• Best camera for scanning faces (ear to ear)

    Hi there, I have been lurking around the forum for a couple of days now. And I have come to the conclusion that for scanning faces the best options are the SR300 and the D415.   My requirements are that the scan...
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  • Different frame rates and resolutions.

    I'd like to suggest different frame dimensions and frame rates. I dont know if this is possible for the hardware, but it would be nice if it could run higher framerates and orcustom dimension sizes reduce of frames, t...
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  • Any working C# example D435 SDK 2 ?

    I am adjusting existing C# code to work also with an Intel Realsense D345. I downloaded the .net wrappers from Git.   But so far i cant get it to work*, my goals are to get 2d data, At first I want to retrieve ...
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  • Have the 415 and 435 plug straight into the Movidius Stick

    Make a new version of the Movidius Compute stick which has the 415 or 435 cameras plug straight into the stick to eliminate throughput issues on slower micro PC devices.  The Stick itself still plugs into the PC...
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  • Is there a similar document for D415 like Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2016 R2 Documentation?

    I think it would be of great help with the similar document(Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2016 R2 Documentation ). Or can someone give a suggestion on how to develop on D415?
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  • Intel Realsense D415 on NVidia Jetson TX1

    Hello, I have been trying to find a way to use my intel Realsense Camera with my nvidia jetson tx1. I am kind of disappointed that the new intel SDK does not support arm CPUs which kind of defeats the purpos of putti...
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  • RGB Camera for D435/D415 Depth Modules

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to integrate the D435 or D415 depth modules inside a custom enclosure. I have found the depth module, the D4 Processor Card, and the interposer cable that connects the two. As far as ...
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  • D435 FOV (color VS depth)

    Hi, I'm suho I ordered a RealSense D435 and am waiting for delivery.   I have a question. I read a Spec of D415/D435 The color FOV of D415 and the depth FOV of D415 and the color Fov of D435 are the same. bu...
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  • Where can I buy a USB / type-C cable with screws on D435?

    I fix D435 on the mobile robot, but the type-C interface of D435 is easy to loosen and cause the loss of the signal. Where can I buy a USB / type-C cable with screws on D435?
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  • Custom/DIY Stereo Image Sensor module with RealSense Vision Processor D4 Board

    Hi all,   I'm fairly new to the RealSense development community. In fact, my company (www.navatics.com) has just bought some Vision Processor D4 boards and D430 Depth modules for R&D. My team has some experi...
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  • What PC do you recommend for connecting four D435 cameras?

    What PC do you recommend for connecting four D435 cameras? Does it need to have 4 individual USB 3 host controllers? I'm assuming, yes? The cameras use USB type - C. Other criteria would be a small slim PC. What do ...
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  • Use multiple Intel Realsense D435 cameras to create volumetric capture of people

    Intel created a demo where they used 4 of the new Intel D435 depth cameras to create 4D volumetric capture:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oQDz_cfUlo   They did it by making custom modifications to the...
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  • D435  USB-powered depth camera

    I am interested D435 for an application we developed with Kinect. 1. Can the above said camera work in a completely dark room? 2. Will depth information get effected by turning on or off the light in the room? ...
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  • How to use intel 5300 with AP mode on 5GHz

    Hi All, I used intel 5300 on ubuntu 16.04 to setup WIFI AP. In 2.4GHz, intel 5300 can switch to AP mode,but in 5Ghz, it can't. I checked it with command "iw list", and found intel 5300's 5G channel is disable or sh...
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  • Are any of the Real Sense operations aware of the Movidius NCS stick?

    Also can any of the operations be accelerated with the NCS stick.  How about with 4 of them? I was looking over the SDK and noticed facial recognition, voice recognition and a few others that are DNN favorites...
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  • Which RealSense camera is more suited

    Hi:   I'm in the process of developing some photo booth application based on RealSense technology.   The person must be between 2 to 4 feet away for the camera. Typical the torso area.   Been trying ...
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  • Suggestions for connecting to a microcontroller / single board computer?

    Hello!   I would like to purchase the Intel RealSense D435 model and install it in a factory setting for monitoring. I want to hook it up to a microcontroller / SBC so I can ssh into it remotely, make pictures a...
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  • Short range performance of SR300 vs D400 cameras

    I would like to know how the SR300 and D400 cameras compare for short range applications such as face tracking? Are the D400 cameras performing equally well/better? Or are there any reasons to rather still keep buyi...
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  • 3rd-party hand tracking middleware recommandation for SDK 2.0

    As SDK 2.0 will drop the hand tracking support, this lets a large part of the RealSense user base with no solutions with hand tracking for the future. The sample on the github page is more a research project than a fi...
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  • Does SDK 2.0 will implement Seg3D?

    Our application use SDK 2016 R3 on Win10 with F200/SR300.   We use Seg3D interface to get user segmentation. After activating this object by using Seg3D.Activate(SenseManager.CreateInstance()), we call AcquireS...
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