• Suggestions for connecting to a microcontroller / single board computer?

    Hello!   I would like to purchase the Intel RealSense D435 model and install it in a factory setting for monitoring. I want to hook it up to a microcontroller / SBC so I can ssh into it remotely, make pictures a...
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  • Short range performance of SR300 vs D400 cameras

    I would like to know how the SR300 and D400 cameras compare for short range applications such as face tracking? Are the D400 cameras performing equally well/better? Or are there any reasons to rather still keep buyi...
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  • 3rd-party hand tracking middleware recommandation for SDK 2.0

    As SDK 2.0 will drop the hand tracking support, this lets a large part of the RealSense user base with no solutions with hand tracking for the future. The sample on the github page is more a research project than a fi...
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  • Does SDK 2.0 will implement Seg3D?

    Our application use SDK 2016 R3 on Win10 with F200/SR300.   We use Seg3D interface to get user segmentation. After activating this object by using Seg3D.Activate(SenseManager.CreateInstance()), we call AcquireS...
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  • Realsense Cameras in Production

    Hi All,   Are the Realsense cameras suitable for using in production? Or we should only use them for prototyping.   Any thoughts and experience are welcome.   Thanks
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  • Is there any calibration needs for D400 series?

    Hi guys, I received D415 camera today. before i starting project with D415, I want to confirm that "Is D415 needs any calibration?"   I'v been used SR300 camera before, and D145 is totally different with it. D4...
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  • Is the Virtual driver (SR300 contained) included in D400 series??

    hello, I work with realsense, SR300, R200, ZR300   I have a question! Is the Virtual driver (SR300 contained) included in D400 series ??     below link is my previous question. It's not solved yet ....
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  • RGB Camera for D435/D415 Depth Modules

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to integrate the D435 or D415 depth modules inside a custom enclosure. I have found the depth module, the D4 Processor Card, and the interposer cable that connects the two. As far as ...
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  • Is there any development kit specific for the SR300?

    Hey guys, i am now trying to integrate the SR300 to a bigger system fullfilled with sensors, ideally i would use the euclid but I can not use this sensor with the blindspot of 0.6m.   So I am stuck with the SR30...
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  • Microphone for Intel Realsense D435?

    Dear Intel,   Does Intel Realsense D435 have any microphone built-in that can be used for voice recognition? I know SR300 has a pair of microphones, but I couldn't find any information for D435 model.   Th...
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  • Source for SR300 USB3.1 to IPEX 20347-310E-12R

    Looking for a supplier for the SR300 bare board module connector:   IPEX 20347-310E-12R - USB 3.1   As described in the product data sheet section 8.6.2 (Intel Production Part Numbers: MM#943228, H89061-XX...
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  • Certification for the SR300

    Hello, I'm looking to integrate the SR300 into a commercial project and require a complete summary of the certifications applicable to the intel realsense SR300 (Intel Production Part Numbers: MM#943228, H89061-XXX&da...
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  • Some questions about SR300 and D400

    Introduction: we have been using SR300 and related SDK to do some products, which use face recognition / finger recognition and other functions. There are the following questions:   1 From the beginning of D400, ...
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  • Basic details of D400 series

    Hi Guys, I'm new to RealSense technology and would like to know some basic details of D400 series, 1. D400 series camera's are 3D ? 2. Are these camera's supporting Gesture, Face tracking? 3. Is it possible capture ...
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  • Processor Board for D400

    My company is planning to devise a new product by using Realsense D400 cameras. The camera modules will be purchased as module boards, then they will be integrated by a single board computer. We are evaluating options...
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  • Will the SDK 2.0 get a 3D scanning function in the future?

    This function was available in older SDK for SR300 cameras.   Thanks.
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  • Few questions regarding RealSense SR300

    MartyG intel_admin   As per documentation SR300 Max Operating Range is 2.0m. Can you increase it above 2.0m in SR300 developement kits by Updating Firmware or by someother means?   Does SR300 works with A...
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  • AMD Intel combination should be to the Jetson TX2

    Just wondering if Intel is going to go head to head with NVidia's advancements in AI? Currently the TX2 touts 1.5 TFlops single precision performance of image processing power in a mini low power foot print. Good ...
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  • D400 cameras backed up until October

    That was disappointing news I read on the web page this morning.   Intel® RealSense™ Depth Cameras D400-Series | Intel® Software
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  • zr300 or d400/435?

    Hello,   I am new to the realsense technology. I am planning to get one of the realsense camera. However I am unable to decide which one to purchase. d400 is certainly better quality with higher resolution but is...
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