• Theoretical peak performance (Gflops) of the Intel Xeon CPU

      What is the Theoretical peak performance (Gflops) of the Intel Xeon CPU E7-8860 v4 @ 2.20GHz/18cores?   - The document (https://www.intel.com/content/dam/support/us/en/documents/processors/xeon/sb/xeon_E7...
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  • Processor limited when the PC is plug-in

    Hello !   I am writting to you today because I have a trouble with my computer. Indeed, I have a lenovo w510 Windows 10 with a i7 q720 and when my laptop is on battery, everything works fine, but when I plug my...
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  • Spectre and meltdown attacks affected cpus

    Is there any official statement to see what cpus are affected by those attacks? I'm interested more in Intel pentium g3248, g4560, Q6600 are those affected by both meltdown and spectre? Is there any intel cpu not af...
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  • How do I fix my speedstep problem?

    Hi all.  New here, so apologies in advance regarding posting tech and etiquette.   I have a 3 year old Dell Inspiron 7559 and have recently applied updates to drivers and the BIOS.  Somewhere along the...
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  • How to find latest microcode release, Install in Windows

    1) How do I find out the latest microcode release version for my CPU? I don't see anything in the Linux Processor Microcode Data File. 2) How can I install uCode updates from within Windows, not Linux?   Thanks.
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  • Intel i9 7900x thermals don't meet intel specifications

    I have a problem,my i9 7900x thermals are horrible.I have asus rampage VI extreme x299 motherboard and custom loop with one 420mm rad and 360mm rad,9 fans. Problem is,when I do heavy CPU workload,my temps goes  ...
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  • Where can I find the microcode 06-2c-02 revision 1E, or 1D (from 2016/2017)?

    I have looked through the microcode download page, but cannot find this particular microcode version there.   It is not the new one that is to be released to fix the Meltdown thing. It is the one that fixes the...
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  • Spectra / Meltdown issues? And how does it affect you?

    I was wondering if the issue has any i384 service problems? I currently use Windows 10 Home and do not have any further knowledge with other operating systems. Windows 10 home is currently just a problem for me. Mos...
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  • Meltdown

    I have a computer running Win 10 64-bit version 1709 with an i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70 GHZ, 100MHZ system bus, 4 MB L3 Cache, 4 threads & 2 cores.   What tool can I download and run to see if I have a vulnerabilit...
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  • Jan 8.01.2018 microcode update - Broadwell-E not included - What is with Intel i7-6900K

    Hello,   I have the Intel i7 6900K 14nm Broadwell Socket 2011-3 and if that CPU also affected, where must I search for the update because I can not find it on the published list.   In the Link from BreakSt...
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  • Is the E5-2670 V1 a multi-chip (MCM) CPU?

    Hi everyone.   I need to confirm if the E5-2670 V1 is multichip (MCM) or single chip CPU (all cores are in a single die or in multiple dies for MCM) but can't find any precise information. Most threads are lock...
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  • Microcode update is incorrect

    For the latest "Linux Process Microcode Data File" (Download Linux* Processor Microcode Data File) on 1/8/18, it lists the products that are valid for the download.   The Intel Xeon Processor X5680 is listed as ...
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  • How can I measure CPU usage of my Intel Celeron?

    Hello everyone,   I have a piece of hardware in my lab which I need to test. The rare documentation about this device says it is equipped with an Intel Celeron CPU with 300 MHz and 128k bytes of secondary cash. ...
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  • Unable to have the i7-5775C integrated graphic card set as default and GT 1030 as second graphic card

    Hi,   I have a maximus vii impact motherboard with an intel i7-5775C cpu, I set the bios to use the integrated graphic card as default and put in a second graphic card, a GT 1030. Also in the BIOS at the System ...
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  • compatibility with gigabyte bios update F9b

    You posted this : GIGABYTE Leads Safety Actions Against Intel CPUs' Speculative Execution Vulnerabilities | News - GIGABYTE Global   After bios update here are the problems:   1) slow boot up, boot increa...
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  • Question about Intel Core i5 7600K

    Hi,   I need help with broken Intel Core i5 7600k (LGA 1151 ** OEM [cm8067702868219s r32v]). Please, help me to find thу parameters of the missing resistor.
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  • Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology

    My computer Device Diagnostics program (troubleshooting) tells me my Windows Defender program will not open because of a problem with the Intel(R) Turbo Boost Technology Driver. cannot seem to find a fix for it witho...
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  • When the microcode update for the 2nd generation Intel Core (Sandy Bridge) for Spectre and Meltdown will be available?

    When the microcode update for the 2nd generation Intel Core (Sandy Bridge) processors for patching the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities will be available? Microcode update is required for branch target injection ...
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  • Looking for list of processors that support f16c [FP16C]

    Hi, I'm looking for a processor that has the FP16 half-precision floating point support. It looks like this is not related to any other instruction set (e.g. AVX) support, but I cannot search for this in ARK, or even...
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  • How do I tell if my processor is affected or will get a "fix" for the recent lack of interest in security Intel has?

    Is there a app or utility that will tell me if my processor has been affected or is still affected by the meltdown and spectre feature of my Intel processors?
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