• Is there a way to use the SR300 in an UWP app? I'd like to combine HoloLens and the SR300

    Hi all,   As above mentioned I'd like to use the point clouds from the SR 300 in the HoloLens. ThereFore I tried to use the unity wrapper from the current SDK. Unfortunately, the SDK does not support UWP apps. S...
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  • How can you find multiple objects using "SR300"?

    I want to find several objects. So I actually found a 3D object using "The Metaio toolbox". However, there is a problem with finding multiple objects that is not well recognized. How can you find multiple objects usin...
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  • F200 install workaround

    So for over a year I've been without a webcam on my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 15 laptop. The Laptop came with an Intel Realsense F200 camera. As it was not a hardware issue but a software incompatibility issues between the...
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  • SR300 init fail @64bit sample binaries

    Hi there, I tested a sr300 at different desktop PCs but critical problem occurred. I installed 'intel_rs_sdk_offline_package_10.0.26.0396.exe' and 'intel_rs_dcm_sr300_3.3.27.5718.exe' to two different desktop PCs(PC...
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  • Geometry resolution of 3D scanner with Intel RealSense SR300 camera

    Hi, I have a 3D scanner from 3D Systems that has the Intel RealSense SR300 camera. I would like to know if there is someone that know the meaning of low to high geometry resolution in the software that come with the ...
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  • [Realsense SDK] Merging Scan & Align Object

    Dear,   I'm working on Realsense SDK and SR300, 1 - How to merge two PXCM3DScan or create multi PXCM3DScan in a PXCMSenseManager; 2 - Having two parts of an object, how to auto align? 3 - In PXCM3DScan, can y...
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  • Request: Multi camera sample point cloud with D4xx

    Hello Intel RS team,  We have used multiple SR300s together in our previous body scanner builds. Had few problems in point cloud alignment due to distortions & interference. Looks like the latest firmware mig...
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  • SR300 RGB camera:no frames received!   But depth camera is working

    Dear Intel Support Team:   i just used my friend's SR300 last week on my PC,today i get mine,but cannot use RGB camera.   i 've tried reinstalling SDK and dcm , changing an USB 3.0 cable or port , still ...
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  • i get .ply in this way, but it sees to have some problems

    i get .ply in the way below,   frames = pipe.wait_for_frames() depth = frames.get_depth_frame() color = frames.get_color_frame() pc.map_to(color) points = pc.calculate(depth) points.export_to_ply("1.ply", c...
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  • How to find 3 or 5 center pixels from depth image

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to find few center pixels from the depth image. I am trying to implement segmentation, I need to find distance of the segmented object. This is how I was thinking, this will work. whi...
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  • How to align infrared2color?

    i want to align infrared to color i've already aligned color to infrared,but the color images becomes not like itself before aligned,so I am looking for a way to align infrared to color can you give me some examples...
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  • Problem on face tracking from a video

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to use the face tracking solution from the SDK for tracking expression and pulse from a video. I use openCV to get each image in the video, then convert them to PXCImage and feed them to fa...
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  • Visible image and infrared image registration

       I got visible and infrared images of the same resolution using sr300, but I found that the two images have different ranges, and the target has a different image ratio. I want to merge the two images. How...
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  • pyntcloud?anky.plot(mesh=True, backend="threejs")

    i tried the examples below, everything is ok ,but why doesn't it show points images such as pyntcloud/examples at master · daavoo/pyntcloud · GitHub the note says: Note that we are passing the argument ...
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  • Troubleshooting Connectivity or Power Issues with Intel® RealSense™ Cameras SR300 and R200

    Problem The Intel® RealSense™ Cameras may sometimes experience power delivery problems from the target platform. This may result in connectivity issues where the camera is not fully recognized by the system...
    Jesus Garcia
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  • Librealsense 3D Object/Face reconstruction

    Hello   I'm quite sure there is no middleware for librealsense, such as the FACE and SCAN 3D middleware that were available for the Realsense SDK v.1 (previous to librealsense). But I am looking for a developer(...
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  • i have a problem in pointscloud_visualization

    from pyntcloud import PyntCloud mesh= PyntCloud.from_file("points.ply")#加载点云网格 mesh.plot(mesh=True, backend="threejs")#可视化点云网格 #随机采样将网格转换为点云 cloud = mesh.get_sample("mesh_random", n=100000, rgb=True, normals=True, as...
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  • SR300  long working time,the depth images disappears

    I am using SR300 display video in real time,but when i use it for a long time ,or not too long ,the depth image disappears,but the color images are still there,i want to know that's why and does it has any solve methods?
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  • where can i get more pyntcloud courses or examples?

    I am doing a project 'head pose estimation' i'm using pyntcloud for pointclous calculate i want some examples such as made the .ply visualization ,alignment of color and depth ,point cloud optimization...... @
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  • SR300 axes direction

    What's the direction of the x,y,z axes seen from the camera (BlasterX Senz 3D)? Could anyone provide me with a short description or a picture pointing out the direction of the axes.
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