• [Intel Euclid] CMOS reset -- Not update, actually reset. Euclid will not boot due to settings in BIOS.

    Hi all. I saw that someone asked how to clear nvram/cmos before and was just given the BIOS update file... (How to hard reset BIOS setting on Euclid? ) That won't work here as I enabled some boot settings in the BIOS...
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  • **Updated with new Troubleshooting Steps** Workaround for Windows* 10 Updates Causing Malfunction with Intel® RealSense™ SR300 Camera Driver

    If you own an Intel Realsense SR300 camera and it stops functioning after a Windows upgrade, please refer to the troubleshooting sections below. Please see the first section if the camera stopped working on August 14,...
    Jesus Garcia
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  • Using SURF in RealSense D435 Video C++

    Hi, I'm fairly new to opencv and i started it with RealSense D435.   I've done several sub-project for final one; 1. Detecting target on Image using SURF 2. Getting Depth Mat on Video   By using them, th...
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  • Sensing an IR Pointer

    Can/could the Intel RealSense camera detect an IR point source such as an IR pointer or pen?   I'm assuming that the IR pen would be a bright spot on the IR feed that could then be tracked with a few lines of co...
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  • Realsense Augmented Reality  Sample

    Hi everyone I would like to know If is there some unity project sample of realsense using augmented reality?, like custom 3d model in the mesh created by the realsense r200. I would like to have the toyz sample or th...
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  • D435 VSYNC Pin

    Is it true that external synchronization mode is only supported by the D415?  We noticed that there is a 1.8V pulse that appears on the VSYNC pin at the camera framerate.  Can we rely on this as a synchroniz...
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  • Recreate Depth image from Infra1 and Infra2 bagfile

    Hello,   Is it possible to recreate a depth image stream in ROS from two infrared image streams from a D435 I have in a bagfile?   Input: /camera/infra1/image_rect_raw /camera/infra2/image_rect_raw  ...
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  • Geometry resolution of 3D scanner with Intel RealSense SR300 camera

    Hi, I have a 3D scanner from 3D Systems that has the Intel RealSense SR300 camera. I would like to know if there is someone that know the meaning of low to high geometry resolution in the software that come with the ...
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  • D435: Where is the focal point of the depth-map ?

    I surmise from the drawings on page 94 of Intel-RealSense-D400-Series-Datasheet.pdf that the centre of the depth sensors is 37.5 mm from the right-side (USB side) of the camera: and I infer, empirically, that the d...
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  • Help with component selection for IoT Device. Please!

    Hi all! I'm Francisco with Umbo . We're building a device that automatically displays information in the walls of your home and allows you to navigate it with gestures.   We started in 2016 but have been choosi...
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  • Intel SR300 Razer Stargazer Cant get it to work with OBS

    Recently purchased the Razer Stargazer and just realising now that there isnt much support anymore for these sorts of products. Got the camera working in general, the realsense is working fine in xsplit and all other ...
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  • Aaeon® UP Board setup with 2x Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D415

    Based on this offer, I would like to know if the Aaeon® UP Board is capable of fully handling two Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D415, and if not, what are the restrictions ?   I noticed that the...
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  • Using C# How to enable and set brightnes of the dot pattern for depth

    Could someone show a small example of how to enable/disable the dot pattern and set the brightness of it for the D435 camera ?
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  • Multicamera Sync HW Setup

    Hi all,   I'm trying to implement multicamera hardware sync for point cloud capture, with simple passive ESD protection as described in the white paper. I ordered 4x D415 and all the connectors and cables from D...
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  • RealSense D415 Is it possible to retrieve a BGR8 image from the two infrared sensors?

    For our application we would like to retrieve the BGR8 images from both infrared sensors. Preferably at a resolution of 1920x1080, but 1280x720 will due as well.
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  • DFU-Updater for Arch-Linux?

    Is there a way to update the firmware on the RealSense D435 using Arch-Linux? Can the generic dfu-programmer tool be used?
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  • how to generate pointclouds and draw it in python

    #encoding:utf-8import numpy as np import cv2 import pyrealsense2 as rs   pipeline = rs.pipeline() config = rs.config() config.enable_stream(rs.stream.color, 640, 480, rs.format.rgb8, 30) config.enable_stream(rs.s...
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  • D400 firmware update tool for 32-bit Windows

    Is there a D400 firmware update tool for 32-bit Windows 10? If not, is one planned?   I found the following link but it appears to be for 64-bit windows 10 only: Download Windows* Device Firmware Update Tool fo...
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  • Two Ubuntu Installation Instruction Pages?

    Could somebody please explain what is the difference between this page and this for running the RealSense Viewer on Ubuntu?
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  • D415 USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0SS

    I was happy to see the D415 seems to work of USB 2.0 HS.  Am I missing out on anything by not running it at USB 3.0SS.  Like framerate is lower or anything like that?  It seems to work happily on my and...
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