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Hi everyone,


Recently there have been a couple of cases where users could not get the OpenCV example in SDK 2.0's Getting Started guide to work.  This was because the script referenced a file called rsutil.hpp that did not exist.


Progress towards fixing this is being made.  The instructions have now been updated, replacing this file with a new include.


// include OpenCV header file

#include <opencv2/opencv.hpp>


The new include reference (the file opencv.hpp in a folder called opencv2) is apparently not in the file structure of version 2,80 of SDK 2.0, so will probably be introduced in the next release.


librealsense/ at development · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub

Hi everyone,


I wanted to share the progress on my company's PC game 'My Father's Face', which can make use of RealSense cameras with hand and face tracking.  The video below showcases the opening natural controls tutorial and a small number of the interaction possibilities with those controls in the first section of the game (operating light switches, sink taps, shower, etc).


I apologize for the slowness, camera view glitches and apparent control awkwardness in some parts.  The game is normally super smooth even on low specification, non-gaming laptops with integrated graphics.  The video was recorded on such a laptop, but the video recording software was consuming significant processing resources, hence the slowdown.  I hope that you still enjoy it, and see the possibilities for similar advanced full-body controls in your own projects. 



Some of the game's RealSense mechanisms are documented in the extensive range of step by step guides I have published, listed at this link:


Index of Marty G's RealSense Unity How-To Guides


Whilst the fully realistic body controls shown in the video are possible to create using the standard capabilities supplied with the RealSense SDK, I created my own advanced custom animation system for the game called CamAnims, the principles of which are described here:


Using The 'CamAnims' Real-Time Game Animation Technique