• BSOD from Turbo Boost Max

    I've been getting the occasional BSOD recently: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Using WhoCrashed by Resplendence has suggested it may have something to do with the Intel(R) Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 Driver I have disabled...
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  • İntel İ7 6700 Nasıl OC Edilir?

    Merhaba MSI B250M Bazooka anakartım var ve kuruluyoruz İ7 6700 işlemciye OC yapmak istiyorum. Nasıl OC yapılır?
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  • Current Limit Throttling in XTU

    What is the definition of Current Limit Throttling in XTU? Does the core current really reach 120A?
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  • "ITBM Driver Not Available Exiting Application"

    I can’t get ITBM Ti work. I installed ITBM(v1.0.0.1032). When I run the exe, I get the following error "ITBM Driver Not Available Exiting Application"   I’m using an i7-7820X CPU on an Asrock Taic...
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  • [8700k] Short stutters / freezing with new hardware & updated software

    Hello,   Recently about 1~ month ago I have bought new hardware for my pc.   The parts I initially bought:   -Intel i7 8700K -ASRock z370 Extreme4 -G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4 3200Mhz 2x8GB -Scythe Mugen...
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  • Issues with Intel ME firmware update and INTEL-SA-00086 command-line tool

    We're packaging the Intel ME firmware for deployment to our laptops/desktops. We noticed that the firmware updates whether the system is vulnerable or not, and since we're including the firmware as part of our build p...
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  • Intel SA-00115 microcode patch 0200004D bring Core i9 7980XE TJ Max from 105 to 110 degrees celcius

    Hi all @Intel support   l had check Core i9 7980XE TJ Max increse from 105 degree Celsius to 110 from “0200004D” microcode which was Intel officially guidance June 22,2018 here.   https://ww...
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  • "The Intel Management Engine is unable to utilize the PECI over DMI facility"

    So, I have been circling the drain with Dell for several weeks now, as my servers are randomly rebooting. I have narrowed it down to my servers with the Broadwell proc.  Also this was happening prior to the curre...
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  • 5.1 sound support intel nuc

    Hi, I own an Intel NUC DC3217BY, I spent like 2 weeks searching why I couldn't have 7.1 working on my NUC. It's been some years since I bought the NUC, it worked somehow so far but with the recent Windows updates, I ...
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  • Intel Core Processor Gen3 Memory Data Sheet

    The later generations have data sheets posted for their memory locations. Does anybody know where the memory locations guide for the 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors is? I am specifically trying to find the memory...
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  • starterpack master key expired

    我買了一個I5-8400,他盒子上面寫說有附贈5款遊戲,並且附了1組master key,盒子上面寫說這組master key到2018/7/31才過期,可是我昨天(2018/7/3)輸入時卻master key已過期,help me
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  • Which Intel management driver for I5-6400 skylake?

    My PC's I5-6400 processor  is not listed in the list of supported processors at Download Intel® Management Engine Driver for Windows 7*, 8.1*, and Windows® 10 The processor is I5-6400 2.7GHz 6Mb Cache...
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  • Windows 10 Compatibility for i7-620UE

    I am investigating possible operating systems for use on a VDM board using the i7-620UE processor. Specifically, with the appropriate memory and RAM, will Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit) work on the i7-620UE?   A...
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  • Extreme Tuning Utility Start menu location change?

    So ive done this with EVERY program ive installed bar none.    This one is giving me trouble.   I use classic shell.  I like to keep my start menu organized and it allows me to do so without goi...
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  • i5-8600k и windows 10

    Процессор i5- 8600k, windiws10(1803 сборка 17134.81). Провожу тесты процессора, и тесты показывают  результаты ( winrar-6200 балов, CINEBENCHR-564 балов). Загружаю windows в безопасном режиме показатели совсем др...
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  • Intel Starter Pack Issues

    Recently I purchased a ASUS ROG Strix Gaming Laptop GL503VM-FY022T, I received the Intel Starter pack within an email.   After receiving the email I followed the steps I had an error that said 1/0 questions comp...
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  • i5 8600k UHD 630 wont download

    I have an ASUS Prime A Z370 Motherboard, I have no graphics card right now, all of those drivers are uninstalled already, I have an i5 8600k, I have corsair LPX 3000OC'd RAM, This is what Intel's scanner states....
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  • Installation error Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU)

    I am facing the same error as many users here.   My notebook is a Dell 15R 5537 The processor is the i7-4500U   I have updated the bios of the note, but the error continues.   Can someone help...
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  • is my CPU going bad i have i3 6100

    hi my CPU is I3 6100 i have a problem for some time now when i open Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit) my pc crash some time the screen goes black then it goes back to normal i am using integrated GPU is my CPU going bad? ...
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  • i5-3450 intel ME firmware update crash

    New to the forum, but I've spent a couple days searching online and trying various fixes for this problem. ASRock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard running Windows 10 with i5-3450 processor. The hardware and software configura...
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