• Is the E5-2670 V1 a multi-chip (MCM) CPU?

    Hi everyone.   I need to confirm if the E5-2670 V1 is multichip (MCM) or single chip CPU (all cores are in a single die or in multiple dies for MCM) but can't find any precise information. Most threads are lock...
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  • Looking for list of processors that support f16c [FP16C]

    Hi, I'm looking for a processor that has the FP16 half-precision floating point support. It looks like this is not related to any other instruction set (e.g. AVX) support, but I cannot search for this in ARK, or even...
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    When running the SA-00086 console utility part of the out put is 'Re-Key needed:' and 'REKEY_ERROR value:'   What do these indicate ?
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  • compatibility with gigabyte bios update F9b

    You posted this : GIGABYTE Leads Safety Actions Against Intel CPUs' Speculative Execution Vulnerabilities | News - GIGABYTE Global   After bios update here are the problems:   1) slow boot up, boot increa...
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  • How can I measure CPU usage of my Intel Celeron?

    Hello everyone,   I have a piece of hardware in my lab which I need to test. The rare documentation about this device says it is equipped with an Intel Celeron CPU with 300 MHz and 128k bytes of secondary cash. ...
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  • Where can I find the microcode 06-2c-02 revision 1E, or 1D (from 2016/2017)?

    I have looked through the microcode download page, but cannot find this particular microcode version there.   It is not the new one that is to be released to fix the Meltdown thing. It is the one that fixes the...
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  • Question about Intel Core i5 7600K

    Hi,   I need help with broken Intel Core i5 7600k (LGA 1151 ** OEM [cm8067702868219s r32v]). Please, help me to find thу parameters of the missing resistor.
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  • What is the correct microcode update file to apply?

    The releasenotes file in the microcode update file package explains the file naming scheme: "intel-ucode dirctory contains binary microcode files named in family-model-stepping pattern."   However, there is no...
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  • About the topic related to Jagged Shadows, Low LOD, Jagged AA, and Shimmering Borders

    My question is related the discussion which I added the link here; Jagged Shadows, Low LOD, Jagged AA, and Shimmering Borders I wrote it there but cound'nt get a answer. Like I said How can I convince the warrant s...
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  • what does SA-00086 Intel Detection Tool do ?

    Can anyone tell me what the SA-00086 Intel Detection tool actually does ?   Does it ?   1) Only test the processor to see if it is one of the many processors on a long listing of processors which are vulne...
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  • Update issue

    After the chip flaw , i recently updated my OS. But i keep seeing this error- unsupported hardware, what should i do about it?
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  • I7 7820X Current Limit Throttling

    Hey there i have MSI x299 gaming pro carbon main board and i7-7820X processor.   I was doing stress test using Intel Extreme Tuning Utility it says i passed the test but the Current Limit Throttling is blink...
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  • Intel-SA-00086 Detection Tool - exe not usable, bacause no single file

    We want to deploy the Intel-SA-00086 Detection Tool. But the console exe file is not simple to use! At INTEL-SA-00075 this was a single exe file, and very simple tu deploy. But at INTEL-SA-00086 this are many files...
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  • How can i overclocking Intel core i5-4670k cpu @ 3.40ghz haswell with motherboard GIGABYTE Z97-D3H?

    I have motherboard GIGABYTE Z97-D3H and my processor is Intel core i5-4670k cpu @ 3.40ghz haswell and i want to safely overclocking but i don't know how..... anyone can help....?
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  • How to find the cores that share L1 cache in Xeon (R) D-1548 processor

    I need to find the cores that utilize the same L1 cache in xeon d-1548 processor.As the Intel Xeon D-1548 has The number of CPU cores 8 The number of threads 16 Floating Point Unit Integrated Level 1 cache size ? 8...
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  • Does i7-8650u support TSX-NI?

    Intel® Core™ i7-8650U Processor (8M Cache, up to 4.20 GHz) Product Specifications does not mention transaction extension support.
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  • I bought a sample CPU

    Hello guys. I bought a  used "sample" CPU i as i can see from the intel diagnostics tool.. I didn't know about it. Some guy told me it's illegal to sell those CPUs. What can I do now? I can't find that guy anym...
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  • Web service to query the ARK database?

    Does Intel expose a web service to query the ARK database by processor Family and/or name (eg. "4 Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 0")?
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  • Detection tool will not detect my cpu, I can't download drivers either.

    I recently updated my build. The purpose was to upgrade from my amd to an intel processor, which in turn required a new motherboard, new ram in this case, and a new cooler, etc. I currently am using a Gigabyte z270x U...
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  • List of all CPUIDs?

    Can anyone help direct me to a single list (hopefully maintained) of all the CPUID product model strings ever encoded across the Intel processor product line? This could be done in a second from Intel's data warehous...
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