• Why does The Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 control panel window pop up not disappear anymore on the startup of windows 10?

    I just updated to the latest Windows 10 Fall Creator Update, and I noticed that on restart or start up, the Intel Turbo Boost ... control panel window does not minimize anymore and is open in the desktop screen.  ...
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  • compatibility with gigabyte bios update F9b

    You posted this : GIGABYTE Leads Safety Actions Against Intel CPUs' Speculative Execution Vulnerabilities | News - GIGABYTE Global   After bios update here are the problems:   1) slow boot up, boot increa...
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  • Windows freeze

    Hello I got a new I7 4790k and when i use windows 10 I get a freeze, I can't do anything can't move my mouse, nothing at all. I can only restrat by force my pc and it happens more and more often and I know that is bec...
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    When running the SA-00086 console utility part of the out put is 'Re-Key needed:' and 'REKEY_ERROR value:'   What do these indicate ?
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  • Intel i9 7900x thermals don't meet intel specifications

    I have a problem,my i9 7900x thermals are horrible.I have asus rampage VI extreme x299 motherboard and custom loop with one 420mm rad and 360mm rad,9 fans. Problem is,when I do heavy CPU workload,my temps goes  ...
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  • KabyLake PCI Express Root Port #10 - A2B1 issue. Please help?

    Hello, Device manager is giving me a warning sign next to KabyLake PCI Express Root Port #10 - A2B1 it looks like drivers are not good. I am using a brand new Asrock Z370 Taichi w/ intel I7 8700K Coffee lake. ...
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  • Security Announcement INTEL-SA-00088

    I have read the Security Announcement Intel-SA-00088 from 1/17/2018 and I'm struggling to understand the lack of complete transparency regarding the higher reboots cited under the recently-released microcode updates; ...
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  • When the microcode update for the 2nd generation Intel Core (Sandy Bridge) for Spectre and Meltdown will be available?

    When the microcode update for the 2nd generation Intel Core (Sandy Bridge) processors for patching the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities will be available? Microcode update is required for branch target injection ...
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  • How do I fix my speedstep problem?

    Hi all.  New here, so apologies in advance regarding posting tech and etiquette.   I have a 3 year old Dell Inspiron 7559 and have recently applied updates to drivers and the BIOS.  Somewhere along the...
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  • So my Broadwell-y tablet is now a toaster?

    Dell published a bios update for the Venue 11 Pro 7140 with Core M 5Y10 on 9th of January with the Meltdown/Spectre MicroCode patches. Of course I did pre and after benchmarks of PcMark, Geekbench and CrystalDiskMark....
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  • 8700K incorrectly functioning Turbo Boost multiplier after updates

    Hello,   I will try to keep it as concise as possible.   - 8700K should boost up to 4700MHz/47x per one core. This is very easy to test if functional, through a monitoring app such as HWinfo64, High Perfor...
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  • Spectra / Meltdown issues? And how does it affect you?

    I was wondering if the issue has any i384 service problems? I currently use Windows 10 Home and do not have any further knowledge with other operating systems. Windows 10 home is currently just a problem for me. Mos...
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  • Meltdown

    I have a computer running Win 10 64-bit version 1709 with an i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70 GHZ, 100MHZ system bus, 4 MB L3 Cache, 4 threads & 2 cores.   What tool can I download and run to see if I have a vulnerabilit...
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  • Microcode update is incorrect

    For the latest "Linux Process Microcode Data File" (Download Linux* Processor Microcode Data File) on 1/8/18, it lists the products that are valid for the download.   The Intel Xeon Processor X5680 is listed as ...
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  • Question about Intel Core i5 7600K

    Hi,   I need help with broken Intel Core i5 7600k (LGA 1151 ** OEM [cm8067702868219s r32v]). Please, help me to find thу parameters of the missing resistor.
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  • How do I tell if my processor is affected or will get a "fix" for the recent lack of interest in security Intel has?

    Is there a app or utility that will tell me if my processor has been affected or is still affected by the meltdown and spectre feature of my Intel processors?
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  • Intel 7700K reaching high temps/usage

    Hi,   I just recently purchased this CPU along with other components to install into my computer and i have come upon an issue. My CPU usage spikes randomly and during gametime, it rises to 60+%, the temp also r...
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  • Virtuozzo 7 - Meltdown/Spectre (Microcode) Patch Performance desaster

    Hey there,   I got massive Performance Problems with Meltdown/Spectre Patches for Virtuozzo Virtualization. (Container) Since Meltdown/Spectre Patches the Performance dropped to unuseable levels. I patched one ...
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  • "The Intel Management Engine is unable to utilize the PECI over DMI facility"

    So, I have been circling the drain with Dell for several weeks now, as my servers are randomly rebooting. I have narrowed it down to my servers with the Broadwell proc.  Also this was happening prior to the curre...
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  • Intel SR29E Pentium N3700 after replace BGA error in driver  Intel Trusted Execution Engine Interface have a error (10)

    Laptop Brand:DELL Model: 15-5552   Description Issue: The original Issue is when i turn on the laptop gave a 7 Beeps error codes, this mean a cache error in processor have a issue, bad processor according to d...
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