• intel core i7 8700 3.2 вылетают игры

    Здравствуйте всем. Помогите найти проблему с компьютером - - Может дело в Процессоре? Материнская плата / Motherboard  - Z370-KRAIT-GAMING Процессор - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 8700 3.2GHz Оперативная память (ОЗ...
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  • i9| i7 8700| ES of Xeon e5-26xx v4

    Hi all,   To run Tensorflow GPU , and convolution network GPU algorithms I am considering processors:   1) i7 8700 2) i9 7900x 3) xeon e5-2690v4 ES   Needless to say that I am a poor student and wo...
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  • Производительность i7 8700 и i7 8700k в стоке с Turbo Boost

    Здравствуйте, помогите с таким вопросом:   Есть два процессора i7 8700 и i7 8700k, которые работают на стоковых частотах с включенным турбобустом. Будет ли у них значимая разница в производительности, ведь у них...
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  • CPU upgrade issue

    Dear Customer Service   I would need your technical support.   This is my actual system. (Photo is attached)       I wanted to upgrade Legacy Intel® Celeron® Processor Mobile 520 t...
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  • i7-7700HQ strongly falling frequencies

    Hello, I ran into a problem on my laptop ASUS GL753VE (i7 7700hq gtx 1050 ti 16gb ram), the frequencies in the usual game (in the example of GTA 5) drop very much, although with the temperatures everything is ok. What...
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  • A question on exact specs of Core 4700MQ, 4800MQ, 4900MQ

    Hello,   I have an impression that exact specs of Core 4700MQ, 4800MQ and 4900MQ on ark.intel.com may be not 100% correct. There, the info on max HDMI and VGA resolutions is as follows:   4700MQ: 3840x2160...
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  • i3-4160 with NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX vs AMD Phenom ii (6 Core) 1055T with GTX 470 1280MB for Premiere Pro and AE

    I use Premiere Pro CS6 and AE CS6 and possible Continuum Beauty Studio (to make actors look younger) to create videos. Nothing fancy. How do I compare i3-4160 with NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX vs AMD Phenom ii (6 Core) 1...
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  • i7-6700T breakdown

    Good morning I am using the i7-6700T cpu. The hd520 built-in graphics will function normally. The external graphics gtx1050 does not recognize it. There is no gtx1050 on the Windows 10 device. If you change ...
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  • Xeon E5 2696v3 vs I9 7980XE

    Hello. I want to update my system by changing the socket, from x99 to x299, to switch to E5 2696 V3 at the new I9 7980xe processor. I deal with rendering, video conversions that require power and speed, because if I'...
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  • CPU Sockets

    Are FCPGA988 CPU sockets compatible with FCBGA1440 sockets? I have a Core i5-3230M @2.60GHz in my Dell Vostro 3460, and I would like to upgrade to a i7-7700HQ @2.80GHz.
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  • Best Thermal Paste. Acer Nitro 5 Core i7 7700HQ

    ive got a new Acer Nitro 5 Laptop with Intel Core i7 7700HQ, this laptop is prone to high CPU temps, i have already undervolted a little bit and it helped but id like to further decrease my temps, so ive come to the r...
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  • Microcode Histroy

    @ Intel -> please can you tell me if microcode 0x0b000021 is higher than 0x0b00001b. do you have a history of microcodes    Thank you very much in advance! Kind Regards
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  • reading results of ipdt test

    I have a Lenovo thinkpad L412 and downloaded the IPDT from Intel to run, as I was having problems with intermittent shutdowns in windows 10. I have the 1511 update installed. The processor is the Intel I 5 520 m 2.40 ...
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  • I7 7700K wird relativ heiß. Woran könnte es liegen?

    Also mein Problem ist schon länger dass mein i7 7700K(Stock)die 80° erreicht. Diese zwar in Spielen nur als max Wert aber trotzdem ist das schon etwas hoch. Meine Kühlung ist eine NZXT Kraken X62. Diese...
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  • Lenovo all in one with I5 or I7?

    I had a Lenovo B50-30 with an I5-4460T processor. That PC got hit by lightning via the Ethernet cable and has now been replaced with a new Lenovo AIO 910 all in one which has an I5 6400T CPU @ 2.20GHz. It has 8Gb RAM ...
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  • needed upgrade from i5 (450m) 1st generation laptop processor

    hello i am using dell studio 1558 which is having i5 450m 1st gen.with AMD mobility Radeon HD 5000 series . i want to upgrade my processor.. please let me know what are possible upgrades available..
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  • Intel i5 8th Gen question

    Hi,  this is my first post on Intel forums. Had a small question about i5-8250 processor. Clock speed is 1.6Mhz which goes upto 3.4 Mhz in Turbo boost. I was constantly watching task manager and found proce...
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  • processador

    quais processadores sao compativeis com intel b800 para fazer um up
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  • Best processor i7 7700HQ vs i7 8550U?

    Hi, I'm an electrical engineering student and I wanted to buy a new notebook for university use but also for everyday life. I use the PC to start quite heavy programs like Matlab and Simulink, Autocad but also to cre...
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  • So my Broadwell-y tablet is now a toaster?

    Dell published a bios update for the Venue 11 Pro 7140 with Core M 5Y10 on 9th of January with the Meltdown/Spectre MicroCode patches. Of course I did pre and after benchmarks of PcMark, Geekbench and CrystalDiskMark....
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