• What is this processor

    Hello What is this processor intel NH8201HBM F827LC90 SLB9A
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  • Technical specs of Intel Xeon scalable processor with Integrated FPGA (Intel Xeon gold 6138P)

    Hi all,   I would like to know about the technical specifications about this product https://en.wikichip.org/wiki/intel/xeon_gold/6138p which is the Intel Xeon Scalable processor with integrated FPGA. What is t...
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  • Intel Processor Trace and Intel Last Branch Record

    Hello, currently i am looking for a Server/Workstation Processors that supports both (at the same time) Intel Processor Trace and Intel Last Branch Record. During my research i found the following information given ...
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  • New uCode for Broadwell-E break overclock capabylity!

    Dear Intel. After last windows update with security patches(updated microcode with protection Spectre v2) on 6-8 cores Broadwell-E(uCode version:0x1C) break ability overclock. Operating system set maximum multiplier...
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  • 7200U die size

    Hi guys, sorry for the trivial question, what's the die size for a i5 7200U? I have a Lenovo 720 13', I'm generally satisfied with the processor, but runs pretty hot, already cleaned the fans, but changed very littl...
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  • What is this intel

    Hello What is this intel nhb2801gb l7355a79
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  • About GPU

    My Desktop Computer Congfigaration  is:     Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz (6 CPUs) System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. System Model: Z370XP SLI BIOS: F5 (type: U...
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  • Processor with CMT, MBM, L3 CAT, L3 CDP and MBA

    Hello every body,   I want to buy a server with two processors that each supports at least 16 cores, also I need they support CMT, MBM, L3 CAT and L3 CDP, in a ideal world they also support MBA. I have read that...
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  • PCIE Lanes

    I Built a new system for many uses  I.E. Development ,Video Editing etc.. Used a 8th Gen  I7-8700k And Motherboard with the 370 Chipset  Plus 2 GTX 1080 TI Video cards Besides a few SSDs I also insta...
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  • What does Comfigurable TDP-up/down mean in Intel ARK specifications?

    Like what I've said in the question, what do they mean and repersent in the image below?   p.s. 0.40GHz is actually achieved via software throttling, which I don't recommend to do so (as on some platform, do...
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  • Choosing the best processor for budget live streaming PC

    Hello all,   I've been attempting to live stream Fortnite on twitch, using a i7600k + GTX 1080. I notice that when I stream at 720p 60FPS, I get a noticeable frame rate drops intermittently that cause stutteri...
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  • starter pack issues ( PUBG)

    Hi, website said come back 30th Aug, and get the promote code. So I checked all around US time even Hawaii time. now, world is already 30th Aug, but it didn't work.   I already send support email, but they d...
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  • Intel software starter park. "Temporarily out of inventory. Check back soon!"

    Hello Intel !   First time poster here and I need some help!. I bought intel core i5 8400 and received a key to get code game. But I just have a Cs:Go code. The PUBG and the BF1 code are out of stock. I waited f...
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  • ideas for the next gen cpu for the future

    hi intel  i am here to give you some ideas for the next gen cpu  2019 or 2020 ect for the all the cpu and i9 extreme editions   1.make a next  gen smart turbo boost 4  that can reduce time pr...
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  • Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T5500 Upgrade

    I my Dad asked me to update his notebook it is a Acer Aspire 5710  with a Intel T5500 . Ark.intel.com said the T5500 has  PBGA479, PPGA478 Sockets Support , so i bought a T7700 wich has also a PBGA479, PPGA4...
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  • New Processor Architecture Idea which brings you billions of US $

    Dear Intel,   i followed your inventions in CPU Design, eg. your Mesh topology and I thought it could be better, way better. Why not following the path of nature, Why have CPU Die to be in square. Do bees built...
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  • Intel core i5-8600k voltage

    bonjour, Dans le but d'un overclocking non poussé mais bien réglé, j'aimerai connaitre les tensions maximales et les tensions poussées mais raisonnable de tous les paramètres du pr...
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  • Intel i9 7920x processor is running at about 92-93C

    My i9 7920x processor is running at about 92-93C when I'm rendering video and doesn't drop below 38-40C when nothing is going on. These temps seem high. I'm using a Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240 to cool the cpu. Any ...
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  • intel® pentium® processor n3710

    Hello guys,   I need to buy a little notebook to study, read the pdf files and watch the video lessons and I would like to buy a dell´s notebook with led 11,6. I need to know if the intel® pentium...
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  • (ayuda) error este paquete no es compatible con su procesador...

    buenas hem me descargue una actualizacion para intel graphics 630 para mi i3 8100 que es nuevo y me salta este error que no es compatible con mi procesador. la version que tengo es
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