• Motherboard S1200SP and SNMP

    Tell me where the motherboard S1200SP set SNMP version and community? How to configure its monitoring on prtg?
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  • How can I boot by usb disk using S1200SPS board

    I want my motherboard SP1200SP boot from usb disk. So I had change the BIOS- -> advanced --> USB configuration --> Mass storage device   6000 : from auto to "Harddisk"   Then I can see my USB...
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  • Device Passthrough across Sockets in a Multi-Socket Setting

    Greetings,   In a Dual Socket Server is it possible to passthrough a "PCIe device A" which is hanging from Root Complex of CPU 1 to a VM that is pinned on CPU 2. If so is there some PCIe/QPI(or UPI) Packet encap...
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  • Intel XHCI controller with SR-IOV support (XHCI-IOV)

    Hello,   I'd like to use SR-IOV for the virtualization of an XHCI host controller to passthrough to multiple VMs. Software USB passthrough is not an option in this setup, which is why I'm looking into SR-IOV. A...
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  • RMM4 module not working

    have a system with a S2600CP4 board. I would like to enable its KVM features by adding a remote management module RMM4 I configured the module in Bios But in BMC web concole I see that the module is not inst...
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  • "The capsule file failed in the security compliance check" error while updating BIOS on Intel S2600cp Server Board

    While attempting to update the BIOS on an Intel S2600cp server system board I receive an error that says "The capsule file failed in the security compliance check. Please refer to BIOS release notes for details." The ...
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  • S2600CP Windows 10 watchdog driver

    Good Day. I am tried enable "OS boot watchdog timer" at BIOS, but my OS (Window 10 - 1709) always rebooted. I didnt find Intel Watchdog driver and i dont understand how i should install it. I am really need your he...
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  • s2400gp2 network card

    I have s2400gp2 motherboard and QLogic Corporation NetXtreme II BCM57840 and card not work. Its possible to work card with this motherboard?
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  • Intel RAID Web Console 3 - how do we add servers to the GATEWAY server

    Hi, downloaded RAID Web Console 3 from here Download Intel® RAID Web Console 3 for Windows*   - Install the GATEWAY server on a remote machine, can log in ok. - Installed the RAID driver version (SAS v6.7...
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  • KVM  RMM AXXRMM4LITE2 Crashing After Java Update. Is there any solution.

    We are using these units in our lab with Intel Sawtooth Pass chassis and it worked well, until lately when Java JRE update was pushed. Now when we do a  the KVM redirection that launches the Java app and we try a...
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  • VROC + ESXi

    Anyone know if VROC boot device is supported on ESXi 6.7?
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  • Is the R2224WFTZS compatible with a Gold 6148 cpu?

    I'm building a Server System with a R2224WFTZS. I would like to install 2x Gold 6148 cpu This Server System is not listed in compatible processor products. Is the R2224WFTZS compatible with a Gold 6148 cpu?
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  • HP LTO-5 Ultrium device onto Intel S5500BC

    Hi   Wonder if somebody can assist me.   What card/device do I need to be able to connect my HPE StoreEver Ultrium 3000 SAS external Tape Drive to my Intel Server Board S5500BC?   I have tried the HP...
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  • Update S5520SC to R0069

    (Re-post from desktop mobo  - sorry for the double)   Hello,   I am trying to update my S5520SC to R0069.   Currently my system is S5520SC.86B.01.00.0057. The readme for R0069 suggests to update to...
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  • s2600cp Minimum BIOS to get v2 and DirectX12

    Hello   first of all thanks for reading this question  , I'd like to say I have little experience with server boards . But could successfully ensemble my first server , pretty cool . I've been running my ...
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  • Intel Modular Server - Is there any way to control the fan speed?

    Hi, I have recently had a problem regarding the Intel Modular Server - MFSYS25 where the Fans constantly run on 100% even when Idle... Is there any way to control the Fans?
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  • is it possible to install slim ODD to R2208WFTZS ?

    Hi,   We need to know if the system server R2208WFTZS support an internal Slim ODD, we can see a slim baie on front of server but the service guide of chassis don't include the installation of the slim odd . &#...
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  • How to populate certain SMBIOS fields

    Hi All,   I have a need to populate 3 fields in the SMBIOS table for an S2600STB server board:  family, sku number and uuid.  Several of the SMBIOS fields are presently being populated from the BMC...
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  • S1200BTL BMC / RMM4 factory reset

    It seems that a long time ago I enabled LDAP authentication on my S1200BTL's BMC / RMM4. Clearly the LDAP setup I had then no longer resembles what I have now and I can no longer login to my BMC. How can I either disa...
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  • Best practice for configuring out of band management, BMC vs Dedicated LAN management

    Hello   I'm looking for some guidance for the best-practice on configuring the networking for out of band management on an Intel server with an RMM4. I apologize if this question has been answered elsewhere but ...
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