• [Intel Euclid] CMOS reset -- Not update, actually reset. Euclid will not boot due to settings in BIOS.

    Hi all. I saw that someone asked how to clear nvram/cmos before and was just given the BIOS update file... (How to hard reset BIOS setting on Euclid? ) That won't work here as I enabled some boot settings in the BIOS...
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  • **Updated with new Troubleshooting Steps** Workaround for Windows* 10 Updates Causing Malfunction with Intel® RealSense™ SR300 Camera Driver

    If you own an Intel Realsense SR300 camera and it stops functioning after a Windows upgrade, please refer to the troubleshooting sections below. Please see the first section if the camera stopped working on August 14,...
    Jesus Garcia
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  • DFU-Updater for Arch-Linux?

    Is there a way to update the firmware on the RealSense D435 using Arch-Linux? Can the generic dfu-programmer tool be used?
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  • SDK example program runs an error(opencv rs-dnn)

    rs-dnn runs wrong but several other sample programs(rs-grabcuts , rs-imshow , rs-latency-tool) can run.Is my error in configuring opencv or other reasons? My device is D435,firmware version05.09.02.00.  
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  • Multicam Pointclouds in Unity

    Hi all,   I've been working with the D415 trying to stream multiple cameras into a single unity scene on one computer. The goal is to have multiple RGB Point clouds in a scene which can be independently transfor...
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  • UNITY : how can i replace my SR300 by my D435.

    Hello, I'm a studen and i'm using a SR300 camera in my Unity's application, (face tracking) . I bought a D435 to replace my old camera but this new camera doesn't have "face tracking" . So i try to put in my system th...
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  • RealSense D435 SDK installation problem - no SDK example browser

    I have bought a D435 camera and installed it in Windows 10. But after installation of the SDK 2.0, I can see the RealSense Viewer which works well, but I cannot find SDK Example Browser.   Could anybody kindly ...
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  • Intel RealSense D435 Camera Qualtity Low

    Dear Sir,     We have purchased REALSENSE  model D435 & D415.     ESSENTIALLY we have developed AR application for retail & fashion using KINECT V2 and as Microsoft has stopped pro...
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  • RealSense D400 series connectivity

    I am using the RealSense D415 and need to set up remote operation. Is there any way to use USB 3.0 to Ethernet and then convert back through Ethernet to USB 3.0 to operate the camera? Operating distance is about 200 f...
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  • Where can I find KC certification of Intel Realsense SR300&D415?

    Our company needs KC certification of Intel Realsense SR300&D415 to develop products?   I know the number: [D415 KC Certification number]: MSIP-REM-CPU-D415C [SR300 KC Certification number]: MSIP-REM-CRQ...
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  • Intel RealSense Viewer doesn't work

    I just got an RealSense D435. When I directly run the file 'Intel.RealSense.Viewer.exe', the camera can work well with both depth and RGB images shown. However, after I install the SDK2.0 by running 'Intel.RealSense.S...
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  • D435 streams work once, then crash

    I have a D435 camera running the newest firmware.   Upon plugging it in, the camera works with any application (including all the examples, my own code, or the realsense viewer). However, if I stop the stream an...
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  • D435 loses "Infrared 2" streams after>

    Hi, could you please check 05.09.14 FW for regressions. I see `Infrared 2` streams again after a few wasted hours & downgrade to 05.09.13 FW.   Here's `rs-enumerate-devices` output for the same device connec...
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  • how to get rgb and depth stream by pyrealsense

    i want to get rgb and depth stream through sr300 already install pyrealsense how to run sr300 and get and show rgb and depth stream by python
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  • Downgrade RealSense Firmware

    Hello,   I have a RealSense D435 with the newest 5.9.14 firmware. I was wondering if it possible to downgrade to an older firmware? Does this pose a risk on the camera hardware itself or is it safe? Could I just...
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  • How to use pyrealsense2

    I just figured out that  "pip install pyrealsense2" can allow me to get the stream from my D415/435 camera in python code the day before yesterday. but actually I do not know how to use it. There is only some ex...
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  • infrared streams missing on raspberry Pi 3

    Hello, I am trying to open an infrared stream on raspberry without success. I tried both on Raspbian Stretch and on Ubuntu Mate for raspberry.   On a PC -usb3 and the same camera I am able to use realsense-view...
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  • ZR300 usb 3.0 case

    Is there any way that I can buy the USB 3.0 case with the micro-coax cables?
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  • d415 intel realsense depth sensors

    I am trying to convert the depth video data(.bag) from the d415 sensor to any playback format for my offline processing steps. I tried using rosbag/Tutorials/Exporting image and video data - ROS Wiki.  But I wa...
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  • RGB Intrinsics not changing after calibration

    We are performing repeated calibration of a Real Sense D415 to check how camera intrinsics vary. Using a target and the supplied Calibration Tools, we found some variation in the Depth intrinsics parameters, but none ...
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