• S2600GL CATERR Debugging

    An S2600GL motherboard  in my possession died. I'm at a loss as to what went wrong. I understand that the support period is probably expired, not sure about my support options but i figured i'd reach out.   ...
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  • S2600WTT / ESXi 6.7

    Hi   I installed on a S2600WTTR (Bios: SE5C610.86B.01.01.0027.071020182329 / CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2660 v4 @ 2.00GHz) ESXi 6.7. (6.7.0 (Build 10176752)) Now i see that some Sensors are unknown.   ...
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  • Intel Server Board S2600STB extremely slow (Booting + BIOS + Performance)

    We have custom build server with Intel Server Board S2600STB + two CPUs SILVER 4110 + 6 modules SERVER MEMORY 16GB PC19200/REG KVR24R17S4/16 KINGSTON. The problem we have is very strange. Server booting to BIOS scre...
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  • Thunderbolt adapter on LGA3647 motherboard

    Due to the need of thunderbolt to plug in some professional audio devices, we need to find an add on card for our LGA3647 platforms to provide those thunderbolt ports. The problem is, those adapter cards we found all ...
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  • Intel Server board S2600CW2SR compatibility

    Hi Intel Support Team,   Good day,   I have some questions regards with Intel Server board S2600CW2SR.   Basic installation was included for Ubuntu 16.04 as per checking to this URL:https://www.in...
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  • Why does BIOS 14 on a S2600WFT cause NVMe PCIe drives on CPU0 to not show up?

    Issue: Starting from production BIOS SE5C620.86B.00.01.0014.070920180847, when VROC Wolfpass x16 4-port retimer is connected to Riser 1, PCIe slot 1 (CPU0), the NVMe drives don’t show up in BIOS (UEFI Option ROM...
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  • Сервер в сборе

    В конфигураторе собрал сервер для АТС Asterisk.   Достаточно ли данной конфигурации для сборки и монтажа в стойку 19'?   Или что-то нужно ещё добавить/убрать?
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  • Device Passthrough across Sockets in a Multi-Socket Setting

    Greetings,   In a Dual Socket Server is it possible to passthrough a "PCIe device A" which is hanging from Root Complex of CPU 1 to a VM that is pinned on CPU 2. If so is there some PCIe/QPI(or UPI) Packet encap...
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  • 32GB DIMM for Intel R1304BB4DC

    Hello,   I would like to upgrade RAM on my Intel R1304BB4DC server. I have installed 1 CPU E5-2407, so I have only 6 DIMM slots for the upgrade.   In the Intel ARC specification for my R1304BB4DC server w...
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  • "The capsule file failed in the security compliance check" error while updating BIOS on Intel S2600cp Server Board

    While attempting to update the BIOS on an Intel S2600cp server system board I receive an error that says "The capsule file failed in the security compliance check. Please refer to BIOS release notes for details." The ...
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  • S2600CP Windows 10 watchdog driver

    Good Day. I am tried enable "OS boot watchdog timer" at BIOS, but my OS (Window 10 - 1709) always rebooted. I didnt find Intel Watchdog driver and i dont understand how i should install it. I am really need your he...
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  • Asus P6T SE + Intel Xeon X5675    and ECC Memory

    Hello. Can anyone suggest - will the ECC memory work on this combination of the motherboard and processor? Critical to me is the answer to this question - preferably with links to articles that support a negative or p...
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  • Connect two JBOD in one server

    I have one Intel server R1304BB4DC and Intel disk chassis JBOD2312S2SP connected to the server via SFF-8080 to a SAS Expander. I want to connect second disk chassis Intel JBOD2312S3SP. Because of my Intel server hasn'...
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  • P4308CP4MHEN backplane board compatibility

    Hello. Where i can find information about the compatibility of the backplane boards with the server P4308CP4MEN?
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  • VROC + ESXi

    Anyone know if VROC boot device is supported on ESXi 6.7?
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  • Is the R2224WFTZS compatible with a Gold 6148 cpu?

    I'm building a Server System with a R2224WFTZS. I would like to install 2x Gold 6148 cpu This Server System is not listed in compatible processor products. Is the R2224WFTZS compatible with a Gold 6148 cpu?
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  • Intel S1200SPLR board video output issues (Black Screen)

    I am yet another person having issues with the very vague video options for this mainboard.   I cannot get the Processor Graphics to work. Once windows gets to the login screen it goes black. It does not matter ...
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  • HP LTO-5 Ultrium device onto Intel S5500BC

    Hi   Wonder if somebody can assist me.   What card/device do I need to be able to connect my HPE StoreEver Ultrium 3000 SAS external Tape Drive to my Intel Server Board S5500BC?   I have tried the HP...
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  • s2600cp Minimum BIOS to get v2 and DirectX12

    Hello   first of all thanks for reading this question  , I'd like to say I have little experience with server boards . But could successfully ensemble my first server , pretty cool . I've been running my ...
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  • Is the AXXRMM4LITE2 module compatible with a S2600CP4 board?

    I have a system with a S2600CP4 board. I would like to enable its KVM features by adding a remote management module that works with this board (AXXRMM4 or AXXRMM4LITE). Since I don't necessarily need a dedicated NIC f...
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