• S5000PSL turns off after running for few seconds & no vga signal

    Hi,   This is my first time trying to build and I am no expert, so please understand if I ask for more details even for something simple. I have: 1) 2 x  Intel Xeon quadcore E5450 3Ghz 12MB L2 SLANQ 2) 3...
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  • Intel S1200SPLR, Where is revision ( rev ) number ( no ) ?

    Hi All, Please, can any one tell me where to find the revision number on this board (Intel S1200SPL(R) ? I looked around the board every where and can't find it? Your help will be appreciated? There is a serial numbe...
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  • Server rail lengths (AXXPRAIL and AXXVPSRAIL)

    Hi   We ordered the AXXPRAIL, its length (approximately) when in the RACK and closed it about 830mm from the front rail to the back of the rail (out the back of the rack).   I need to know the length of th...
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  • Warranties (R1000SPO servers)

    We have a part number :   SVCEWUPSY   What does this cover?  is it the complete server (board, CPU, case including PSU, backplanes and hard drvie carries?)  my point is, Lenovo offer warranty up...
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  • R1000SPO (R1308SPOSHORR) cold swap internal SSD power cable

    Hi all   I did have a similar question about this about 6 months ago, however i now have images and i believe part numbers....  the below image is one of the boxes in the above R1000SPO server barebones, in...
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  • On a Dell R640 server system with Intel Xeon Gold 5118 Skylake processor that has a 2400mhz bus, if that same CPU had a bus of 2666mhz, what would be my real gain in performance? Could anyone calculate this?

    Em um sistema de  servidor Dell R640 com processador Intel Xeon Gold 5118 Skylake que tem barramento de 2400mhz, se esse mesmo CPU tivesse um barramento de 2666mhz, qual seria meu ganho real em desempenho.? Algu&...
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  • SR2600URBRPR - RAM update

    Hi All,   I have the below server and currently looking at upgrading RAM to max capacity according to https://ark.intel.com/products/48665/Intel-Server-System-SR2600URBRPR    Prod.code SR2600URBRP...
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  • Connectors on fan cable - p/n: g22507-003

    Hi Guys,   Intel(R) Server Board S2600GZGL Technical Product Specification describes each wire in the cable but does not describe model or part number of the connectors Could you please let me know what is the ...
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  • R2208GZ4GC - Motherboard supports either Xeon Phi 31S1P or Raid Controller, not both at the same time

    Hi,   I have a R2208GZ4GC server, and running vmware on it. I need to activate Direct I/O on the bios to be able to have a vm access my xeon phi, but when I do that, then my Raid Controller goes unrecognized....
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  • ss4000-e not added to AD (не присоединяется к домену)

    hello!i have nas intel ss4000-e, latest firmware 1.4xxx710, domain windows server 2008r2. trouble: not added to active directory.on latest step, message-account not privelegie to added ad. the accounting entry consist...
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  • DBS1200V3RPS suddenly restarts, beep meaning

    I am using DBS1200V3RPS motherboard along with Intel Xeon 1245v3 processor for the past 2 years. I have recently started facing restart issues with my setup. At times(usually within a day or two), server simply shuts ...
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  • S1200SPL(R) and Intel Xeon E3-v6 Unknown Device

    Hello,   Have been using the S1200SPL now for quite a while with Xeon E3 v5 processors.   Recently moved to S1200SPLR board with the Xeon E3 v6 processors and now have an unknown device in device manager. ...
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  • R1208WT2GSR diagram

    I need to know what LAN ports on the back are what and I can't find a single diagram to help me.  Such a simple question.  Why no diagrams?
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  • Intel S2600WP serverboard without the chasis

    I recently purchased an Intel S2600WP serverboard without the chasis. According to the product specification this board seems to be compatible with 4 different chasis H2216XXJR , H2216XXKR , H2312XXJR ,H2312XXKR.Of th...
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  • The AXX3U5UPRAIL kit does not include the rack mounting screws.

    The AXX3U5UPRAIL kit does not include the rack mounting screws. I would like to know exactly what standards match. I tried to look up the technical / mechanical specifications of the AXX3U5UPRAIL kit but I could not f...
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  • Bezel for H2224XXKR2

    We're looking to have a custom bezel made for the H2224XXKR2.   I've found the A2UBEZEL, but I'm looking for the specifications that are used to make it, as we would like to have something custom made. Specifica...
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  • Материнская плата s2600KPF не могу настроить SOL

    собственно вот [root@head~]# ipmitool -H X.X.X.X -U ADMIN sol info 1 Password: Info: SOL parameter 'Nonvolatile Bitrate (5)' not supported Info: SOL parameter 'Volatile Bitrate (6)' not supported Set in progress&...
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  • se7520bd2 MSB led

    Hi. We have a server based on se7520bd2 board. After turning on LEDs on rear panel are: msb=green bit3=off bit2=red lsb=off and server doesn't boot. System fault LED is green. No beeps. What is wrong with it? ...
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  • what is it - System Event #0x83?

    Hello, tell me what is this event? how to fix? seriously it?   System Event #0x83 Informational event: System Event sensor 131 reports Timestamp Clock Sync. Event is second of two expected events from BIOS on ev...
    Mikhail Selivanov
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  • Mi Server S5520SC no me reconoce el teclado USB no pasa de la pantalla precione F1 o F2 para entrar al SETUP   que puede ser

    Mi SMi Server S5520SC no me reconoce el teclado USB no pasa de la pantalla precione F1 o F2 para entrar al SETUP  que puede ser   Mensaje editado por: WolfCuba Garcia
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