• Defective IR frames for short exposure times (<70usec) [USB2.1]

    Setup Info Camera Model D435 FW version 5.10.3 SDK version 2.16.0   Did anyone else experience issues when setting the IR camera to very short exposure times? When connected to a USB2.1 port I observe weird art...
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  • faceshift compatibility with d435

    Any info on a combination of this old software/Sdk  and new 400 hardware?   this thread using 2014 SDK (, and sr300 succeed, looking to see if anyone got it working with new series. faceshift...
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  • SR300 init fail @64bit sample binaries

    Hi there, I tested a sr300 at different desktop PCs but critical problem occurred. I installed 'intel_rs_sdk_offline_package_10.0.26.0396.exe' and 'intel_rs_dcm_sr300_3.3.27.5718.exe' to two different desktop PCs(PC...
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  • Nuitrack & Realsense not working.

    Hi, So my company bought a Intel Realsense d415 and we want to create a demo with Unity3D, C# & Nuitrack since intel realsense doesn't seem to support anything hand/skeleton tracking related. I have downloaded and...
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  • SDK for R200

    Currently doing my final year project and I'm required to utilize the R200 depth camera. Any idea how/where to download and install the older version Intel RealSense SDK 4.0? Need help!
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  • Question about realsense D435

    Hello guys and administers,   Since i have bought Intel RealSense D435, there has been lots of questions I have currious. Hope that someone can help me to find a cure. First, I currious about where is the camer...
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  • Realsense F200 does not wake from sleep windows 8.1 but works reboot how to emulate?

    Dear team   I have a laptop with an intergrated f200 realsense webcam. I always use sleep on my computer and the webcam suffers from the bug that it does not wake from SLEEP.   the only way i can get ...
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  • how to get (x,y,z) from depth image".raw"

    hi! I have a project to measure the height of soybeans. With D435, we have obtained depth images—saved by ".raw" . Can we get the coordinates of a certain point in the real world from the depth image, if possi...
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  • How to use pyrealsense2

    I just figured out that  "pip install pyrealsense2" can allow me to get the stream from my D415/435 camera in python code the day before yesterday. but actually I do not know how to use it. There is only some ex...
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  • F200 install workaround

    So for over a year I've been without a webcam on my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 15 laptop. The Laptop came with an Intel Realsense F200 camera. As it was not a hardware issue but a software incompatibility issues between the...
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  • The problem of arms scanning with RS300

    Hi guys,I am doing a project which need the precise arm model.So I'm trying to do this with the rs300 camera and programms that I am using are "easy 3d scan" and "3d systems sense".But both of them didn't go well:easy...
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  • how is the depth measuring optimized?

    Hey Guys i have a question.   Currently i am dealing with depth cameras.   i want to use lasertriangulation especially with structured light, like some of the realsense kameras.   i try to figure ou...
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  • How to properly setup external triggering on D415 and D435?

    Hi,   I'm trying to externally trigger a single D435. I was able to setup most of the recommendations of in this document:   https://realsense.intel.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/63/Multiple_Camera_WhitePap...
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  • D435 Uncalibrated? Color camera distortion coefficients are {0, 0, 0, 0, 0}

    Hi,   The D435 camera seems to be UNCALIBRATED?   Using the rs-sensor-control app, and selecting the color camera at: 4  : Color #0 (Video Stream: RGB8 1920x1080@ 30Hz)   Principal Point &...
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  • Mapping Depth to RGB in UWP

    We are using the UWP Windows.Media.Capture APIs to access the RealSense D415. We need to map the depth data onto the color for rendering a point cloud.   We are doing a manual registration / mapping based on cam...
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  • Identifier Undefined on rs-align example!

    Hello,   I have built the Realsense Library SDK using CMake, without changing anything. However, there are a couple of errors saying these variables are undefined. Still, I managed to compile the program somehow...
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  • D435 Depth unexpected interpolation.

    I am developing an application on the D435 camera. I will convert from depth to Point Cloud with the program shown below. Then, the object and the depth of the floor seen behind it are interpolated, and Point Clouds t...
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  • Where can I buy a USB / type-C cable with screws on D435?

    I fix D435 on the mobile robot, but the type-C interface of D435 is easy to loosen and cause the loss of the signal. Where can I buy a USB / type-C cable with screws on D435?
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  • Errors after firmaware and realsense-viewer upgrade

    Hi all!,   I have been doing some tests using realsense-viewer with a D415 and a D435 cameras. Everything was going quite well, but after upgrading to firmware version 5.10.3 and the last version of the whole SD...
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  • No DFU device was connected : Realsense 435 Firmware Upgrade

    I followed this guide: https://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/emerging-technologies/intel-realsense-technology/FW_Update_for…   but I am getting an error "No DFU device was connected" ...
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