• Looking for list of processors that support f16c [FP16C]

    Hi, I'm looking for a processor that has the FP16 half-precision floating point support. It looks like this is not related to any other instruction set (e.g. AVX) support, but I cannot search for this in ARK, or even...
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  • So my Broadwell-y tablet is now a toaster?

    Dell published a bios update for the Venue 11 Pro 7140 with Core M 5Y10 on 9th of January with the Meltdown/Spectre MicroCode patches. Of course I did pre and after benchmarks of PcMark, Geekbench and CrystalDiskMark....
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  • Where are the datasheets for Penryn T6400 etc - looking for VID/MSR values and Thermal

    Hi - I wanted to compare the VID table for a Penryn processor T6400 against the X9100. On ark when I click on datasheet via Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T6400 (2M Cache, 2.00 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) Product Specif...
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  • higher or lower ghz speed?

    im comparing 2 laptops both with the i5-8250u core. one has 1.6 ghz and the other 3.4 ghz. should i opt for the higher or lower speed with this processor?
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  • Replacement and selection of compatible processors

    Hello! My name is Nikolai. Help me if it is within your power. I own a laptop Samsung NP-RF712 S01RU with an Intel Core i5-2410M processor on Socket PPGA988B. Which of these processors is fully compatible with i5-2410...
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  • Xeon E3 1275 v5 and v6 Interoperability

    Hi there, Six months ago I upgraded one of our HP ProLiant ML10 servers by replacing the original Pentium with a Xeon E3 1275 v5 (the motherboard supports both processors) I now want to upgrade another of our HP Pro...
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  • About the topic related to Jagged Shadows, Low LOD, Jagged AA, and Shimmering Borders

    My question is related the discussion which I added the link here; Jagged Shadows, Low LOD, Jagged AA, and Shimmering Borders I wrote it there but cound'nt get a answer. Like I said How can I convince the warrant s...
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  • Comparison of Xeon Gold 6138 and Xeon w-2195 for workstation

    Hi all, I'm lucky enough to be setting up a reasonably high-end workstation for research purposes. It's going to look something like this:   CPUs: 2 x Intel Xeon w-2195 V4: 20 cores each = 40 cores GPUs: 2 x Nvi...
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  • Gold 5118 Processor versus E5-2650 v4 Processor

    Se puede afirmar que el procesador Gold 5118  es mejor que el E5-2650 v4? hay informacion publica al respecto?
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  • Coffee Lake PCIe Lanes

    So i was kinda confused about the new Coffee lake series. Because on the intel site it states that the 8700k only supports 16 PCIe lanes. But what if i wanna use 2 or more GPUs which each require 16 lanes. i heard abo...
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  • X56xx vs W36xx series

    Hi!   I have some spare parts laying around - all except the CPU - and I think it's a good opportunity to build a system out of them. FYI - P6T6 WS (X58), 12GB DDR3, SSD   Top CPUs supported by that board...
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  • Ivy Bridge I7 4930K vs witch CPU now ??

    Hi all, from France.   Please, can you tell me which equivalent CPU is now in front a I7 4930K ?? (LGA2011, no compatible with V3) A friend crashed its motherboard. Try to find one in 2017... (DDR3 bank also) &...
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  • About I9 X serie Temps (7940x in my case)

    Hello To the Intel team !   So i buy this wonderfull CPU the i9 7940x for improving my performance in 3D render with the core's and the good clock and IPC for the 2D workloads and the games as well. The perform...
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  • I need to replace urgently the following workstation HP Z620 E5-2620v2/16Gb/256 GB SSD/K4000. Which processor will currently have simmilar specs and performance.

    I need to replace urgently the following workstation HP Z620 E5-2620v2/16Gb/256 GB SSD/K4000. Is anybody able to assist me in choosing a processor which has similar specs and performance? Thanks.
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  • i7 7700k temps?

    What type of temps are yall getting on yalls i7 7700k CPUs I have mine running at stock speeds on a 240 mm liquid cooling loop and in cpu-z stress test over about an hour I am hitting 80 degrees C to me that seems way...
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  • Substituição de processador

    boa tarde a todos, sou novo aqui, minha primeira duvida é qual o melhor e mais top processador para substituir meu PENTIUM DUAL CORE E2200 ?
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  • Web service to query the ARK database?

    Does Intel expose a web service to query the ARK database by processor Family and/or name (eg. "4 Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 0")?
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  • List of all CPUIDs?

    Can anyone help direct me to a single list (hopefully maintained) of all the CPUID product model strings ever encoded across the Intel processor product line? This could be done in a second from Intel's data warehous...
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    I have an Acer Predator G3-710 (KBL) U3E1) from Costco. The computer came stock with the i7-7700 (Kaby Lake) I came across an i7 8700 processor and figured I'd try it and see if it was worth purchasing it.  I cou...
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  • 7th Gen i7 Vs 8th Gen i7

    Hi ,   I saw that in   7th Gen i7 (7700 HQ)      -->     2.8 GHz and upto 3.8 GHz 8th Gen i7 (8550 U)         -->...
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