• My New Core i9 7940X Machine Gives Whea Uncorrectable Error

    Hi,   I recently purchased a high end PC with Core i9 7940X processor, Asus 1080 Ti GPU, X299-A Motherboard and 2x16GB ram. After instaling windows 10 and using for some time, I figured out that the machine is g...
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  • [8700k] Short stutters / freezing with new hardware & updated software

    Hello,   Recently about 1~ month ago I have bought new hardware for my pc.   The parts I initially bought:   -Intel i7 8700K -ASRock z370 Extreme4 -G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4 3200Mhz 2x8GB -Scythe Mugen...
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  • Will an i7-6700 or i7-6700K run on a motherboard designed for a low power i7-6700T?

    I have an HP Hamar motherboard that supports a 35W i7-6700T. I currently have an i5-6400T in there and would like to upgrade.   I am finding the appropriate i7-6700T to be difficult to find from a reliable sourc...
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  • Intel Core i5 4670K will it work on the frequency of RAM more than 1600 MHz

    Hello everyone, I have a question, there is a motherboard asus maximum of 6 Hero, RAM can work at a frequency of more than 1866 MHz, on the Intel site specified 1600 MHz is the maximum for the processor, whether the p...
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  • Intel® Turbo Boost Technology with ESXi

    Hi, how intel turbo boost works with ESXi?   This feature is requested just when we have CPU contention?   This feature works just when the processors have capacity of power and temperature?   If the...
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  • i5-2520m never downclocks to 800 MHz

    I have a Lenovo X220 with an i5-2520m CPU and 8GB DDR3L-1600 which the no whitelist BIOS supports properly to the SPD tables   My CPU always runs at 3.0 GHz with a multiplier of 30 no matter what. So much for an...
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  • Intel Xeon E5-2698V3 SSE4.2 Support

    Hi.   We have a bunch of Dell Servers with this processor and recently a customer ask us if the processor supports SSEV4, so we check the INTEL ARK  to find if the processor suport that or not, and found th...
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  • 8th Gen Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors Compatibility with new Intel® 300 Series chipset

    8th Generation Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors continue to use LGA1151 socket; however they require motherboards based on the new Intel® 300 Series chipset (for example, Intel® Z370 Chipset). Thes...
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  • Any suggested Intel processor to use?

    Current computer: Plan to replace the ASRock Intel Celeron with a faster processor. Items considered: - Current motherboard plan, must be mini-ITX: ASRock H81TM-ITX R2.0 LGA 1150 Intel H81 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Min...
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  • Intel SA-00115 microcode patch 0200004D bring Core i9 7980XE TJ Max from 105 to 110 degrees celcius

    Hi all @Intel support   l had check Core i9 7980XE TJ Max increse from 105 degree Celsius to 110 from “0200004D” microcode which was Intel officially guidance June 22,2018 here.   https://ww...
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  • Intel Heatsink for i9 CPU

    Can BXTS13A use with i9-7900X?
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  • SSD DC P3700 works only in the PCIe Gen2 mode on a board of S2600GZ & E5-2690 v1

    How to include support of PCIe Gen3 on S2600GZ? CPU E5-2690 V1 is not able to work with PCIe Gen3 normally?   Similar question -------- Platform ID S2600GZ PCI Express Revision - 3.0 Max # of PCI Express La...
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  • laptop CPU upgrade

    Hello there everyone, i have an old laptop toshiba satalite C-850-b908 with Core i3 3120m CPU and i wanted to upgrade it so i check a local store for used stuff and i found an Core i7 3621QM, so i figured both are lap...
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  • Windows 10 Compatibility for i7-620UE

    I am investigating possible operating systems for use on a VDM board using the i7-620UE processor. Specifically, with the appropriate memory and RAM, will Windows 10 Enterprise (64-bit) work on the i7-620UE?   A...
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  • i5-4570TE thermal specs

      Hi all.   We have a project on we was using i5-4590T for a time without problems. Due this processor is EOL we switch to i5-4570TE.   We select the i5-4570TE as replacement due they have the same ...
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  • i5-8600k и windows 10

    Процессор i5- 8600k, windiws10(1803 сборка 17134.81). Провожу тесты процессора, и тесты показывают  результаты ( winrar-6200 балов, CINEBENCHR-564 балов). Загружаю windows в безопасном режиме показатели совсем др...
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  • i5 8600k UHD 630 wont download

    I have an ASUS Prime A Z370 Motherboard, I have no graphics card right now, all of those drivers are uninstalled already, I have an i5 8600k, I have corsair LPX 3000OC'd RAM, This is what Intel's scanner states....
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  • B-250,i7-7700K and GTX 1080 good together???

    Hi. I am looking to upgrade my rig but am a bit unsure about my current mobo paired with i7-7700K and GTX 1080.My current CPU is i5-7500. I also want to upgrade my GTX 1060,6GB to a 1080. I'm running M.2/SATA SSD's...
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  • Installation error Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU)

    I am facing the same error as many users here.   My notebook is a Dell 15R 5537 The processor is the i7-4500U   I have updated the bios of the note, but the error continues.   Can someone help...
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  • is my CPU going bad i have i3 6100

    hi my CPU is I3 6100 i have a problem for some time now when i open Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit) my pc crash some time the screen goes black then it goes back to normal i am using integrated GPU is my CPU going bad? ...
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