• Intel Core i5 4670K will it work on the frequency of RAM more than 1600 MHz

    Hello everyone, I have a question, there is a motherboard asus maximum of 6 Hero, RAM can work at a frequency of more than 1866 MHz, on the Intel site specified 1600 MHz is the maximum for the processor, whether the p...
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  • i7 7500u @2.7 GHz - high temperature (>90°C) for longer periods

    Dear Intel Community,   I purchased a pre-owned DELL XPS 9360 with Intel i7 7500u. I found it was getting quite hot, so I installed the Intel Power Gadet 3.5 to monitor what is going on. At idle or light tasks...
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  • What "OS Update for Q2" mean inside Intel microcode update guidance?

    I found Intel's document about microcode updates for CPUs vulnerable to Spectre variant 2 and 3a. There is a column described as "OS Update for Q2". What does it mean? Specifically I want to know if Microsoft is goin...
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  • Microcode revision 0x32 for CPUID 506C9?

    Hi,   My CPU is listed first in the updated guidance here https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/sa00115-microcode-update-guidance.pdf . The latest microcode update file contains only rev....
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  • WHEA Event ID 19 CPU / i5-8400

    My System Settings:   Motherboard: Z370 PC PRO (last bios version) CPU: i5-8400 RAM: Kingston DDR4-2134 (KHX2133C14D4/8G) x 2 VGA: GeForce GTX 970 PSU: Chieftec 550W   OS: Windows 10 Pro 1803 (17134.11...
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  • My New Core i9 7940X Machine Gives Whea Uncorrectable Error

    Hi,   I recently purchased a high end PC with Core i9 7940X processor, Asus 1080 Ti GPU, X299-A Motherboard and 2x16GB ram. After instaling windows 10 and using for some time, I figured out that the machine is g...
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  • Dose the i7 8700k support to win 7 64 bit?

    Dose the i7 8700k support to win 7 64 bit?
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  • Is Intel Xeon E5 2643 V4 a multi-chip processor?

    Hi,   I would like to know if the Intel Xeon  E5 2643 V4  is multi or single chip processor?   Also would like to ask if  Xeon E5640 and  Xeon X5450 are multi or single chip processor? ...
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  • Intel® Turbo Boost Technology with ESXi

    Hi, how intel turbo boost works with ESXi?   This feature is requested just when we have CPU contention?   This feature works just when the processors have capacity of power and temperature?   If the...
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  • i5-2520m never downclocks to 800 MHz

    I have a Lenovo X220 with an i5-2520m CPU and 8GB DDR3L-1600 which the no whitelist BIOS supports properly to the SPD tables   My CPU always runs at 3.0 GHz with a multiplier of 30 no matter what. So much for an...
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  • FPO and ATPO On Mobile Processor?

    im having a bit of a predicament here with a warranty with square trade, here let me explain::   i purchased a recycled intel i7-2670QM processor from amazon about 4 months ago. the processor was listed as a sal...
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  • BSOD from Turbo Boost Max

    I've been getting the occasional BSOD recently: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Using WhoCrashed by Resplendence has suggested it may have something to do with the Intel(R) Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 Driver I have disabled...
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  • Xeon scalable silver 4112 or 4108 complete  specs turbo / vps / memory channels

    Hi, i need complete specs about xeon silver 4112 and 4108 on memory bandwidth single,dual,quad,six channel and how much vp's i can put on 4112 with "security" ?   Better on environment i can use one 4108 or 1 4...
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  • Turbo Boost Max BSOD

    Hi there !   I just built my new workstation few days ago, everything was fine, until I got some BSOD (whea_uncorrectable_error). I was just installing a software (Maya) and got my first BSOD. I reboot, install ...
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  • Intel Xeon E5-2698V3 SSE4.2 Support

    Hi.   We have a bunch of Dell Servers with this processor and recently a customer ask us if the processor supports SSEV4, so we check the INTEL ARK  to find if the processor suport that or not, and found th...
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  • İntel İ7 6700 Nasıl OC Edilir?

    Merhaba MSI B250M Bazooka anakartım var ve kuruluyoruz İ7 6700 işlemciye OC yapmak istiyorum. Nasıl OC yapılır?
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  • Current Limit Throttling in XTU

    What is the definition of Current Limit Throttling in XTU? Does the core current really reach 120A?
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  • Who can build me a laptop with Intel I9-7980XE processor?

    Hi,   Who can build me a laptop with Intel I9-7980XE processor? Or which brand name has laptop with I9-7980XE?   Thanks,
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  • Who can build me a laptop with Intel Xeon Processor

    Hi,   Who can build me a laptop with Intel Xeon Processor? Or which brand name is building laptop with Intel Xeon Processor?   Thanks,
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  • Es compatible un Intel Xeon E5-1607 3,0 GHz Quad-Core SR0L8 Sockel 2011 Prozessor con una placa base chipset x79 ddr3 socket fclga2011 R?

    tengo una placa MSI X79A-GD45 8D socket intel 2011 R (FCLGA2011) y he comprado un procesador intel xeon e5-1607 3.o GHz, quisiera saber si este procesador que si es util para el socket de mi placa es o no compatible c...
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