• D54250WYKH/D54250WYB - Need firmware image for SPI flash

    Hi,   I need your help: Can someone _please_ provide me a capture of the flash chip from a working D54250WYB with a current firmware version? I mean a direct capture of the 8MB chip.  A D54250WYB system (am...
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  • How to fix audio pops in Linux.

    Hey gang,   I run Linux on my HNK  Hades Canyon NUC. (Fedora 28 with kernel 4.18-rc7)   There is a very subtle yet annoying audio POP that happens immediately before & after any normal audio play...
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  • NUC7i5BNH Bios Update from 0060 to 0061 Failed Unit Is Now Bricked. Help!

    G'day Folks,   I purchased a NUC7i5BNH in November 2017 to be used as media centre using Windows 10 as the OS and between November and now i have done multiple driver and bios updates using the Intel Driver &...
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  • audio popping from headphone jack

    I was hearing a crackling / popping sound in the speakers or headphones plugged into the on-board audio jack.  The pop seemed to occur at the start of audio, for example adjusting the volume control in windows, a...
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  • Withdrawal of Express BIOS updates

    intel_corp   The withdrawal of the Express BIOS updates for new versions means that there appears to be no way to remotely update system firmware on NUCs that don't support AMT (which is almost every model). ...
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  • NUC (nuc6cays) help updating HDMI firmware

    Hi I've been using Win10 with the Nuc (nuc6cays) for a couple years now but like others I'm having trouble getting my new Samsung HDTV (49" QN49Q6F) to recognize it through the HDMI port.  I have searched through...
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  • shortcomings of NUC7PJYH

    It indeed supports 2x 8Gb RAMs. I configured it with 2x BLS8G4S240FSD and an SSD (Samsung 860 EVO, 500G). The RAMs work well; so far no any issues. Here I just point out several small shortcomings I have identified: ...
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  • NUC5i3RYH no display with hdmi or displayport. What can be done?

    Hi,   I have a NUC5i3RYH and cannot make the screen work. Monitor says no signal.   1 . It used to be working with DP and mini-hdmi as well. 2 . Now it does not work with any of them. 3 . I tried differe...
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  • [out-of-the-box] Huge

    What I get out of our NUC Community is both the formal (Intel responses) and informal collaborative discussion environment created and monitored by Intel and other great minds. We can explore the thought process of e...
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  • NUC5CPYH Windows 10 Pro - won't update past 1607.  Get black screen with cursor after logging in.

    Had a Dell laptop that had the same issue.  The solution was to update Windows but I can't on the NUC.  Anyone able to update Windows 10 past 1607? 
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  • A possible solution to the HD audio issues in LPSCON interface

    Hi All:   I experienced the following issues in my NUC6CAYH, lack of support for DTS-HD-MA and other HBR audio file formats, lack of support for PCM audio at 192/24 encoding, applying the latest firmware and driv...
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  • Audio noise with NUC HNK

    greetings all,   Have set up my new NUC HNK using 16gb single RAM, WD 500GB black PCIe m.2 SSD, HDMI into a 24" Samsung SB24750v monitor (with integral speakers). Audio is working as it should via HDMI (Only- no...
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  • NUC8i7HVK - latest update cycle - ISSUES

    Hello again, I was able to track some things down at least for my issues.   Upgrading BIOS from 40 to 44:      - No TPM available in Windows 10 (even though it is available in BIOS AND turn...
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  • NUC6CAYH unable to boot, ring led status stuck in fade mode, BIOS defaults does not solve

    Hi,   I've been using a linux based tool (GitHub - milesp20/intel_nuc_led: Intel NUC7i[x]BN and NUC6CAY LED Control for Linux ) to change the Ring LED on the NUC6CAYH to different colors and modes. I may have s...
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  • Windows 7 on NUC6CAYH and similar.

    Although Intel has chosen not to provide official drivers for Windows 7 for the NUC6CAYH there is anecdotal information on the internet that all hardware can be made to work with no issues left in Device Manager. Appa...
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  • NUC6CAYS high definition audio problem

    I have an Intel NUC6CAYS running Windows 10 and JRiver 23 connected to a Parasound P5 preamp via optical or usb. The P5 can take all sample rates up to 96 with usb and up to 192 from optical. Here's the problem - wit...
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  • Intel NUC no boot, click sound. no display

    I am having an INTEL NUC that was unused for some time. I successfully installed Ubuntu. After that, I formatted the hard drive as wanted only windows and tried installing Windows. I was partitioning and it got stuck ...
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  • M.2 Storage for NUC7I7BNHX1

    Hi everyone.  I'm thinking of buying a NUC7I7BNHX1 but have the following question:   If there is only 1 M.2 slot, and it is taken by the pre-installed 16GB Optane memory, how are we to install a NVME disk?...
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  • Solution for Win10 1803 Upgrade failure with 0xC0000017

    Hello there,   my NUC6i7KYK with Win10 pro tried to upgrade to 1803 yesterday and failed twice with error 0xC0000017 "There is not enough memory for ramdisk" when rebooting into WinPE. Searching the internet fou...
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  • Hyperthreading on Nuc not fully working

    Hello,   I have a NUC7i7BNB, board version J31145-302, BIOS NBKBL357.86A.0063.2018.0413.1542 running Win10 x64 pro.   (I have just now updated all the software as it would never update in the past using th...
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