• When the microcode update for the 2nd generation Intel Core (Sandy Bridge) for Spectre and Meltdown will be available?

    When the microcode update for the 2nd generation Intel Core (Sandy Bridge) processors for patching the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities will be available? Microcode update is required for branch target injection ...
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  • 8700K incorrectly functioning Turbo Boost multiplier after updates

    Hello,   I will try to keep it as concise as possible.   - 8700K should boost up to 4700MHz/47x per one core. This is very easy to test if functional, through a monitoring app such as HWinfo64, High Perfor...
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  • 7900X Problems with Hyperthreading

    Hello, how much more time it will take until the hyperthreading problems will be fixed on Skylake X ? Its a big and very frustrating problem... spend that much money and Im slower then my old 2600K. All Audio Softwa...
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  • Intel Dualcore E2200 Meldown affected ?

    Hello I would ask if my processor Intel Dualcore E2200 and Dualcore E2220 are afected by Meltdown and Spectre ! I ask why I have more Computers and the vendor of the mainboard will make no more support ! If they are...
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  • Where are the datasheets for Penryn T6400 etc - looking for VID/MSR values and Thermal

    Hi - I wanted to compare the VID table for a Penryn processor T6400 against the X9100. On ark when I click on datasheet via Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T6400 (2M Cache, 2.00 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) Product Specif...
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  • Core i5-4590 low GHz

    I have recently purchased an i5 4590 quad core 3.3/3.7 Turbo GHz chip however it only runs at 2.57 GHz at max and 78% utilization max. I have tested with a CPU stress test, including Intel's own, so I know this for a ...
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  • Intel Linux Microcode Data file incomplete

    Since the recent disclosure of the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities Intel released new microcode update data in the download center (Download Linux* Processor Microcode Data File ). The description states that it...
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  • Core 2 Duo E8400

    Will there be microcode updates for the E8400 C0 stepping CPU as I have seen a list provided by Intel that Core 2 processors are affected by Spectre?   Banger
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  • Changelog for Spectre/Meltdown Microcode update

    Intel has released a new version of the processor microcode that is available here. Download Linux* Processor Microcode Data File   However, it does not include a changelog and the release notes are basically ...
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  • I7 7820X Current Limit Throttling

    Hey there i have MSI x299 gaming pro carbon main board and i7-7820X processor.   I was doing stress test using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility it says i passed the test but the Current Limit Throttling is blink...
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  • Is it planned to release motherboards with soldered GDDR6 chips like in videocards ?

    Is it planned to release motherboards with soldered GDDR6 chips like in videocards (soldered directly to the motherboard without the use of DDR connectors and everything else that restricts the speed of data exchange)...
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  • Idea(s) on how to fix Meltdown at the Silicon Level

    Hi,   I read the research paper on Meltdown, co-authored by a whole lot of very clever hardware engineers (Moritz Lipp, Michael Schwarz, Daniel Gruss, Thomas Prescher, Werner Haas, Stefan Mangard, Paul Kocher, D...
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  • Intel-SA-00086 Detection Tool - exe not usable, bacause no single file

    We want to deploy the Intel-SA-00086 Detection Tool. But the console exe file is not simple to use! At INTEL-SA-00075 this was a single exe file, and very simple tu deploy. But at INTEL-SA-00086 this are many files...
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  • Proposed fix to security flaw

    In wake of the massive Intel security flaw many OSes will now leave the kernel spaces out of the TLB which will result in 30%-50% performance hit.  OUCH!!!   Intel should design a new CPU arch where one cor...
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  • G3258 incompatible with Windows 10 1709 update?

    I've tried something like over 2 dozen times to install the 1709 update for Windows 10, and it always hangs, then will run to 82% or 83% and hang again, and then after a forced power cycle, rolls back to the previous ...
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  • Thermal sensor issue i7-7700k?

    I have a brand new build; EVERYTHING NEW. i7-7700k is running at stock speeds. I have the RAM set to XMP for DDR4-2666. Motherboard is Asus Maximus IX Hero Z270.   I have found that the i7-7700k reports a moment...
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  • 8700K questions (and some odd findings)

    Hello   I would like to ask if there is a datasheet for the 8700K to be downloaded somewhere ?   Im trying to get my DDR3000 ram to be stable with my 8700K, so full specs on the Cpu and voltage ranges woul...
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  • Will Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit work on a new PC that has a Z270 chipset (Asus Z270 TUF Mark 2) with an Intel Core i5-7500?

    Hi,   My old PC finally died (Asus P5N-T deluxe with Intel Core2 Duo E8600 - 10 years old and worked great until it wouldn't boot) :-<   I need a new PC and I am trying to fit it in my budget but I woul...
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  • About I9 X serie Temps (7940x in my case)

    Hello To the Intel team !   So i buy this wonderfull CPU the i9 7940x for improving my performance in 3D render with the core's and the good clock and IPC for the 2D workloads and the games as well. The perform...
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  • Does it support Intel Virtualization Technology?

    Hi,   We bought a Dell PowerEdge Rack server together with an Intel E5-2420 CPU a while ago.   The vendor told me that this CPU would support Hardware assisted Virtualization.   Now as we only have o...
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