• D435 Resolution VS Depth Image Quality

    Hi, I recently tested the depth quality using Intel Depth Quality Tool with printed textured paper. I found the Subpixel RMS Error increases when I changed the resolution from 848x480 to 1280x720. According to the eq...
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  • Librealsense 3D Object/Face reconstruction

    Hello   I'm quite sure there is no middleware for librealsense, such as the FACE and SCAN 3D middleware that were available for the Realsense SDK v.1 (previous to librealsense). But I am looking for a developer(...
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  • Realsense Cameras in Production

    Hi All,   Are the Realsense cameras suitable for using in production? Or we should only use them for prototyping.   Any thoughts and experience are welcome.   Thanks
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  • Intel RealSense D435 Camera Qualtity Low

    Dear Sir,     We have purchased REALSENSE  model D435 & D415.     ESSENTIALLY we have developed AR application for retail & fashion using KINECT V2 and as Microsoft has stopped pro...
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  • **Updated with new Troubleshooting Steps** Workaround for Windows* 10 Updates Causing Malfunction with Intel® RealSense™ SR300 Camera Driver

    If you own an Intel Realsense SR300 camera and it stops functioning after a Windows upgrade, please refer to the troubleshooting sections below. Please see the first section if the camera stopped working on August 14,...
    Jesus Garcia
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  • Using SURF in RealSense D435 Video C++

    Hi, I'm fairly new to opencv and i started it with RealSense D435.   I've done several sub-project for final one; 1. Detecting target on Image using SURF 2. Getting Depth Mat on Video   By using them, th...
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  • Sensing an IR Pointer

    Can/could the Intel RealSense camera detect an IR point source such as an IR pointer or pen?   I'm assuming that the IR pen would be a bright spot on the IR feed that could then be tracked with a few lines of co...
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  • Two Ubuntu Installation Instruction Pages?

    Could somebody please explain what is the difference between this page and this for running the RealSense Viewer on Ubuntu?
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  • Unity Pointcloud Point Size

    This may be a Unity issue more than a Realsense SDK 2.0 issue, but I have not found any way to increase the size of each point in the editor / viewer.   Is this possible in Unity like it is in Meshlab? I know ...
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  • Realsense-viewer: recorded ROS bag output file path

    In the current release of Realsense Viewer, ROS bag recordings are saved to a file with a pre-determined path. I would like to (preferably without modifying the code) either be able to specify this file path, or to re...
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  • Realsense D435 and Labview

    Hello,       I want to use Labview to develop Realsense d435 in Windows 10, I found a set of instances at https://github.com/IntelRealSense/librealsense/tree/development/wrappers/labview, but...
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  • SDK example program runs an error(opencv rs-dnn)

    rs-dnn runs wrong but several other sample programs(rs-grabcuts , rs-imshow , rs-latency-tool) can run.Is my error in configuring opencv or other reasons? My device is D435,firmware version05.09.02.00.  
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  • Colorize Depth Frame in MATLAB

    How do you colorize a depth frame in MATLAB? Simply using "colormap jet" doesn't work.   I came across this and this in the source code, but is there an easier way to do it in MATLAB?
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  • Multicam Pointclouds in Unity

    Hi all,   I've been working with the D415 trying to stream multiple cameras into a single unity scene on one computer. The goal is to have multiple RGB Point clouds in a scene which can be independently transfor...
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  • UNITY : how can i replace my SR300 by my D435.

    Hello, I'm a studen and i'm using a SR300 camera in my Unity's application, (face tracking) . I bought a D435 to replace my old camera but this new camera doesn't have "face tracking" . So i try to put in my system th...
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  • Linux perf better than Win 10?

    I have the same laptop dual booting Linux and Windows 10   The Windows 10 performance is OK but tends to drop frames in the realsense-viewer while the Linux unbuntu version flies at 30fps. Is Linux code just...
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  • RealSense multi-camera access and control scripts

    Dorodnic, the RealSense SDK Manager, has posted some scripts in a multi-camera discussion over on the RealSense GitHub site.  Read downward from the comment linked to below.  The first of the scripts shows h...
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  • Method for recording multiple streams in the Unity RealSense wrapper

    Hi everyone,   Over on the RealSense Github site, RealSense user frenchtouchXR posted a method they worked out for recording multiple streams at the same time in the Unity wrapper of SDK 2.0..   Unity Wrap...
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  • RealSense D435 SDK installation problem - no SDK example browser

    I have bought a D435 camera and installed it in Windows 10. But after installation of the SDK 2.0, I can see the RealSense Viewer which works well, but I cannot find SDK Example Browser.   Could anybody kindly ...
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  • Slides from June 27 RealSense webinar session now available

    Hi everyone,   On June 27 2018, a RealSense online seminar (webinar) was held by Sergey "Dorodnic" Dorodnicov, the RealSense SDK Manager.  The full set of slides from that presentation session are now avail...
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