• LIPS SDK for RealSense D400 Series,Version  Date 2018/10/19

    Hi everyone, LIPS released new version SDK for RS D400, You could find at, https://www.lips-hci.com/downloads/category LIPS SDK for RealSense D400 Series  Version    Model:...
    created by Sneaky@Luke
  • [Intel Euclid] CMOS reset -- Not update, actually reset. Euclid will not boot due to settings in BIOS.

    Hi all. I saw that someone asked how to clear nvram/cmos before and was just given the BIOS update file... (How to hard reset BIOS setting on Euclid? ) That won't work here as I enabled some boot settings in the BIOS...
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  • d415 intel realsense depth sensors

    I am trying to convert the depth video data(.bag) from the d415 sensor to any playback format for my offline processing steps. I tried using rosbag/Tutorials/Exporting image and video data - ROS Wiki.  But I wa...
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  • RGB Camera for D435/D415 Depth Modules

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to integrate the D435 or D415 depth modules inside a custom enclosure. I have found the depth module, the D4 Processor Card, and the interposer cable that connects the two. As far as ...
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  • RealSense legacy sale update - SR300 back in stock after Wednesday's out-of-stock

    Hi everyone,   The SR300 temporarily became sold-out on Wednesday in the Intel Click store's legacy model sale, but they have more in stock today.   Intel® RealSense™ Legacy Products
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  • Play rosbag on Euclid

    Hi,   Recently I am trying to play back some rosbag on Euclid (including some rosbag from Internet and recorded with my Euclid). Though I can call the cmd "rosbag play XXX.bag" in bash, there is actually no inf...
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  • RTAB-MAP + Visual Odometry versus Realsense SLAM

    I've been experimenting with both RTAB-MAP plus visual odometry and the Intel Realsense SLAM (both with the Euclid).   It seems like RTAB-MAP has all the nice hooks and features, while using the Intel SLAM I hav...
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  • Install image did not contain Euclid software

    I inherited a Euclid from a former coworker and it was in less than working order. I went through the process of reinstalling the factory image (twice), but it didn't install/copy the intel/euclid directory so I don'...
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  • Extrinsic parameters from color to imu on Euclid

    Hi all, I tried to apply Euclid to develop a SLAM module. In such development, extrinsic parameters between color camera and imu should be found; however, I cannot find where they are. Could anyone please tell me how ...
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  • Euclid detects small objects but doesn't take them into account

    Hi there!   I'm trying to segment the planes in my scene (PointCloud), and everything goes well until I put a small object on the floor. The problem is that, through PointCloud Library, I've tried to extract the...
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  • Use multiple Intel Realsense D435 cameras to create volumetric capture of people

    Intel created a demo where they used 4 of the new Intel D435 depth cameras to create 4D volumetric capture:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oQDz_cfUlo   They did it by making custom modifications to the...
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  • Incomplete Time Stamp Generated With Euclid IMU

    Hi,   I was trying to set up a visual inertial SLAM on Intel Euclid.  The fisheye camera seems to working perfectly; however, some wired issue happened to the IMU module.  The time stamp I got from ros...
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  • Euclid exact size

    Hi there,   I'm trying to do a 3D printed tripod for the Euclid but I couldn't find the exact dimensions. Can anyone tell me its depth, widyh and height?   Thanks in advance.
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  • Euclid Handheld Mapping

    Hello community,   has somebody tried to use Euclid as handheld mapping device ? I'd like to create indoor and outdoor maps from some environments.   Is rtabmap usefull for creating maps or is it possible...
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  • Is there any development kit specific for the SR300?

    Hey guys, i am now trying to integrate the SR300 to a bigger system fullfilled with sensors, ideally i would use the euclid but I can not use this sensor with the blindspot of 0.6m.   So I am stuck with the SR30...
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  • Euclid hardware problems

    Hello community, hello support,   I have strange problems with Euclid hardware. Once a week I need to install the system from scratch, when somebody forgets to switch off the the system properly. It seems for m...
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  • Euclids for sale?

    This was last asked in November so I’m bumping it back up. The link to buy a Euclid returns an error from the Intel store. Are these expected to come back?   Alternatively, does anyone have one or two they...
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  • Euclid IMU Calibration

    Is there a procedure for calibrating the IMU on the Euclid? I noticed some yaw drift. I have a diff-drive robot so not too worried about the other axis.
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  • What is the range of distance from  the depth camera

    Hi friends, I want to find out what is the range of distance from the depth camera will the Intel Euclid work best. Your help would be very much appreciated. Victor Wu.
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  • Best language for realsense development

    I ordered the D435 camera. I looked and saw realsense can be utilized in several different languages. I am interested in the depth/distance and object detection. So between   C++ Python Node.js ROS a...
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