• Intel I7-7700k  sometimes it gets more than 90Cº without doing anything

    Hello   Every so often the CPU overheats constantly keeping the fans to the maximum and exceeding 90Cº. Even restarting, and restoring the bios by default keeps happening. I have run a test with the intel p...
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  • Intel Extreme Tuning Utility App-Profile Pairing doesn't work after restart

    I'm having an issue where I'm able to get profiles and pairings running great in Intel XTU, but after a Windows restart, the App-Profile Pairing feature no longer switches and applies the profiles. As a workaround, I ...
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  • I7-7700k crazy temp swings.

    Running stock speeds, CPU not overclocked.   Tried it with a Gigabyte Auros gaming 7 mobo and a ASrock killer sli 270 mobo.   Tried it with a Cryorig R1 universal and a Corsair H100v2.   Just doing m...
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  • 0,99 GHZ , cpu não esta usando corretamente

    bom tenho um asus s46cb i7 3 geração , 16 gb de memoria ram , ssd hyperex, placa de vide 740m, 2gb , estou com esse problema faz muito tempo , fiz vários upgrade , troquei a pasta térmica fiz...
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  • Problem with XTU i7 8550U

    I have a razer blade stealth with the latest bios. When I increase the Turbo Boost Power Max it doesn't actually work. When I apply the new wattage there will be no error or anything and will register as the wattage I...
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  • Thermal sensor issue i7-7700k?

    I have a brand new build; EVERYTHING NEW. i7-7700k is running at stock speeds. I have the RAM set to XMP for DDR4-2666. Motherboard is Asus Maximus IX Hero Z270.   I have found that the i7-7700k reports a moment...
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  • Get Status Word and Handle X87 FPU Exception

    I wrote a test code to generate and handle an overflow exception. #include <stdio.h> #include <signal.h> void getStatus() {     short status;     __asm__(    &...
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  • Disable Thermal Management atom e620T

    Hallo together,   i would like to disable the thermal management of the atom e620T   The Thermal Management is supported through therminal monitor and therminal monitor 2 in the atom processor.   I w...
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  • Big problem with chipset x299 and Skylake cpu, blue screen when doing anything demanding

    Hi all,   Just want to share my experience about problems due to bad default configuration on many systems with chipset x299 and Skylkae-x cpu. So it seems to be a flaw from Intel or all motherboard manufacturer...
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    Hello, about 2 weeks ago I got a WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR (Which was causing BSOD and system freezing)  (But No issues in safe mode) (HP 550-270st ), so I have been testing and eliminating what the problem could ...
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  • what are results of current limit throttling ? and how to solve it ?

    Hi recently i found that i throttle on current limit so i want to know how it effects performance and possible solutions ? thank you in advance
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  • i7-6700T breakdown

    Good morning I am using the i7-6700T cpu. The hd520 built-in graphics will function normally. The external graphics gtx1050 does not recognize it. There is no gtx1050 on the Windows 10 device. If you change ...
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  • When the microcode update for the 2nd/3rd generation (Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge) for Spectre and Meltdown will be available?

    When the microcode update for the 2nd generation and 3rd generation Intel Core (Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge) processors for patching the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities will be available? Microcode update is require...
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  • Xeon 2660v2 Plastic Frame

    Hi, I bought a second hand 2660v2 which has come but has a frame around the CPU. I want to put this in a ASRock EPC602D8A but unsure if the frame is needed or not as I have only ever installed CPU's that have had no...
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  • 8700K incorrectly functioning Turbo Boost multiplier after updates

    Hello,   I will try to keep it as concise as possible.   - 8700K should boost up to 4700MHz/47x per one core. This is very easy to test if functional, through a monitoring app such as HWinfo64, High Perfor...
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  • WHEA-Logger ID 19 and BSOD's

    Hi there, Last year I've assemble a game PC for my son. It was a present for his 18th birthday.   These are the components I used inside of a NZXT S340 Special Edition Razer Case: Motherboard: ASUS Maximus VIII...
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  • Best Thermal Paste. Acer Nitro 5 Core i7 7700HQ

    ive got a new Acer Nitro 5 Laptop with Intel Core i7 7700HQ, this laptop is prone to high CPU temps, i have already undervolted a little bit and it helped but id like to further decrease my temps, so ive come to the r...
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  • Msi TRident i5 6400 won'T boot if cold

    hi my computer won'T start if it shut down for too long...   i've red that it comes froma electronical issue...   so if you got idea how to manage this issue... as i use my homes heats converter to start a...
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  • my eSIO temp is at 127 degree celsius

    hi i'm no intel specialist. but i think there some thing wrong with the eSIO temp on a msi TRident micro pc CPuid tell me the temp of eSIO is at 127 degree celsius...   here my complete system analyst:   ...
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  • CPU Core isolation

    Hello Everyone,   I need to run some dedicated task (hard real time) on some CPU Cores independent of Linux OS. I was looking into isolcpus option but i can't use taskset to reschedule already running process t...
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