The Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2016 R3 has been released and is available for download. You can find online documentation here.

Intel RealSense SDK 2016 R3 is different than previous versions in the following ways:

  • Only supports Intel® RealSense™ SR300 and F200 cameras. The Intel® RealSense™ Camera R200 is supported in older versions of the SDK, found here.
  • Includes separate middleware (MW) packages rather than the full SDK.Each MW package is completely independent from the others and contains everything they need, including the Essentials, to run.
    • Essentials: This package provides the basic camera streaming capability and essential interfaces, and tools such as clip editing and sample browsing. All algorithm packages implicitly depend on the essential SDK package.
    • Cursor Mode: For specific UI applications that require delicate hand accuracy and stability. Has specific gestures that can be used for multiple UI purposes.
    • 3D Scan: Reconstructs the shape and appearance of stationary objects from a sequence of images taken from various viewing angles. Using segmentation and tracking techniques, the image sequence is converted into a 3D triangle mesh (for example, PLY), for the purpose of simulation, editing/printing, or analysis.
    • User Background Segmentation: Generates a segmented image per frame, which can be used to remove or replace portions of the image behind the user's head and shoulders (background).
    • Full Hand Tracking and Gesture Recognition: Use only within games and applications that require multiple hands gestures, such as Thumb Up, without the need for accurate hand tracking.
    • Face Tracking and Recognition: Identify the presence of faces in the camera's range, or facial features on an individual face. Supports 78 landmark points for increased accuracy, true 3D face detection as well as roll, pitch, and yaw of the face.
  • Other MW packages, such as Blob Tracking, Speech, Touchless Controller, RealSense Web Runtime, and Java support, have been deprecated and are only available in previous versions of the RealSense SDK.
  • New style to the SDK interfaces.
  • New mechanism for deploying SDK runtimes.