• What is the smallest / cheapest computer that can pull images from three RealSense D435 cameras?

    Hey all,   I'm looking for the cheapest computer that meets these requirements: Can connect three D435 RealSense cameras Capture a single frame from all three cameras Send those frames over the network An...
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  • Change Deafault resolution on realsense-viewer

    Change Deafault resolution on realsense-viewer, I need to change the default resolutions on realsense-viewer so that i don't have to change it every time. As I have to give it to naive person to use the tool.
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  • Would Realsense2 support Matlab Linux Version in the future?

    Hi there,   I'm now working on a company project that use D435 depth camera. We need to implement the program with matconvnet (installed on Matlab 2017b) and cuda 8.0 under Ubuntu 16.04. I find that no Matlab Li...
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  • D415 IR Filtering Options

    We have some D415s and the depth image quality drops drastically under florescent lights. It's easy enough to fix by placing IR filters over each of the stereo sensors. For now, we are just buying some IR filter sheet...
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  • D435 for 3d scanning? / help to pick right camera

    Hi,   I'm looking at RealSense cameras and having hard time understanding which one will work best for my goal, 3d scanning of face.   I saw few posts on web abour D400 serie not being ready for 3d scannin...
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    Dear all,     i have used Pyrealsense onlinux ubuntu 16.04 with intel Realsense ZR300. My problem is that there are some unwanted patterns on the IR projector as figure below.  After that i try to...
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  • Three-dimensional coordinate system registration

    I am using SR300 to get  RGB-D images of face,i made a three-dimensional coordinate system on the face ,and i want to registrate it with the three-dimensional coordinate system of the camera,in order to get the p...
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  • Question about realsense D435

    Hello guys and administers,   Since i have bought Intel RealSense D435, there has been lots of questions I have currious. Hope that someone can help me to find a cure. First, I currious about where is the camer...
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  • Multiple  usage of RealSense in one area.

    Hello, we are looking for depth sensor which can be used with area overlapping with the same sensor. The main Idea to create big interactive table. RealSense devices are based on IR-projector and IR-receiver. Proba...
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  • Where can I buy a USB / type-C cable with screws on D435?

    I fix D435 on the mobile robot, but the type-C interface of D435 is easy to loosen and cause the loss of the signal. Where can I buy a USB / type-C cable with screws on D435?
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  • Recommendation for D415 usb extension and hub

    Hi everyone, I just start an application using multiple cameras, and it requires longer cable. I already tried using a usb-A side extension, but the bandwidth is not enough (only IR stream). The A-C cable I found lis...
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  • Accurate hand/skeletal tracking options for D4xx series

    Hi All, We are looking for further input on accurate and reliable hand and skeletal tracking solutions for the D4xx series - would be interested in hearing other peoples opinions. Westa
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  • how to extract IR images from Realsense zr300

    Dear all,      Im new for embedded code and i have tried to use cpp-headless in librealsense.vc12  : <hand_tracking_samples/third_party/librealsense/librealsense.vc12 at master · Int...
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  • Intel RealSense D4 Vision Processor as Coprocessor?

    I would like to use the Intel RealSense D4 Vision Processor inside my Realsense D415 module as co-processor. That is I have a pair of stereo mages captured from a pair of cameras (I have previously made a calibration ...
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  • Accessing a D415 via WiFi

    Did someone here had some experience accessing the D415 (or other RealSense Camera) via WiFi ? Is the UpBoard the only (or maybe best...) way to go in a scenario in which i have to use 2 or more depth cameras working ...
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  • Librealsense 3D Object/Face reconstruction

    Hello   I'm quite sure there is no middleware for librealsense, such as the FACE and SCAN 3D middleware that were available for the Realsense SDK v.1 (previous to librealsense). But I am looking for a developer(...
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  • Using D400 series in robotics.

    Hello, community, I am a pretty beginner an engineering student to this Depth Camera/Module Technology. Can anybody suggest that is it possible to use D415/D435 depth camera to work in attached pic kind of projects? ...
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  • Is T150 (Intel RealSense Tracking Module T150) compatible with Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435?

    Is T150 (Intel RealSense Tracking Module T150) compatible with Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435? We are going to buy a T150, but we don't know whether it compatible with D435 and who we can program it, linux C++ or ...
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  • DFU-Updater for Arch-Linux?

    Is there a way to update the firmware on the RealSense D435 using Arch-Linux? Can the generic dfu-programmer tool be used?
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  • Realsense Cameras in Production

    Hi All,   Are the Realsense cameras suitable for using in production? Or we should only use them for prototyping.   Any thoughts and experience are welcome.   Thanks
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