• H2224XXLR2 missing PSU FRU's

    Hi,   I've got a few h2224xxlr2 chassis, but am missing the FRU's for the PSU's on 2 of them.   Upgraded several times, but on all nodes in the chassis the same behaviour is visible : from the bmc->...
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  • 主板s2600 cp4装linux7.3的时候无法识别硬盘

    主板s2600 cp4 ,3个sas盘做raid5,装centos 7.3的时候无法识别到硬盘,谁能提供一下基于linux 7.3的raid驱动
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  • Kingston RAM's compatibilities to Intel Boards.

    Hi Intel Support,   We're assemblying 3 servers, 1st and 2nd server has no problem on the assembly and now we're having issues on my third assembly of Intel Server System, to give you details of the Server syste...
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  • Chassis Identity Light

    Is it possible to control the chassis identity light from the front panel header in order to make it a appear solid? In effect I would like to be able to use this light to essentially 'beep' out a code as output by ou...
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  • How to populate certain SMBIOS fields

    Hi All,   I have a need to populate 3 fields in the SMBIOS table for an S2600STB server board:  family, sku number and uuid.  Several of the SMBIOS fields are presently being populated from the BMC...
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  • What is the BIOS last for my motherboard? S1200BTL

    Hello. What is the BIOS last for my motherboard?   Manufacturer Intel Corporation Model S1200BTL (CPU 1) Version E98681-352 Chipset Vendor Intel Chipset Model Ivy Bridge Chipset Revision 09 Southbridge Vendor In...
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  • How to update main board BIOS S5000PSLSATAR

    I would like to update the BIOS on my S5000PSLSATAR in hopes to fix my fan speed problem. My current AMI bios is Aptio version 1.20.1093 and the bios listed in setup is S5000.86B.10.60.0091   I have download the...
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  • How can I know MTBF of intel components?

    Customer wants to know MTBF of some intel components.   How can I find out MTBF of following components? 1. S7200AP 2. S2600BPB 3. S2600WF0 4. Intel OPA Director Class Switch 100 Series-24 slot chassis 5. I...
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  • Help with 6-drive hot-swap expander kit axx6drv3gexp

    I have an old server with the axx6drv3gexp expander kit and can not find any detailed specs. I basically would like to know what transfer speeds (1.5, 3.0, 6.0 Gb/s) this expander is capable of? I plan to connect with...
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  • Intel S2600CPJ2 Sensor Reading

    Hi All - I have moved the Intel S2600CPJ2 motherboard from Chenbro 1u Server Rack to Phenteck Enthoo Pro case.   When i login to the Integrated BMC Web console - i see the following information in the sensor re...
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  • S1200BTSR connects cooler but no picture and no beep.

    First of all I apologize for incorrect English, I'm using google translator. I have a s1200btsr with Xeon processor, it was working normally, suddenly it started to make a strange noise like it had a cable twisted in ...
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  • S1400FP4 How update bios support  E5-2400 V2 CPU

    S1400FP4 How update bios support  E5-2400 V2 CPU@       System     windows 10 or windows server 2012
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  • Intel S1200SPLR, Where is revision ( rev ) number ( no ) ?

    Hi All, Please, can any one tell me where to find the revision number on this board (Intel S1200SPL(R) ? I looked around the board every where and can't find it? Your help will be appreciated? There is a serial numbe...
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  • S5000PSL turns off after running for few seconds & no vga signal

    Hi,   This is my first time trying to build and I am no expert, so please understand if I ask for more details even for something simple. I have: 1) 2 x  Intel Xeon quadcore E5450 3Ghz 12MB L2 SLANQ 2) 3...
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  • Server rail lengths (AXXPRAIL and AXXVPSRAIL)

    Hi   We ordered the AXXPRAIL, its length (approximately) when in the RACK and closed it about 830mm from the front rail to the back of the rail (out the back of the rack).   I need to know the length of th...
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  • Warranties (R1000SPO servers)

    We have a part number :   SVCEWUPSY   What does this cover?  is it the complete server (board, CPU, case including PSU, backplanes and hard drvie carries?)  my point is, Lenovo offer warranty up...
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  • R1000SPO (R1308SPOSHORR) cold swap internal SSD power cable

    Hi all   I did have a similar question about this about 6 months ago, however i now have images and i believe part numbers....  the below image is one of the boxes in the above R1000SPO server barebones, in...
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  • On a Dell R640 server system with Intel Xeon Gold 5118 Skylake processor that has a 2400mhz bus, if that same CPU had a bus of 2666mhz, what would be my real gain in performance? Could anyone calculate this?

    Em um sistema de  servidor Dell R640 com processador Intel Xeon Gold 5118 Skylake que tem barramento de 2400mhz, se esse mesmo CPU tivesse um barramento de 2666mhz, qual seria meu ganho real em desempenho.? Algu&...
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  • SR2600URBRPR - RAM update

    Hi All,   I have the below server and currently looking at upgrading RAM to max capacity according to https://ark.intel.com/products/48665/Intel-Server-System-SR2600URBRPR    Prod.code SR2600URBRP...
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  • Connectors on fan cable - p/n: g22507-003

    Hi Guys,   Intel(R) Server Board S2600GZGL Technical Product Specification describes each wire in the cable but does not describe model or part number of the connectors Could you please let me know what is the ...
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