• RealSense D435 No Frames Received in Stereo Module Depth Stream

    Hello!   First time using my RealSense D435 camera. I am getting a "No Frames Received!" message in the Depth Stream of the Stereo Module in the Intel RealSense Viewer. The IR and RGB streams work. Any ideas ...
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  • How to record video from D435 cameras

    Hi everyone,   I'm new to both the D435 and RealSense SDK 2.0. I want to modify the rs-multicam c++ sample to synchronously record videos from each connected RGB camera, and to save the videos to a path. I'm no...
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  • Depth resolution of the RealSense D400 at 0.2 metet

    Hello,   What is the depth resolution of the D400 at a distance of 0.2 meter? please see link: https://software.intel.com/en-us/realsense/d400   Thanks,  Yoni
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  • SR300 Installation problems on Win10 Pro version 1709 build 16299.19

    I'm able to install the drivers and SDK on my Dell laptop. When I run realsense-viewer.exe, I can start the RGB camera and get a video feed. When I start the coded-light depth sensor, a child window open and closes,...
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  • Increased availability of RealSense D415

    Hi everyone,   Intel now have significantly increased supplies of the RealSense D415 model and state that all orders should be met by the week of February 26.   Intel recommend choosing a D415 instead ...
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  • Combining multiple depth streams into one

        Hello,   I know it is possible to view depth streams from multiple cameras. However, these streams are separate.   Right now I need to combine streams from multiple cameras (more specifi...
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  • Multiple D400 RealSense simultaneosly

    Hi everyone,   I wonder if it's possible to connect and use multiple D400 RealSense cameras using one PC. Since those sensors are using infrared projector, I would like to know if they produce interference when ...
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  • Updated advice on multiple RealSense cameras and cross-beam interference

    Hi everyone,   Jesus G from Intel customer support has provided some updated advice on addressing the interference caused when multiple cameras placed in close proximity have infrared paths that cause interferen...
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  • Is there way to synchronize multiple cameras using sync generator in D415/D435?

    I am currently using multiple D415/D435. I'd like to synchronize color and depth of them. Is there way to synchronize multiple cameras using sync generator ?
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  • External Device GPIO headers for D435

    In the Docs here: librealsense/external_devices.md at master · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub   Output trigger: In addition to the USB3 connector, RS400 cameras expose headers for interaction w...
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  • Realsense D415 no longer works with Chrome

    I currently have an app that leverages both the rgb and depth stream in Chrome Tutorial: Typing in the air using depth camera, Chrome*, JavaScript*, and WebGL* transform feedback | Intel® Software   Curre...
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  • Need a certified real sense expert for Project hardware and software skills.

    Hi All   I've been looking for a real sense expert all over the place and thought id come to the source, i have a short project that shouldn't be too complicated and i expect easy enough to program. Basically i ...
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  • Realsense D400-series and Windows Hello

    I haven't been able to get Windows Hello working with the D415.  Is this device not supported, or do I not having something configured properly?  The control panel area simply says "Windows Hello is not avai...
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  • Windows UWP support of D415 and D435

    I tested the new D415 and D435 to see if they supported the Windows UWP API and was pleasantly surprised that they do. However there seem to be a few differences with what I would expect.   1. Each device repor...
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  • RealSense SDK 2.0 Version 2.10.0 released (introducing Unity support)

    Hi everyone,   Build 2.10.0 of the RealSense SDK 2.0 has been released.  The major feature in this release is initial integration of support for the Unity engine in SDK 2.0, giving the ability to display st...
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  • Shipping notifications?

    My order went into the "Processing" stage and I got a "Confirmation of your order" email.  After an order is "confirmed", how long does it take to get a shipping notification?  This happened 5 days ago but n...
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  • Usage of D435 on Cherrytrail atom?

    The new Realsense cameras eg D435 have no minimum processor requirement.  Has anyone run these on a low end Cherrytrail atom processor which has USB 3?
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  • RealSense 400 Series camera CAD files now available

    Hi everyone,   CAD files for the RealSense 400 Series cameras are now available for download at the link below.   Intel® RealSense™ D400 Series Production CAD Files
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  • When will the d400 series be available?

    We are pausing a whole product timeline based on the availability of the D430/D435 sensor.  Availability was listed as September, then October, then out of stock, then preorder, and it is now the middle of Novemb...
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  • Error - Device failed due to malfunctioning

    Hello Bro, I'm trying to connect Intel Realsense SR300 to my computer (intel NUC) and I can not. In the camera explorer I have seen the SR300 recognized but I can not open it. In other samples I can only use the colo...
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