• Unable to have the i7-5775C integrated graphic card set as default and GT 1030 as second graphic card

    Hi,   I have a maximus vii impact motherboard with an intel i7-5775C cpu, I set the bios to use the integrated graphic card as default and put in a second graphic card, a GT 1030. Also in the BIOS at the System ...
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  • 7900X Problems with Hyperthreading

    Hello, how much more time it will take until the hyperthreading problems will be fixed on Skylake X ? Its a big and very frustrating problem... spend that much money and Im slower then my old 2600K. All Audio Softwa...
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  • I7 7820X Turbo Boost 3.0 Issue

    Hello there i updated my BIOS today and before that i was getting 4.3 Ghz each core when play games or stress my cpu for benchmarking. But now i am getting only 4.0 Ghz while doing the same? i do not understand whats ...
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  • micnativeloadex only works with sudo mode on Xeon Phi

    I am trying to run a program natively on the Phi coprocessor with Linux. I am able to do this successfully as an administrator. Without su privileges, however, I get the following error: Error enumerating Intel(R) Xeo...
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  • What would cause a total systems crash while overclocking?

    Hi!   I'm working on my new Motherboard (Z270 Gaming M3) and overclocking my i7-6700k processor, running some bench tests. I happened to have had a full systems crash once and wondered what the root cause of tha...
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  • Pentium (R) - is it affected by Spectre or Meltdown?

    Chip is Intel (R) Pentium (R) CPU G3220 @ 3.0 GHz in Dell Inspiron, running Windows 10.  Pentium (R) is not in Intel's list of affected chips for either Spectre or Meltdown, unless I've missed something.  Do...
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  • Can Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8.0 be installed and run on the 7th and 8th generation intel chip

    As my question states: Can Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8 be installed on a 7th generation or 8th generation intel chip computer? What I want to do is partition my 'new' computer and make a dual boot. I want to do this fo...
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  • Replacement and selection of compatible processors

    Hello! My name is Nikolai. Help me if it is within your power. I own a laptop Samsung NP-RF712 S01RU with an Intel Core i5-2410M processor on Socket PPGA988B. Which of these processors is fully compatible with i5-2410...
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  • Xeon E3 1275 v5 and v6 Interoperability

    Hi there, Six months ago I upgraded one of our HP ProLiant ML10 servers by replacing the original Pentium with a Xeon E3 1275 v5 (the motherboard supports both processors) I now want to upgrade another of our HP Pro...
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  • xtu setup fails with error 0x80070643

    hi. I uninstalled xtu few days ago, in order to re-install it.   but when i tried to install it again, it gives error 0x80070643.   here are logs. the korean line says: "Microsoft VBScript 런타임 오류: 첨자 사용이 ...
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  • Xeon E5 disable DDIO in OS?

    Hi,   Recently we are investigating some functionalities of Xeon CPU (E5 2660 V4), and I know it's possible to enable or disable the DDIO in BIOS(though I could not find this option in the our BIOS GUI). So righ...
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  • kaby lake problem

    Buenas tengo un problema de controlador (kaby lake pci express root port #10 - a2b1) y nose como solucionarlo , he probado muchas cosas y no le encuentro solucion , espero que me puedan ayudar Good I have a driver pr...
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  • Just installed the i5 6600k and I keep getting "this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software"

    I just installed this and I don't know where else to ask. I just upgraded my cpu from an i5 3330 to an i5 6600k just to really get better fps on csgo.   When trying to update my drivers I get an "this computer d...
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  • Intel-SA-00086 Detection Tool - exe not usable, bacause no single file

    We want to deploy the Intel-SA-00086 Detection Tool. But the console exe file is not simple to use! At INTEL-SA-00075 this was a single exe file, and very simple tu deploy. But at INTEL-SA-00086 this are many files...
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  • Buzzing noise from brand-new i7-8700 & cooler.

    Hi,   I recently bought several Intel CPUs and built desktops. One of the CPUs that I purchased is i7-8700. Everything about this instance of CPU is great, except that its cooler is making noise that does not so...
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  • Thermal sensor issue i7-7700k?

    I have a brand new build; EVERYTHING NEW. i7-7700k is running at stock speeds. I have the RAM set to XMP for DDR4-2666. Motherboard is Asus Maximus IX Hero Z270.   I have found that the i7-7700k reports a moment...
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  • Does Xeon E5-2630 v4 support Userspace Governor ?

    Hi, I have a debian Debian 4.9.51 with Intel Xeon E5-2630 v4. The question is : Does this processor supports setting a manual frequency? Whatever I do, I fail to let the intel_pstate driver enable the "userspace" g...
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  • Is the constant load on the processor from 90 to 100% harmful for processor ?

    In our company there is one server.  His processor was anytime loaded at 90-100%. Nearly month later, he broke down. One person said that the server broke because his processor was too heavily loaded.   A...
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  • How can i overclocking Intel core i5-4670k cpu @ 3.40ghz haswell with motherboard GIGABYTE Z97-D3H?

    I have motherboard GIGABYTE Z97-D3H and my processor is Intel core i5-4670k cpu @ 3.40ghz haswell and i want to safely overclocking but i don't know how..... anyone can help....?
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  • I7 7700k at 2.1 Ghz

    Hey guys, need some help here. I've recently bought an i7 7700k, an Asrock b250 matx-hdv and a 2400mhz DDR4 memory stick, but the processor can't reach a clock greater than 2.1GHz. What should I do?
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