• Some problem with my new Realsense D415

    Hello, I bought 2 intel D415 and I've the same problems with both of them. 1- Even if I plug the cams in a USB3 slot my Pc recognize them as USB2. 2 - In the intel viewer I can see the camera (with USB2 in the devic...
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  • Problem aligning color to depth

    I have a D435 and am trying to align the color stream to the depth stream. As a sanity check, I also capture infrared images which I believe are automatically aligned with depth. When I compare the infrared and aligne...
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  • Unknown in rs2_create_device Error

    Hello,   I have windows 10, one d425 and one 435. I have an issue starting the cameras:   When I start the Intel RealSense Viewer 2.11 & 2.10 I get the message:   Unknown in rs2_create_device(inf...
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  • Problem with RealSense Camera SR300 with Win 10

    A problem has occured on my laptop, where the RealSense Camera SR300 suddenly stopped working under Windows 10. First time a problem with the camera appeared, was immediately after Windows updated itself to 1803. Th...
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  • How to transmit data between D435 and Qt?

    want to design a UI interface with Qt to change the exposure and gain using spinBox like the simple RealSenseViewer. But when I want to transmit the pictures of D435 to Qt interface and deliver the data of spinBox to ...
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  • Crimp Tool for Multiple RealSense Camera synchronization connectors cost US$1,107.18??

    Hello,   Is the crimp tool for the JST connector as shown at the bottom of page 2 of the document "Using the RealSense D4xx Depth Sensors in Multi-Camera Configurations" that expensive: US $1,107.18 (not a typo,...
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  • SR300 problem with Windows10 on "libpxcclr.cs.dll"

    I already work with a project to remove background from captured streams with c# and SDK R2 2016, although everything work on WindowsForm but VisualStudio2017 could not find "libpxcclr.cs.dll.Pdb" for WPF projects. T...
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  • Mapping Depth to RGB in UWP

    We are using the UWP Windows.Media.Capture APIs to access the RealSense D415. We need to map the depth data onto the color for rendering a point cloud.   We are doing a manual registration / mapping based on cam...
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  • Error of calibration of D435, unsupported calibration table.

    I bought new D435, and update the firmware to the latest. I have the following two questions:   1. Should I calibrate my new D435? 2. I used the Lastest intel realsense dynamic calibrator to calibrate m...
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  • Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera Manager, doesn't install correctly

    After reading Workaround 1 for Windows* 10 Creators Update Builds 15063 Malfunction with Intel® RealSense™ SR300 Camera Driver Posted by Jesus Garcia in Intel® RealSense Community on Apr 7, 2017 2:5...
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  • Realsense Camera D435 with different imaging lenses

    I have Realsense D435 camera, but the View is big for us. I changed both lenses for left and right infrared image sensor from 1.93mm to 3.8mm effective focal length. I captured images through realsense-view and did ...
  • Point cloud example fails

    HI ,       While running the sample example code given in  intel real sense sdk 2 .All the other example seems to work fine with my D415 but not the point cloud example .the code exits w...
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  • "I see Depth and virtual driver in Device Manager>Imaging devices, but don't see RGB" for Intel Realsence 3d camera F200 on Dell Inspiron 5559

    My camera is not working on Dell inspiron 5559 with Intel Realsence 3d Camera f200 After opening camera app it is just showing black screen I found that in Device manager under imaging device their are just: intel ...
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  • Play rosbag on Euclid

    Hi,   Recently I am trying to play back some rosbag on Euclid (including some rosbag from Internet and recorded with my Euclid). Though I can call the cmd "rosbag play XXX.bag" in bash, there is actually no inf...
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  • The problem of arms scanning with RS300

    Hi guys,I am doing a project which need the precise arm model.So I'm trying to do this with the rs300 camera and programms that I am using are "easy 3d scan" and "3d systems sense".But both of them didn't go well:easy...
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  • Workaround 1 for Windows* 10 Creators Update Builds 15063 Malfunction with Intel® RealSense™ SR300 Camera Driver

    Currently, the Depth functions of the camera driver for the Intel® RealSense™ SR300 Camera do not always work with Windows* 10 Creators Update build 15063 or newer. Windows* Hello and the RGB functions of t...
    Jesus Garcia
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  • Any working C# example D435 SDK 2 ?

    I am adjusting existing C# code to work also with an Intel Realsense D345. I downloaded the .net wrappers from Git.   But so far i cant get it to work*, my goals are to get 2d data, At first I want to retrieve ...
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  • Query skeleton using R200 camera with C# SDK

    I'm working with SDK 2016 R2 to get Skeleton points with my R200 camera. Setting up is ok but it's alway return 0 values. I heared that I need change the mode to "interactive" but I can't find any way to  set it....
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  • Intel(r) PTT Recertification service is using 40% of my CPU resources

    Intel(r) PTT Recertification service is using 40% of my CPU resources even when the computer has been idle for over 4 hours.  The runner up program is using 0.2%.  The computer is a Dell Insperon 11 3179. I...
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  • How to correct the color in REALSENSE D415

    Hello everyone,   I use imatest to test color accuracy in REALSENSE D415. The Color deviation is very large. I want to correct color. Cloud you offer solution to correct color for REALSENSE D415?   test...
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