• Advise for VMware vSphere Hypervisor 6.7

    Hello Everybody, I am new on VMWare and got a PC which has- Intel Core i7 8th gen processor, now 16GB DDR4 RAM (within 2 months it will have 32GB), 2TB HDD (7200RPM) And a Intel 32 GB Optane Memory    No...
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  • Having two optane modules, can I use one as boost for windows and the other one as storage for another OS?

    I understand only one Optane module can be used for system acceleration, and attached to one SATA drive. My question is, would I be able to use the second module as a regular SSD, for the boot and system partitions of...
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  • hello,

    my pc says it is configuration is for 16 GB ..but will it support  a 32 GB ??
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  • Pinning question

    I see that in order to use the pinning function of optane you need at least a 32gb module....Why? I have a 16gb module, according to my monitoring I have over 13gb free all the time, when running games, using art pr...
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  • Optane Compatibility Questions

    I have a couple of questions about the m.2 slot, NVMe over PCIe, and general compatibility.   Short version: 1. Can I use the Optane memories in an m.2 slot with M-keying? 2. How many PCIe lanes will be used?&...
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  • Can you use Optane Memory on a PCI-E expansion card?

    Hello everyone,   My current motherboard supports 2 types of m.2 one slot supports 2280 which is being used by my boot drive (Samsung 960 EVO NVME).  My other m.2 slot that is open is compatible with 42mm a...
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  • Can My Laptop use Optane?

    Dear Intel Support Center! Can My Laptop use Optane ? My Spec: I7-7700 HQ Chip Set Intel HM 175 Kaby-Lake BIOS E1799IMS.31C 1TB HDD 120 SSD Win 10 Pro x64     . Please Reply!
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  • Intel® Optane™ SSD DC P4800X

    Which software should i install to do best effort with (Intel® Memory Drive Technology) on my Intel® Optane™ SSD DC P4800X is this right ?  SetupOptaneMemory Please help and thanks
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  • Optane Future Support of Accelerated RAID 1

    Is Intel working on or considering working on a way to enable Optane acceleration of a RAID 1?   The protection of a RAID 1 very important to me and has saved me from the  loss of many hours of developm...
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  • When will Dynamic HDDs be supported with Optane Cache

    I want to say that I am truly appreciative that Intel did decide to support secondary drives. With that said, I do not understand why dynamic volumes are unsupported. This means that I have to take my 2 HDDs out of s...
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  • Cannot install Optane Memory

    I keep getting the same error code, says it cannot write to my hard drive. I have free space at the end of my hard drive but still receive this message.
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  • Accelerating secondary drive with Optane

    Hello! I have a PC based on ASUS PRIME Z370-A motherboard with Intel Core i5-8400 CPU and Two storages: 120G WD M.2 SSD disc and WD Green 2TB HDD disc. I’m very interested in Intel Optane memory modules and befo...
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  • optane driver wont install because efi partition at end of drive

    I just got the optane but the driver at install gives error 0x001004B. The error support page says to resize the efi partition which is located at the end of the drive but i can't get the efi partition do anything as ...
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  • Can't get Optane Memory to work

    Just completed a new build and have tried every tip I can find and the enable is still greyed out.  Windows sees it but looks like it just sees it as a little ssd drive.  I have double, triple and quadruple ...
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  • Is optane memory compatible met m.2 SSD samsung EVO 960?

    Is optane memory te combineren met een m.2 ssd  samsung Evo 960? Ik krijg de melding: unsupported system disk
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  • Building a new system and considering Optane memory

    Greetings,   I am building a new system and I am considering including Optane memory.   Does Intel Optane memory work with a SSD boot drive and regular data drives?   Does Intel Optane memory work wi...
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  • Combining SSHD with Intel Optane

    I want to buy SSHD 1TB + 8GB NAND, but i want to combine it with intel optane 16GB, it's worth? Please answer my question, thanks before
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  • Trouble Physically Installing Intel Optane 32 GB M.2 card on ASUS Prime B250M-A Motherboard

    I recently purchased Intel and ASUS parts to build a new desktop computer including : 1- One Intel Optane 32 GB M.2 card  2- One ASUS Prime B250A-M motherboard 3- One Intel Core i5-7500, 3.4GHZ, 6mb cache, LGA...
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  • Intel Optane Success!

    Wow, lots of people with Optane install and recognition issues it seems.   I got my 32GB Optane Memory stick working just fine (AND VERY FAST) as a standalone NVMe ssd drive in an X99 rig. I tried to RAID (2) 32...
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  • Care to be taken to start from scratch

    Dear All,   Noted the discussion from here from various posts in this forum. My simple question to intel is:- I want to start from the scratch meaning I will be installing the windows 10 x64bit by formatting t...
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