• Thermal sensor issue i7-7700k?

    I have a brand new build; EVERYTHING NEW. i7-7700k is running at stock speeds. I have the RAM set to XMP for DDR4-2666. Motherboard is Asus Maximus IX Hero Z270.   I have found that the i7-7700k reports a moment...
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  • What is this intel

    Hello What is this intel nhb2801gb l7355a79
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  • FIT/MTBF/MTTF/failure rate of i7-7700

    Hi All,   I want to get the FIT/MTBF/MTTF/failure rate of CPU Intel Socket 1151 Core i7-7700 (3.60Ghz/ 8Mb/ 65W)   Thank you.
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  • What is this processor

    Hello What is this processor intel NH8201HBM F827LC90 SLB9A
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  • One capacitor dropped when I was delidding the 7900X

    Hi, everyone. I was deliding my 7900X and unfortunately I damaged an capacitor. It dropped out from the PCB surface. The CPU now is sitting inside the motherboard and working properly. But one of the ten cores is ge...
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  • RMA Number? Product ID?

    I recently used my warranty to replace a faulty 7700k processor that I had. I was a little confused by what they mean't when they said to provide the RMA# as well as the product ID to return the processor back to inte...
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  • How do i request RMA. The website is so confusing and it leads me in circles.

    I have a busted memory controller because only 2 sticks out of 4 work but <REMOVED>  the support site only leads me in circles. HELP.   Message was edited by: Al Hill Edited for inappropriate language
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  • starter pack issues ( PUBG)

    Hi, website said come back 30th Aug, and get the promote code. So I checked all around US time even Hawaii time. now, world is already 30th Aug, but it didn't work.   I already send support email, but they d...
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  • My New Core i9 7940X Machine Gives Whea Uncorrectable Error

    Hi,   I recently purchased a high end PC with Core i9 7940X processor, Asus 1080 Ti GPU, X299-A Motherboard and 2x16GB ram. After instaling windows 10 and using for some time, I figured out that the machine is g...
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  • ideas for the next gen cpu for the future

    hi intel  i am here to give you some ideas for the next gen cpu  2019 or 2020 ect for the all the cpu and i9 extreme editions   1.make a next  gen smart turbo boost 4  that can reduce time pr...
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  • 8700k heat

    Hi. I'm just wondering is there a way to get the thermal paste inside my 8700k changed that won't good my warranty as it runs hot. I know if you delivered it and change it yourself it voids the warranty. I currently h...
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  • Intel i7 - 8700K Damaged But Doas It Still Work?

    Dear Intel,   My new processor got damaged in the socket of an Asus Rog Strix Z370-e Gaming motherboard. The pins of the socket got damaged and Asus was unable to repair it.   A friend of mine recommended...
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  • i7-7700 getting temperatures 80°C +

    Hello people.   I bought a few months ago a brand new core i7 7700 but I have noticed on idle I get temperatures of 40-42 °C that is not a normal behavior of an i7 since during history the normal idle tempe...
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  • Memory read errors when shutting down Windows 10...

    Hi there   A year and a half ago I built this machine:   i7 6700k Asus Z170 E 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000mhz Plextor 128GB SSD Superclocked EVGA GTX 1060 6GB EVGA Supernova 750W PSU Windows 10 64...
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  • Intel Chipset different from CPU codename and USB chipset question

    I want to ask a question as the attachment , please help me to answer as soon as you can , Thanks This Laptop model is Xiaomi Notebook Air 13 (161301-CN) The CPU code name is Kaby Lake-U which I confirmed by HWiNFO ...
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  • I7 5820k Wont Boot

    Was wondering if my CPU is still under warranty.   Anyway I have a i7 5820k which I bought a 2 to 3 years ago brand new which was installed in a Asus x99 Deluxe which was also new, Its been working great for the...
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  • I7-7700K Suddenly overheating - faulty?

    Hi,   specs: I7-7700k MSI Z270 Gaming M7 Watercooling: Corsair H100i v2 TIM: Liquid Metal     yesterday i was running a game when suddenly all my Fans went to 100%. I checked the temperatures and ...
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  • FPO and ATPO On Mobile Processor?

    im having a bit of a predicament here with a warranty with square trade, here let me explain::   i purchased a recycled intel i7-2670QM processor from amazon about 4 months ago. the processor was listed as a sal...
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  • Intel SA-00115 microcode patch 0200004D bring Core i9 7980XE TJ Max from 105 to 110 degrees celcius

    Hi all @Intel support   l had check Core i9 7980XE TJ Max increse from 105 degree Celsius to 110 from “0200004D” microcode which was Intel officially guidance June 22,2018 here.   https://ww...
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  • i5-8600k и windows 10

    Процессор i5- 8600k, windiws10(1803 сборка 17134.81). Провожу тесты процессора, и тесты показывают  результаты ( winrar-6200 балов, CINEBENCHR-564 балов). Загружаю windows в безопасном режиме показатели совсем др...
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