• RWC3 doesn't accept notification email addresses which contains "-"

    Hello,   I want to setup email notification in RWC3 and I'm not able to configure email addresses which contains "-" . I receive an error "Please enter a valid email id". Is there a fix for this?   Thank ...
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  • RAID1 on a Intel S3420GPC motherboard

    Hello, I have a Intel S3420GPC motherboard with a RAID1 configuration with 2 hdd. I few days ago we had an issue with one of the hdd and the RAID1 was forced to go with status offline . Operating system (centos 5.9...
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  • Unexpected Shutdown

    Hi, Since 4 months we have a Windows 2016 Server with S1200SP Systemboard running smooth without any problems: System Information Remote Management Module key : Installed Device (BMC) Available :   ...
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  • Integrated RAID Module RMS3CC040 - PD is not enterprise class

    We have a Server with Integrated RAID Module RMS3CC040 (Firmware Package V: 24.21.0-0012, Firmware Version: 4.680.00-8249) with 3 Samsung 850 Pro Drives RAID 0 (HS) Every Reboot the Controller shows 3 Warnings: Contr...
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  • Server Board 2600CP

    I have server board 2600CP4 with chassis P4000CP. Fans working too loud, and I tried update BIOS, BMC, ME, FRU, and SDR. After correct update, nothing changed. In the BMC I see multiple errors with Intel ME, like:...
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  • S3420gp and RAM

    Hi everyone, i've searched for previous discussion, but every was locked. So i opened a new one for this question. I have the over-mentioned board, s3420GP and some rams: -4 sticks of KVR1066D3D4R7S/4G (mentioned on...
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  • Omni-Path Fabric Design Related

    Referring the Intel® Server Board S2600BP and Intel® Compute Module HNS2600BP Product Family Integration and Service Guide .   1. #558210 - Intel Omni-Path Fabric Carrier Card Fab3 - Design Kit - Revis...
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  • MFSYS25V2 All power supplies show as Unknown Device

    Hello   Our MFSYS25V2 is reporting that all four of the power supplies are "Unknown Devices" and the chassis is refusing to power up any of the servers with the error message "There is insufficient power availab...
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  • BSOD with ACPI BIOS ERROR during Windows boot

    Yesterday my machine rebooted without any warning. I have not been able to find the reason for this reboot. There was nothing changed at the system. I have neither touched the BIOS configuration nor the operating syst...
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  • Configuring bootable VROC mirror on S2600WFT mainboard with P3520 NVME drives through OCULINK connectors

    Hi. I have an Intel Server System configured as follows: (1) R2312WFTZS - Intel® Server System R2312WFTZS (2) CD8067303561500 - Intel® Xeon® Silver 4108 Processor (11M Cache, 1.80 GHz) (2) AXX1300TCRPS ...
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  • VCA 1283LVV one of the nodes in link_down status

    Hi unfortunately i didn't find information about VCA and troubleshooting for that type of devices. I'll try to explain what issues we have. Our company have remote server with two this card, not so long time ago on...
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  • 2 extra NICS showing S2600STB

    We have a server used the 2600STB.  When installing 2016 Server there are a total of 4 NICS showing in the Device Manager.   2 of the NICs install fine.  2 are showing as code 10 in the Device Manager...
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  • Intel® 82801IR I/O Controller Supported RST Version with Windows Server 2016

    Hi,   I made the mistake in installing most recent RST on an older Intel S3200SHV Server board with Intel® 82801IR I/O Controller, evidently all hell broke loose as i got spinning dots at reboot. In order t...
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  • R1304SPOSHBNR Random Fan Spin-up Issues

    Greetings,   First off. I know this is identical to another question posted here: Random fan spin-up on R1304SPOSHBNR   However, that did not get a solid resolution and we are having identical problems so...
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  • S2600WFT board doesn't detect Intel X527-DA4 mezzanine card

    Trying to get support for this issue. We used the server configurator which shows that part number X527DA4OCPG1P5 is compatible with the S2600WFT board. The cards do physically install fine but don't show up anywhere ...
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  • Should we roll back Bios if Intel pulled the latest version?

    I updated my Intel S1200SPLR server board bios as per instructions from Intel in this forum and been noticing many errors in my host OS and starting to wonder if they are not Bios related.  I just went back to se...
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  • Intel Optane only as SSD instead of Memory running on ASUS B250H motherboard

    Hello out there, I am trying to setup my new brand 32 GB intel Optane on my ASUS B250H Gaming motherboard running windows 10 pro. I already check the intel recommendations. Reads all the manuals. Update my board BIOS ...
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  • When can we expect server board firmware updates for the recent vulnerabilities?

    Unless I am just not searching your support site properly, I have not been able to find any server firmware updates to address the microcode updates for Meltdown or Spectre or even any notification of a time line. I h...
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  • H2224XXLR2 redundant power supply error on all servers.

    Hello,   we are experiencing some strange behavior on all our intel servers. we are running Intel Chassis H2224XXLR2 4blade servers and since this weekend they all were showing the following error.   Pwr ...
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  • s1200sps + supermicro sc825tq-r720lpb tracking power failures

    intel s1200sps mainboard has the i2c ( SSI compliant 1x5 pin connector J9F1 to provide I2C monitoring of the power supply. https://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/server-products/S1200SP_TPS_R1_1_S12...
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