• My New Core i9 7940X Machine Gives Whea Uncorrectable Error

    Hi,   I recently purchased a high end PC with Core i9 7940X processor, Asus 1080 Ti GPU, X299-A Motherboard and 2x16GB ram. After instaling windows 10 and using for some time, I figured out that the machine is g...
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  • I7-7700K Suddenly overheating - faulty?

    Hi,   specs: I7-7700k MSI Z270 Gaming M7 Watercooling: Corsair H100i v2 TIM: Liquid Metal     yesterday i was running a game when suddenly all my Fans went to 100%. I checked the temperatures and ...
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  • FPO and ATPO On Mobile Processor?

    im having a bit of a predicament here with a warranty with square trade, here let me explain::   i purchased a recycled intel i7-2670QM processor from amazon about 4 months ago. the processor was listed as a sal...
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  • Intel SA-00115 microcode patch 0200004D bring Core i9 7980XE TJ Max from 105 to 110 degrees celcius

    Hi all @Intel support   l had check Core i9 7980XE TJ Max increse from 105 degree Celsius to 110 from “0200004D” microcode which was Intel officially guidance June 22,2018 here.   https://ww...
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  • i5-8600k и windows 10

    Процессор i5- 8600k, windiws10(1803 сборка 17134.81). Провожу тесты процессора, и тесты показывают  результаты ( winrar-6200 балов, CINEBENCHR-564 балов). Загружаю windows в безопасном режиме показатели совсем др...
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  • My 8700k exceeds TDP when rendering

    Hello,   I have a question. Recently i got my 8700k, but the problem is power draw when rendering which exceeds TDP, even thought that i cannot completly compare those two values, but i certainly can see that w...
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  • Counterfeit Intel I7 8700 processor?

    Hello everyone. Recently i purchased Intel Core I7 8700 processor on aliexpress, in this store - KEXUNDA Store - магазин на AliExpress. Товары со скидками When i recieved it i was very surprised, since the processor...
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  • doubt about RMA of Intel processors

    Os processadores da série LGA 1150 têm quantos anos de RMA no Brasil e internacionalmente? Você precisa de uma fatura para solicitar a RMA?
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  • pc turning on and off repeatedly?

    my pc turns on and off repeatedly.   i took off every piece of hardware one by one till nothing was left but the motherboard plugged into the psu, then replaced everything and the motherboard would turn on and o...
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  • Can't make an online RMA, site goes in circles

    Anyone have a direct link to the RMA? I keep getting thrown in the same circle on the website in an attempt to do an Online Service Request.   Current Loop: Contact Intel Support    to sign-in to ...
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  • i7-3632QM 1.5 GHz

    Hallo! Habe seit längerer Zeit ein seltsames Problem:   Meine Laptop CPU taktet sich scheinbar immer wieder sporadisch von alleine herunter. Vom Basistakt 2.2 GHz auf schlappe 1.5 GHz. Auch bei Beanspruchu...
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  • Problemas com a tecnologia de Virtualização Intel

    Olá Senhores, ... eu adquiri a pouco tempo um i5-7400. em conjunto com uma placa B250M-D3H da Gigabyte com a BIOS F8. Já habilitei a opção de Virtualização, porém no sist...
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  • Температура в БИОСе 45 градусов на  i7-8700K   (материнская плата asrock extreme 4  и куллер Noctua NH-D15)

    Собрал компьютер с процессором  i7-8700K  материнская плата asrock extreme 4  и куллер Noctua NH-D15.    При запуске в биос температура процессора держится на 45 градусаx. При этом процес...
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  • Thermal sensor issue i7-7700k?

    I have a brand new build; EVERYTHING NEW. i7-7700k is running at stock speeds. I have the RAM set to XMP for DDR4-2666. Motherboard is Asus Maximus IX Hero Z270.   I have found that the i7-7700k reports a moment...
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  • I5 8600k Core Temperature Differences

    Hello,   When I do a stress test or play games couple of the core temps will be 15 - 20 degrees higher the other ones. At 100% cpu usage most of my cores will stay at around 60c and core 3 and sometimes another...
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  • Is the i7 7700K processor i bought counterfeit?

    Recently i purchased intel i7 7700 К processor on aliexpress.com in "SinoTrade" store. I was very surprised when i recieved it because it wasnt packed in any box, it didnt have any documents, instructions, warranty ca...
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  • Official Stance on Delid

    Has Intel released an official policy statement on whether a delid will void the warranty? Also, does the "Tuning Plan" cover delid if the damage is not related to a delid?   I have read some reports of Intel t...
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  • CPU stuck at 800MHz (7700hq)

    Hello everyone,   a few days ago, my cpu suddenly got stuck at 800mhz, i tried to find the problem, according to my findings it isn't a thermal or windows power plan issue or something. The temps are fine and th...
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  • New Floating Point Math Error in Subtraction?

    To duplicate type the following in to an Excel spreadsheet. =(6.377-6.376)*1000 I get: 0.99999999999945 (or 0.999999999999446) if I allow the decimal places to be shown.   I get a similar error using the calcu...
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  • i7 4790 mce hardware errors and kernel panics

    All, This box have been up and running for over 2 years with no issues. All of the sudden it started kernel panic and reboot every 5-7 days. I checked usual suspects like temperature/fan as well as cpu and memory us...
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