• What is this intel

    Hello What is this intel nhb2801gb l7355a79
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  • What is this processor

    Hello What is this processor intel NH8201HBM F827LC90 SLB9A
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  • Intel Processor Trace and Intel Last Branch Record

    Hello, currently i am looking for a Server/Workstation Processors that supports both (at the same time) Intel Processor Trace and Intel Last Branch Record. During my research i found the following information given ...
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  • Atom z8750 TDP

    Where can I get any information about Atom z8750 TDP or max wattage? I have already looked in datasheets (docs № 332065 and 332066), but no success. There is also no Z8000 series thermal guide on Atom technical resour...
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  • FIVR Control MSRs(0x150) on Haswell/Haswell-E/Broadwell/Broadwell-E/Skylake-X

    Dear Intel. Where find documetation for  MSR for control Integrated Voltage Regulator(FIVR/iVR)(0x150)?\?
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  • Intel Xeon Gold 6128

    We like to use this CPU for Oracle 12c se2 Database. This is 6 core cpu. (12 Threads). Is this a Multi chip CPU or just a single chip CPU? Thank you Regards Michael
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  • MSRs for Intel Atom e3825

    Hello. Can you share information about Intel MSRs for Intel Atom e3825? Didn't found any public information about specific MSRs for this processor.   Thank you!
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  • About GPU

    My Desktop Computer Congfigaration  is:     Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz (6 CPUs) System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. System Model: Z370XP SLI BIOS: F5 (type: U...
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  • Processor with CMT, MBM, L3 CAT, L3 CDP and MBA

    Hello every body,   I want to buy a server with two processors that each supports at least 16 cores, also I need they support CMT, MBM, L3 CAT and L3 CDP, in a ideal world they also support MBA. I have read that...
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  • How to find Intel cpu L2 cache?

    Dear all , could you share me how to find the L2 cache of CPU? thank you very much?
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  • Intel Core i7 8086K core voltage range?

    Hi,   I would like to know the core voltage range of the 8086k at 4.0GHz?   Thanks leader.desslock
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  • What does Comfigurable TDP-up/down mean in Intel ARK specifications?

    Like what I've said in the question, what do they mean and repersent in the image below?   p.s. 0.40GHz is actually achieved via software throttling, which I don't recommend to do so (as on some platform, do...
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  • Compatible Upgrades for HP G50-126NR

    What are some compatible upgrades for my HP G50-126NR?
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  • Processor i5 4670 3.40ghz works at% 79

    Hello, I'm new here, after doing a test with several programs I discovered that my processor works at 79% of its maximum capacity and processes at a speed of 2.69ghz, does anyone know anything about it? this is normal...
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    I installed bluestacks android emulator and it says it will run slow since i don't have VIRUALIZATION ENABLED & directed me to INTEL'S WEBSITE TO DOWNLOAD A UTILITY THAT WOULD determine my cpu and give me instruct...
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  • Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T5500 Upgrade

    I my Dad asked me to update his notebook it is a Acer Aspire 5710  with a Intel T5500 . Ark.intel.com said the T5500 has  PBGA479, PPGA478 Sockets Support , so i bought a T7700 wich has also a PBGA479, PPGA4...
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  • Intel VTx  wont be available  in I5 7200U if  either memory integrity or virtualization based security is enabled

    Two days before again I checked the features like intel Vtx in cpu intel i5 7200 on the asus vivobook 15 R542UQ-DM153  laptop   I recorded three videos using my laptop. In first video , I enabled securebo...
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  • Intel Xeon E5-2698V3 SSE4.2 Support

    Hi.   We have a bunch of Dell Servers with this processor and recently a customer ask us if the processor supports SSEV4, so we check the INTEL ARK  to find if the processor suport that or not, and found th...
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  • Intel i5 3330 + Gigabyte B75M-D3H + Memories compatibility

    Hi guys my current Desktop has the following specs: Corsair ATX GS600 600W CMPSU-600G-WW GigaByte GA-B75M-D3H LGA1155 (rev 1.0) Core i5-3330 3.00GHz 6MB LGA1155 BX80637I53330 G.SKill Ripjaws 8GB (2x4GB) 1...
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  • core i5-8600k & ASRock z370 extreme4 & G.SKILL Sniper X DDR4 3000MHz Kit 2x8GB (F4-3000C16D-16GSXKB)

    Hello. The problem is that A1 and A2 memory slots are not working at all. I have 2x8GB kit, but it works only in B1 and B2 slots. I've been looking all over the internet and found out that there could be a problem wi...
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