• Realsense R200 RGBD camera not working well with Nvidia Jetson TX2

    Hi there!   I am using R200 on one of my projects, running on Nvidia Jetson TX2, Ubuntu 16.04 via ROS Kinetic.   I have successfully download, installed the necessary drivers and have been updated to the l...
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  • Need a certified real sense expert for Project hardware and software skills.

    Hi All   I've been looking for a real sense expert all over the place and thought id come to the source, i have a short project that shouldn't be too complicated and i expect easy enough to program. Basically i ...
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  • Is there a gyroscope or accelerometer on the intel Realsense D415 - D435?

    I would like to know if there's any way to know the angle via an integrated gyroscope, for the intel Realsense D415 or D435?   Thanks
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  • [Urgent][Help] I've Set Up an R200 (RDK). Now I Need to Take a Depth Photo / Model.

    Hello!   TL;DR: I have a fresh Ubuntu on the UP Board of my RDK, R200 plugged and ready to be used (followed Intel RealSense Robotic Development Kit | Developer Journey). All I need is to take a picture and get ...
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  • Euclid exact size

    Hi there,   I'm trying to do a 3D printed tripod for the Euclid but I couldn't find the exact dimensions. Can anyone tell me its depth, widyh and height?   Thanks in advance.
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  • RGB Camera for D435/D415 Depth Modules

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to integrate the D435 or D415 depth modules inside a custom enclosure. I have found the depth module, the D4 Processor Card, and the interposer cable that connects the two. As far as ...
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  • Is there any development kit specific for the SR300?

    Hey guys, i am now trying to integrate the SR300 to a bigger system fullfilled with sensors, ideally i would use the euclid but I can not use this sensor with the blindspot of 0.6m.   So I am stuck with the SR30...
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  • 90 degree connector for R200 Realsense

    Hi Guys,   Anybody ever found a USB3 cable (micro b to micro b) with a 90 degree (right angle) connector on either or both ends?   Need to find such a cable to connect my Realsense R200 and an UP board. &#...
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  • R200 noisy point cloud, calibrator throws error

    I use R200 camera with librealsense and PCL 1.8.0 on UP Board with Lubuntu 16.04.3 LTS. I fill the point cloud with points from the camera with following code (how do I do code formatting here?):   int main() { ...
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  • Problems with realsense_samples_ros with Realsense Robotic Development Kit (R200 with UP Board)

    Hi,   I recently got a second Realsense Robotic Development Kit and I am having problems compiling the realsense_samples_ros (which I have managed to do previously on an identical board!)   I have followed...
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  • person recognition  problem using R200

    Dear Sir,   I am doing person tracking using R200  and ROS package in linux.   Problem: First i have recognized and registered a person using GUI command as defined in real-sense person tracking pack...
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  • XYZRGB PointCloud on Intel's Euclid

    Hi, I'm trying to save a PC2 and convert it to Image, but it says there's no RGB info. Does the Euclid only provide XYZ info or am I missing something? If there's actually no RGB fields, how can I convert it on a gra...
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  • Save fixed_frame of Euclid

    Hi there,   I'm trying to display a previously stored PointCloud2 scene in RViz, but I found out that unless I have my Euclid connected, RViz doesn't know  what the fixed_frame "camera_depth_frame" is (obvi...
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  • queryNumJoints() only returns 0

    Hi, I am currently working with the Person Tracking Module using an R200. The personTracking module works successfully, and I can successfully query features like centerMass. However, querying skeleton joints has not...
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  • zr300 or d400/435?

    Hello,   I am new to the realsense technology. I am planning to get one of the realsense camera. However I am unable to decide which one to purchase. d400 is certainly better quality with higher resolution but is...
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  • Tracking the same person after camera lost track?

    Hi, I'm trying use the Person Tracking in SDK 2016R2. I just wondering how can I track the same person after the person walk out of camera screen and come back.   I'm trying to use the integer from QueryId() in ...
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  • object dimmension for tracking

    Excuse me, I've read several INTEL papers like these Intel® RealSense™ 3D Scanning Tips and Tricks | Intel® Software  Welcome to the Intel® RealSense™ SDK Forum!  Can the SR3...
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  • Not able to install the camera driver - Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera Manager. Error says, "The installer failed to detect an Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera on this system."

    Hi,   I have Intel Realsense R200 camera. It was working perfectly fine. I was able to connect it to Windows 10 system, able to install the DCM and SDK. I was also able to run SDK sample applications successfull...
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  • Can I use R200 Module from Robotic Dev Kit on Windows 10?

    I'm interested in using the R200 dev kit, which is out of stock.  So I'm thinking of buying the Robotic Dev kit which is a bundle that includes an R200 module.  But the description for the Robotic Kit says t...
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  • Realsense SDK 2 with PCL library

    Hi, I want to stream data of SR camera with SDK 2 using PCL library. I read sample code  "rs-pointcloud.cpp", they use OpenGL to visualize the point cloud. Anyone knows how to stream data in real time using SD...
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