• [Intel Euclid] CMOS reset -- Not update, actually reset. Euclid will not boot due to settings in BIOS.

    Hi all. I saw that someone asked how to clear nvram/cmos before and was just given the BIOS update file... (How to hard reset BIOS setting on Euclid? ) That won't work here as I enabled some boot settings in the BIOS...
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  • RealSense D435 No Frames Received in Stereo Module Depth Stream

    Hello!   First time using my RealSense D435 camera. I am getting a "No Frames Received!" message in the Depth Stream of the Stereo Module in the Intel RealSense Viewer. The IR and RGB streams work. Any ideas ...
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  • Depth resolution of the RealSense D400 at 0.2 metet

    Hello,   What is the depth resolution of the D400 at a distance of 0.2 meter? please see link: https://software.intel.com/en-us/realsense/d400   Thanks,  Yoni
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  • SR300 Installation problems on Win10 Pro version 1709 build 16299.19

    I'm able to install the drivers and SDK on my Dell laptop. When I run realsense-viewer.exe, I can start the RGB camera and get a video feed. When I start the coded-light depth sensor, a child window open and closes,...
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  • Black hole and noisy in point cloud image - Intel RealSense D435 camera

    Hi all, I have a new D435 camera and i want to use point cloud data of this camera, but when I run the example code the image of point cloud is very noise and have many black holes. What's  wrong with my D435 c...
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  • D415/ UP board Compatibility

    I am using the UP board 4GB ram/ 32GB storage, part #  RE-UP-CHT01-A12-0432.   Previously I used it with the Realsense R200, as part of the realsense developer kit, found here: https://click.intel.com/intel...
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  • Realsense R200 RGBD camera not working well with Nvidia Jetson TX2

    Hi there!   I am using R200 on one of my projects, running on Nvidia Jetson TX2, Ubuntu 16.04 via ROS Kinetic.   I have successfully download, installed the necessary drivers and have been updated to the l...
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  • Bad frame rate in Linux for D435

    Hello, I wanted to try the performance in Linux. But fiddling with some example code, I am not able to achieve the set frame rate among the res and fps combinations available. Setting it to VGA @ 30 fps, I'm hitting ...
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  • RealSense SDK2.0 and hand tracking/gesture recognition algorithms

    Are there any hand tracking and hand gesture recognition algorithms in RealSense SDK2.0? Does the D400 camera work with previous version of SDK? What camera and SDK version are better if I'm going to work with han...
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  • [Realsense SDK] Merging Scan & Align Object

    Dear,   I'm working on Realsense SDK and SR300, 1 - How to merge two PXCM3DScan or create multi PXCM3DScan in a PXCMSenseManager; 2 - Having two parts of an object, how to auto align? 3 - In PXCM3DScan, can y...
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  • Need a certified real sense expert for Project hardware and software skills.

    Hi All   I've been looking for a real sense expert all over the place and thought id come to the source, i have a short project that shouldn't be too complicated and i expect easy enough to program. Basically i ...
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  • position drift with SLAM

    Hi, I recently got a ZR300 Realsense camera, I downloaded the Linux SDK and tried out some examples but I'm having some issues with the SLAM module. In particular, as shown in the attached picture, the computed map p...
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  • Windows UWP support of D415 and D435

    I tested the new D415 and D435 to see if they supported the Windows UWP API and was pleasantly surprised that they do. However there seem to be a few differences with what I would expect.   1. Each device repor...
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  • Error - Device failed due to malfunctioning

    Hello Bro, I'm trying to connect Intel Realsense SR300 to my computer (intel NUC) and I can not. In the camera explorer I have seen the SR300 recognized but I can not open it. In other samples I can only use the colo...
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  • Incomplete Time Stamp Generated With Euclid IMU

    Hi,   I was trying to set up a visual inertial SLAM on Intel Euclid.  The fisheye camera seems to working perfectly; however, some wired issue happened to the IMU module.  The time stamp I got from ros...
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  • [Urgent][Help] I've Set Up an R200 (RDK). Now I Need to Take a Depth Photo / Model.

    Hello!   TL;DR: I have a fresh Ubuntu on the UP Board of my RDK, R200 plugged and ready to be used (followed Intel RealSense Robotic Development Kit | Developer Journey). All I need is to take a picture and get ...
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  • Struction of .RSSDK file

    Hello Bro,   I'm researching how to create mesh by playback feature. i would like to know struct of .rssdk file. How to merging two *rssdk files?   Thank for your help
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  • Does SDK 2.0 will implement Seg3D?

    Our application use SDK 2016 R3 on Win10 with F200/SR300.   We use Seg3D interface to get user segmentation. After activating this object by using Seg3D.Activate(SenseManager.CreateInstance()), we call AcquireS...
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  • Can't Set Up VF0800 or Update Drivers

    I was recently given a RealSense camera for a school project, and I haven't been able to get it working. The model listed on the device and in the box is VF0800, which I haven't been able to find much information abou...
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  • Workarounds for driver installation errors for Intel® RealSense™ D400 Series in Windows 10

    Issue:  RealSense Viewer or other Windows camera apps do not recognize the Intel RealSense D415 or D435 Depth Cameras.   Possible Symptoms: Only one node, RGB or Depth, is shown under Imaging Devices. Onl...
    Jesus Garcia
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