• Exposure Problem (?) during capture of first frame RealSense D415

    When I try to capture a single frame(1st) the image seems to be under exposed and dark. For my use, I need to capture a single image, and don't need a video. Now, I am waiting for the 10th frame and grabbing that, but...
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  • Grabbing the latest D415 frame set

    I am using the D415 in addition to different camera with a slow frame rate. When I use the wait_for_frames() it returns a set of frames that seems to be around 90-100ms older than expected. Is there a way to grab th...
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  • Problem aligning color to depth

    I have a D435 and am trying to align the color stream to the depth stream. As a sanity check, I also capture infrared images which I believe are automatically aligned with depth. When I compare the infrared and aligne...
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  • Error of calibration of D435, unsupported calibration table.

    I bought new D435, and update the firmware to the latest. I have the following two questions:   1. Should I calibrate my new D435? 2. I used the Lastest intel realsense dynamic calibrator to calibrate m...
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  • Problem with RealSense Camera SR300 with Win 10

    A problem has occured on my laptop, where the RealSense Camera SR300 suddenly stopped working under Windows 10. First time a problem with the camera appeared, was immediately after Windows updated itself to 1803. Th...
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  • How to get SR300 working on Windows 10 Build 1703 - Including SDK Apps such as Segmentation (Updated 5/17/2017)

    Hello everyone!   Just as a reference, I am a Microsoft Engineer working off the books because I was directly affected by this issue since updating to Windows 10 Creators Update.  Please note that this post...
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  • Unknown in rs2_create_device Error

    Hello,   I have windows 10, one d425 and one 435. I have an issue starting the cameras:   When I start the Intel RealSense Viewer 2.11 & 2.10 I get the message:   Unknown in rs2_create_device(inf...
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  • realsense zr 300 connecting system

    im newbie for the realsense. I did step by step follow this source(Get Started - Intel® RealSense™ Camera ZR300 | Intel® Software ) , but for the step 5 has the problem --> ccp-capture. ( i used win...
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  • RealSense D415 Back In Stock Today (Tuesday 22 May 2018)

    Hi everyone,   The RealSense D415 camera is back in stock today (Tuesday 22 May 2018) in the Intel click online store.   Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D415
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  • Preventing Windows from updating automatically and breaking RealSense cameras

    Hi everyone,   There have been a couple of reports of the new 1803 'April 2018 Update' version of Windows stopping RealSense cameras from working.  Rolling back to a previous version of Windows provides onl...
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  • Realsense D415 & Unity

    Hi all! I tried the example RealSenseTexture on unity. I had to disable the points cloud because it caused Unity to crash but this isn't my problem.   I need to find the point with the minimum distance in the d...
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  • Some problem with my new Realsense D415

    Hello, I bought 2 intel D415 and I've the same problems with both of them. 1- Even if I plug the cams in a USB3 slot my Pc recognize them as USB2. 2 - In the intel viewer I can see the camera (with USB2 in the devic...
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  • RealSense Hardware Sync Cabling Question

    Hello,   I need to link 5 cameras together for HW sync and have the whitepaper describing this but still have a couple questions:   - What are the distance limitations for the HW sync cable? With 5 cameras...
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  • Screws for D435

    I notice on the back of the D435 there are threaded holes which look like they are meant to work with small screws. Is this the case? If it is, where can these screws be obtained at? I searched for screws for the D435...
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  • How to get depth raw data and into OPENCV matrix

    Hi,   I'm using a D435 camera. Is there a way to get the raw data (16-bit depth value) into OPENCV Mat?   Thanks!
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  • Is it possible to measure body dimensions with d series camera?

    Hi   IS it possible to measure body measurements and create a 3d mesh model of user full body?
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  • How to transmit data between D435 and Qt?

    want to design a UI interface with Qt to change the exposure and gain using spinBox like the simple RealSenseViewer. But when I want to transmit the pictures of D435 to Qt interface and deliver the data of spinBox to ...
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  • Crimp Tool for Multiple RealSense Camera synchronization connectors cost US$1,107.18??

    Hello,   Is the crimp tool for the JST connector as shown at the bottom of page 2 of the document "Using the RealSense D4xx Depth Sensors in Multi-Camera Configurations" that expensive: US $1,107.18 (not a typo,...
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  • D415 IR Projector Pattern

    Where can I find more details about the IR projector pattern the D415 uses? Page 34 of the datasheet just mentions that the pattern type is static.
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  • How to compute object's height for D435?

    Hi there,   I am trying to convert an object's height in pixels to its actual height in meters. The equation I use is simple geometry. See the diagram below. PH = (D * bh)/f, where PH is the object height I want...
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