• S2600WT - No Usable Memory Error (0xE8) - BIOS ROM Flash

    Hello,   I have an Intel server assembled by EMC using Intel S2600WT Server Board that doesn't detect memory modules, exactly just tested with 2 different Kingston modules.   MB: S2600WT CPU1: Xeon E5-262...
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  • BMC Console not sending Traps

    Hello there.   We have a few servers with S2600GZ and we are trying to get traps for the baseboard alarms, the trap receivers have been configured successfully and we see a trap arrives when we use the test alar...
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  • After upgrade BIOS version for R1208WFTYS and R2224WFTZS, System Fan Runs Too Loud and Too Fast

    Hello all,   Just set up new system for R1208WFTYS and R2224WFTZS after upgrade BIOS version (S2600WF_EFI_BIOSR0014_ME04.00.04.340.0_BMC1.60.56383bef_FRUSDR1.60) and restart system,  after that System fan r...
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  • RS3DC040 overheating warnings again

    Hello! We have another server with this strange issue.   Server started to give RAID card overheating errors. But in reality it is not true. We changed RAID card to a new one - still the same problem. Motherb...
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  • H2224XXLR2 missing PSU FRU's

    Hi,   I've got a few h2224xxlr2 chassis, but am missing the FRU's for the PSU's on 2 of them.   Upgraded several times, but on all nodes in the chassis the same behaviour is visible : from the bmc->...
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  • 主板s2600 cp4装linux7.3的时候无法识别硬盘

    主板s2600 cp4 ,3个sas盘做raid5,装centos 7.3的时候无法识别到硬盘,谁能提供一下基于linux 7.3的raid驱动
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  • 2 GPU 1080Ti does not work on mainboard intel S2600CW2R

    Dear, I have a CPU Intel Xeon E5 2620 v4 and 2 GPUs 1080Ti on a mainboard intel S2600CW2R. 1. I have only one CPU on 1st slot 2. Power for 2 CPUs are plggued in. 3. 1 VGA connect by riser cable on PCIe slot 6, 1 V...
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  • S2600WTTR has Amber flashing warning light, but nothing listed in Event Logs - How can i diagnose?

    Hi   We have a few S2600WTTR servers, and the Amber light is flashing once every second on one of them. Nothing of consequence in the event log, and server seems happy.   How's the best way to diagnose th...
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  • Intel RAID (RMS3CC080), how to "Online RAID Expansion", cant find it in BIOS or RWC3

    Hi   We have a S1200SPOR with RMS3CC080, the below document on page 6 (real PDF page 16) says this controller (and all others that are 12Gb) will:   "Online capacity expansion to add space to an existing d...
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  • CPU E3-1270 V2Is the CPU E3-1270 V2 affected by the 'CVE-2018-3655' vulnerability?

    CPU E3-1270 V2Is the CPU E3-1270 V2 affected by the 'CVE-2018-3655' vulnerability?
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  • Raid SRCSASRB died!

    Hello!   My Raidcontroller SRCSASRB died! It is the second controller in this server which says Memory Error! I'm unable to source this controller so i would like to know if the array could be read/mounted with...
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  • How to monitor CPU FAN RPM?

    I run CPU-Z stress test and coretemp utility to monitor CPU temperature   I observe that the CPU 2 has higher temperature than CPU1 The difference is about 15 celcius Visually, seems that CPU_FAN_2 rotates slo...
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  • S2600GL CATERR Debugging

    An S2600GL motherboard  in my possession died. I'm at a loss as to what went wrong. I understand that the support period is probably expired, not sure about my support options but i figured i'd reach out.   ...
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  • S2600WF0 SysCfg : set Fan PWM Offset

    Hello,   we've got a couple of hundreds of Intel S2600WF0 servers. BIOS/ME/BMC/FRUSDR are all the latest: BIOS Version Information: -------------------------    Primary BIOS Version:... SE5C620.86B...
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  • How to clear UEFI secure boot keys (or enter Setup Mode) on S1200SPO

    I have a S1200SPO with a Xeon E3-1270v6 with versions: IFWI: S1200SP.86B.BR.64.2017. BIOS: S1200SP.86B.03.01.0026.092720170729   I'd like to clear the installed UEFI secure boot keys, whic...
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  • S2600IP not boot

    Hello! I have a 4U Server Rack or Pedestal Intel P4304\Dual Xeon DP Broadwell-EP E5-2603\Server Board Intel S2600IP This server has been shut down for a year. Yesterday I wanted to turn on this server, but server d...
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  • S2600WT BMC 1.60 KVM fault during Entering setup

    I has R1208WFTYS platform with S2600WT motherboard, with installed AXXRMM4LTE2 module. Yesterday was BMC version 1.29 and BIOS version 01.0009. I apply two upgrades by USB stick and EFI shell from Intel firstly S2600W...
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  • S2600CW switches off abruptly

    My S2600CW2R system has been running without fault for over 2 years.  Suddenly, it started switching off abruptly, after perhaps 15 minutes of powering on.  This has happened even when the OS has not booted,...
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  • s2600cp power fault beep code

    Hi, im using an intel s2600cp, with two xeon e5 2620 v1 processors. they are tested working in another system. when i try to power up the system, i get the following error: 1-5-4-2 Power fault DC power unexpectedly lo...
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  • how to reset FRU/SDR firmware back to factory default

    I have a s2600cwt mother board. I download the latest bios, bmc and FRU/SDR firmware package, extract them to root directory of my usb disk. boot from there, and the update process started sucessfully. The bios, bmc p...
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