• Provide Logs for Faster, More Efficient Support

    Whether you are having problems installing the RealSense drivers or running RealSense applications, providing RealSense logs to Intel Customer Support will speed up the troubleshooting process. If you are not sure whi...
    Jesus Garcia
    created by Jesus Garcia
  • Troubleshooting Connectivity or Power Issues with Intel® RealSense™ Cameras

    Problem The Intel® RealSense™ Cameras may sometimes experience power delivery problems from the target platform. This may result in connectivity issues where the camera is not fully recognized by the system...
    Jesus Garcia
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  • How to Track people between Multiple Cameras

    I would like to write an app to track people using multiple RealSense cameras in a room (I have 2 R200 and 1 R435).  I also want real world coordinates as part of the tracking data.  Has anyone tried this be...
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  • I want to get the real x, y, and z coordinates of the object.

    I want to get the real x, y, and z coordinates of the object. Currently, I am using the R2. A recent project is to find an object and get its actual coordinates. However, I am a beginner and it is difficult to accomp...
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  • Query skeleton using R200 camera with C# SDK

    I'm working with SDK 2016 R2 to get Skeleton points with my R200 camera. Setting up is ok but it's alway return 0 values. I heared that I need change the mode to "interactive" but I can't find any way to  set it....
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  • SAWR Robot with DC Motors

    Hi, I am trying to make the robot from https://github.com/IntelRealSense/librealsense/tree/master/doc, but it requires Dynamixel Servos. Is it possible that I can just use regular DC motors? Can someone show me how t...
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  • IntelRealSense r200 cable Aero RTF

    Is it possible to buy cable which connect Intel RealSense r200 and Intel Aero RTF drone? Or it is nessesary
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  • [Realsense SDK] Merging Scan & Align Object

    Dear,   I'm working on Realsense SDK and SR300, 1 - How to merge two PXCM3DScan or create multi PXCM3DScan in a PXCMSenseManager; 2 - Having two parts of an object, how to auto align? 3 - In PXCM3DScan, can y...
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  • Detecting a landing station

    Hi,   I am working on a school project to detect a landing station and land on it successfully. My station will be a rectangle of a specific color, so I am using the R200 real sense camera to filter for the lar...
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  • RGB Camera for D435/D415 Depth Modules

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to integrate the D435 or D415 depth modules inside a custom enclosure. I have found the depth module, the D4 Processor Card, and the interposer cable that connects the two. As far as ...
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  • Get infrared stream using C examples for D415

    Hi all, I am trying out the C examples (rs-depth) to get to get the depth and color streams using this:   //configurations:     rs2_config_enable_stream(config, RS2_STREAM_DEPTH, -1, WIDTH, HEI...
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  • Realsense R200 RGBD camera not working well with Nvidia Jetson TX2

    Hi there!   I am using R200 on one of my projects, running on Nvidia Jetson TX2, Ubuntu 16.04 via ROS Kinetic.   I have successfully download, installed the necessary drivers and have been updated to the l...
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  • Face Detection

    Hii Guys,   I have stuck in  in making the application. how to get the camera to detect more than one face? how the rule's@?   I hope you can help me. please sharing your experience. Thankyou.
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  • Intel Real-sense slam library

    Hi, Where can I find the repository of Real-sense slam library ? Can I use Real-sense slam with R200? (I do not mind loosing the accuracy due the absence of IMU or the wide view due to the absence of the Fish-eye ca...
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  • Use multiple Intel Realsense D435 cameras to create volumetric capture of people

    Intel created a demo where they used 4 of the new Intel D435 depth cameras to create 4D volumetric capture:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oQDz_cfUlo   They did it by making custom modifications to the...
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  • RL200 module connector

    Hello. I  have RL200 camera. It is use USB 3.0 but RL200 has some of strange socket(in datasheet they call it module connector). Can someone tell me name of that socket or name of plug which i can use to connect...
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  • D415/ UP board Compatibility

    I am using the UP board 4GB ram/ 32GB storage, part #  RE-UP-CHT01-A12-0432.   Previously I used it with the Realsense R200, as part of the realsense developer kit, found here: https://click.intel.com/intel...
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  • Need a certified real sense expert for Project hardware and software skills.

    Hi All   I've been looking for a real sense expert all over the place and thought id come to the source, i have a short project that shouldn't be too complicated and i expect easy enough to program. Basically i ...
    created by david@dnk
  • Has anyone been able to install and run realsense R200 successfully recently?

    I'm installing it on Ubuntu 16.04, but ran into several issues. I wonder if the most recent build works for other people.
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  • Problem with implementation of Object Recognition in Unity with R200

    Hi,   I am developing a Unity project in which I would like to implement the Object Recognition functionalities of the R200 camera.   For the Object Recognition I used the RF_ObjectRecognition.cs project i...
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