• Ethernet Local Network

    I'm using a compute card (CD1P64GK) in a dock (DK132EPJR) running Ubuntu 16.04.1. I'm trying to connet over ethernet to another machine however when I set the ip address to the local subnet it knocks out the wifi conn...
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  • Powering Compute Card Without a Dock

    Hi folks,   So I'd like to find out what is available to power and connect to the USB-C on the compute card without using a dock. I've already got one with a dock but I'd like to build an array of 10 compute car...
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  • Intel Compute card hardware development

    Hi!     We are looking into development of our own hardware solution with use of Intel Compute Card. Could you please help me with a contact of a relevant Intel manager.   Specifically I'm looking into...
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  • Where can I find the mating connector (name) for an intel Compute Card?

    I would be interested to know where I could buy (only) the connector for an adapter design. Any help is appreciated.     Thanks
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  • No WLAN after Bios update on RS3

    Compute Card CD1M3128MK, no WLAN after Bios update to MKKBLY35.86A.0042.2017.1108.1922 on Windows 10 Professional Fall Creators Update (RS3 1709 16299.215). After Bios Update and new Installation of RS3 no WLAN devic...
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  • embedded displayport support

    Does the Intel Compute Card support embedded displayport?   Thank you.
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  • passwords

    i was trying to reboot my computer and i set a password for my drive and i forgot it so cant get into my system any suggestions.
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  • Network boot support for Intel Compute Cards with Dock

    Do Intel Compute Cards support network boot when coupled with the Intel Compute Card dock?
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  • How do you install operating system on Compute Card ( CD1M3128MK).?

    I have received  my shiny new Compute Card and Docking Station, plugged  it into monitor . Now how do I install Windows ?   ( Wireless Keyboard & Mouse)   Thanks
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  • Where can I buy a Compute Card

    I want to buy this product. Where can I find it?
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  • About project Intel compute card

    Hi Someone have the news about project Intel compute card without information he will be difficult to anticipate how to programming cluster in low consumption  with their new thunderbolt (USB-C) outing. Re...
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