• Thermal sensor issue i7-7700k?

    I have a brand new build; EVERYTHING NEW. i7-7700k is running at stock speeds. I have the RAM set to XMP for DDR4-2666. Motherboard is Asus Maximus IX Hero Z270.   I have found that the i7-7700k reports a moment...
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  • Current Limit Throttling in XTU

    What is the definition of Current Limit Throttling in XTU? Does the core current really reach 120A?
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  • What is this intel

    Hello What is this intel nhb2801gb l7355a79
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  • Number of Cores Incorrect - i3-7100 @ 3.9GHz

    Sincerely I didn't realize that I had only been using a single core and I've had this CPU installed for about a year now. After running various identification programs including the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool, I ...
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  • Intel Turbo Boost Monitor

    Hello, My System: HP-Notebook with Intel i7-8550U Processor and Windows 10 Home Operating System Can someone point me to a SW-monitoring tool with GUI and Driver-SW to enable checking the Turbo Boost Activity in my ...
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  • How To Solve This 'Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0' Startup Annoyance?

    I'm breaking in a brand new, eight-core Cyberpower PC. From the first time it was turned on, each and every time the computer starts, a pop-up window appears over the desktop showing an "Intel Turbo Boost Max Technolo...
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  • i7-7500U the boost stop in game :( from 3.45GHz to 2.8GHz

    Hello buddy(s),   Since few months, I'm in trouble with my computer, as you read before my processor stop the past when I go intoa game, like I'm facing the desktop with 3.45GHz even if the game is running behin...
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  • What is this processor

    Hello What is this processor intel NH8201HBM F827LC90 SLB9A
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  • intel xtu graphics stress test failed

    I installed the most recent version of intel XTU  I am running windows 10 1709.  When i try to run the stress test for graphics it says it needs to install .net 3.5.  I allow it to install....
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  • New uCode for Broadwell-E break overclock capabylity!

    Dear Intel. After last windows update with security patches(updated microcode with protection Spectre v2) on 6-8 cores Broadwell-E(uCode version:0x1C) break ability overclock. Operating system set maximum multiplier...
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  • 7200U die size

    Hi guys, sorry for the trivial question, what's the die size for a i5 7200U? I have a Lenovo 720 13', I'm generally satisfied with the processor, but runs pretty hot, already cleaned the fans, but changed very littl...
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  • 8750H CPU stuck in c2 after S3 sleep until Windows reboot

    I have the following issue, just noticed this by pure random luck. I have a new Dell XPS 15 9570 laptop with i7-8750H CPU. After putting the laptop to S3 sleep and waking it up, the 8750H CPU enters just C2 anymore fo...
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  • Duel Intel Xeon Gold 6152 Lack Of Performance

    Purchased a new DELL precision 7920 work station, Windows 10 Pro, 64bit, 1803, For Workstations. (power setting is "Ultimate") Duel Intel Xeon Gold 6152, 2.1GHz, 3.7GHz Turbo 22C (88 Hyper threaded logical processors...
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  • XEON Phi 7290 really slow

    I have a  XEON Phi 7290 running on Windows Server 2016 Applications seem really slow while CPU utilisation is quite low, am I missing something. Can running A virtual machine help with the situation?
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  • About GPU

    My Desktop Computer Congfigaration  is:     Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz (6 CPUs) System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. System Model: Z370XP SLI BIOS: F5 (type: U...
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  • Current Limit Throttling on i7 7700HQ

    I have a HP Pavilion Power Notebook with i7 7700hq and GTX 1050 4GB,with intel XTU I always get Current limit throttling as yes which reduces CPU Cache frequency to 0.80 GHZ,Does this cause FPS drops in Games cause I ...
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  • Intel XTU failing to apply settings after waking from sleep

    (XTU v6.4.1.19 running on Windows 10 Home, v1709 / 16299.248 Processor is an i7 7700HQ, Microcode Update 0x84, in a Dell XPS15 9560)   Hi - I've been using XTU to undervolt my CPU and iGPU to keep the temperatu...
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  • Intel Atom N450

    Hello, I have a samsung np-n150-haz1it I found Intel Atom N450 is affected by Spectre. How to solve? Best Regards
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  • PCIE Lanes

    I Built a new system for many uses  I.E. Development ,Video Editing etc.. Used a 8th Gen  I7-8700k And Motherboard with the 370 Chipset  Plus 2 GTX 1080 TI Video cards Besides a few SSDs I also insta...
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  • Not Pressing or Important But ......... Question About Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool  .......

    Greetings,   In the past I occasionally used Intel's Processor Check Utility which gave an "OK" on all tested functions. On my  last attempt to use it, I was advised to download and use Intel's new IPDT. &...
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