00

    Hello,   I have configured my BMC LAN for a static configuration using ipmitool.  Once I was done I tried pinging it and didn't get a response.  I noticed that my mac address was 00:00:00:00:00:00 but...
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  • Intel S2600CPJ2 Sensor Reading

    Hi All - I have moved the Intel S2600CPJ2 motherboard from Chenbro 1u Server Rack to Phenteck Enthoo Pro case.   When i login to the Integrated BMC Web console - i see the following information in the sensor re...
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  • When can we expect server board firmware updates for the recent vulnerabilities?

    Unless I am just not searching your support site properly, I have not been able to find any server firmware updates to address the microcode updates for Meltdown or Spectre or even any notification of a time line. I h...
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